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[...After the Media] download [...After the Media] , read online [...After the Media] , kindle ebook [...After the Media] , [...After the Media] 7457c2af4018 The Media Are Now Redundant In An Overview Of Developments Spanning The Past Seventy Years, Siegfried Zielinski SAfter The Mediadiscusses How The Means Of Technology Based Communication Assumed A Systemic Character And How Theory, Art, And Criticism Were Operative In This Process Media Explicit Thinking Is Contrasted With Media Implicit Thought Points Of Contact With An Arts Perspective Include A Reinterpretation Of The Artist Nam June Paik And An Introduction To The Work Of Jake And Dinos Chapman The Essay Ends With Two Appeals In An Outline Of A Precise Philology Of Exact Things, Zielinski Suggests Possibilities Of How Things Could Proceed After The Media With A Vade Mecum Against Psychopathia Medialis In The Form Of A Manifesto, The Book Advocates For A Distinction To Be Made Between Online Existence And Offline Being