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Earth Sound Earth Signal chapter 1 Earth Sound Earth Signal , meaning Earth Sound Earth Signal , genre Earth Sound Earth Signal , book cover Earth Sound Earth Signal , flies Earth Sound Earth Signal , Earth Sound Earth Signal cd3883a8b379e Earth Sound Earth Signal Is A Study Of Energies In Aesthetics And The Arts, From The Birth Of Modern Communications In The Nineteenth Century To The Global Transmissions Of The Present Day Douglas Kahn Begins By Evoking The Aeolian Sphere Music That Henry David Thoreau Heard Blowing Along Telegraph Lines And The Aelectrosonic Sounds Of Natural Radio That Thomas Watson Heard Through The First Telephone He Then Traces The Histories Of Science, Media, Music, And The Arts To The S And Beyond Earth Sound Earth Signal Rethinks Energy At A Global Scale, From Brainwaves To Outer Space, Through Detailed Discussions Of Musicians, Artists And Scientists Such As Alvin Lucier, Edmond Dewan, Pauline Oliveros, John Cage, James Turrell, Robert Barry, Joyce Hinterding, And Many Others

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    A fantastic book chronicling the history of sonified electromagnetism in the arts and sciences Kahn coins the term Aelectrosonics the sounds created by the natural electromagnetic activity on earth and in space All because we included the earth and space in our communication circuits earth as electrical ground, the atmosphere as transmission medium for radio From accidental listening hearing the Aurora Borealis or whistlers on the telegraph and telephone lines of the 19th century to sonifying brainwaves Alvin Lucier to earth hums and moon bounces, to Alexander Graham Bell s photophone and Robert Barry s energy art Sometimes Kahn s documentation might be too thoroughly too many quotes of people categorizing weird noises but this book is wonderful, full of inspiration and I ll definitely have to go over it again.

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    This was an extremely tedious read with very little payoff It was unclear what Kahn s objective was He starts out with a lot of physical description of the nature of the various natural signals and the aesthetics and outright beauty of nature most people don t experience, but devolves into an overall study of obscure experimental art, much of which is completely dissociated from anything natural at all If there is a theme, it is the cursory discussion of the weird than anything aesthetic Even his description of the phenomenon of natural radio is cursory, focused on the personalities of the people than either the aesthetics or the physics implied by his title.

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