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    Hi I m Kevin Tobin and well, this is my Point of View See, the lady that runs this review page she s been really busy lately with some personal stuff, you know, grown up things, so she asked me to tell you about my book, my Point of View Sooo, here I am This book is about a time in my life a very eventful time in my life when everything was going wrong including me But I learned that sometimes, wrong is the only way to make it right ya know what I mean Anyway, one way my life was wrong was that my dad was killed in a bicycle accident the only thing left was a mangled tangle of metal that didn t even look like a bike And the way I dealt was to retreat into my imagination I pretended to be someone else like Captain Disaster fighting the evil Floogs One day I was in my F117A Stealth Fighter at the time about to knock out a missile site when I was called back to Red Team Base by the Pentagon my mother for a package pick up Turned out to be mine I raced to my room opened it up and found this weird remote control and started playing around with it, me being a curious boy of 12 and then Holy Fruitloops I didn t say that it blew a hole Uh thanks Kevin Thank you so much for starting without me I appreciate what you ve done, but I ll take it from here We don t want to give the story away We want people to want to get the novel and read if for themselves But I was only going to tell them about the Influxitron and Scratch and Tony and Really, Goodbye Kevin Back in the book or I m calling Del He may not give you a part in the sequel Okay, bye So, to take over my review again, though Kevin was doing a good job and you can see he has a very active imagination and he uses it to get him out of many sticky situations The package he got by mistake was supposed to be sent to the villain in this novel, Devin The rest of the novel is full of Kevin s clever use of his imagination in escaping Devin and his armed men Kevin is flanked by his best friend, Tony and later on by his sister, Betsy and the pizza delivery guy boyfriend, Scratch and a surprising helping hand Devin again, is flanked by armed professionals and a helicopter But Kevin s imagination, friends, loving family and the Rocky Mountains prove to be a challenge for Devin.This novel is fast paced with plenty of action, but enough dialogue to allow you to get to know the characters Each of them fulfill a role in the world of Kevin including the evil Devin Here is Del Shannon s explanation of each character s place in the novel Kevin finds courage in the depths of his despair over the loss of his father Tony is almost like the voice of Kevin s fear, constantly seeing the real dangers around him, even in the middle of Kevin s fantasies Kevin s mother is a minor character now who will grow in other books if they re written , but she represents unfailing, familial love Kevin s father, also rarely seen now but who will become important as the story progresses, is a magnetic north that their family steers by even in death Scratch represents the release of anxiety and carefree fun that we all are seeking in our lives Betsy is both a sibling and a peer who may complain bitterly, but never leaves your side She s a counterweight to the huge mass that is sometimes Kevin Right now Devin is just the face of something sinister and evil, but we all know that there is something deeper and hidden from our sight and we should keep a cautious eye in it s direction This evil will obviously grow and become something we don t expect It s just wrapped around a I hope fun and entertaining story I truly loved this novel But I couldn t just say that and you would believe me So here are some things I find unique to this novel It s written and appeals to MG boys It has helicopters and guns and dangerous situations and a really cool gadget that boys love and some girls love, too It hooks you right from the start Two pages in and you re moving along Kevin never breaks Remember being a kid and thinking nothing would ever happen to you You d live forever Well something has happened already to Kevin, his dad was killed But he goes on using the skills he has to cope with it At first glance you think he s ADHD, but you get a good look into his reasoning for his escape into his imagination The author has one line that my son actually was reading to me and opened up a conversation between us that was so deep and sensitive, for both of us For those of you who still read with your kids, you ll find that one sentence and when you do, I hope it helps you open up Kevin always looks out for his family and friends Kevin and his friends could be your own kids, there isn t anything extraordinary about him, and yet there is He puts on a brave face about his dad s death But they had plans Plans he ll never get to do now and at twelve, he has to swallow a lot of dreams he ll never get to have Devin is a scary man making no idle threats He plans to kill Kevin and tells him, but Kevin never gives up He s always looking for a way out I cheered for him and his compatriots the whole way through and at the end I was astounded Some things were revealed that I couldn t believe The novel is written in third person point of view, mainly from Kevin s perspective Though the novel is almost four hundred pages long, a little longer than this review it does not read like that at all Each chapter has a title page and a blank page before it It is a self published novel, beautifully bound and not one spelling error or grammatical error that I could find These usually glare out at me so if there were any they weren t obvious There is no objectionable language, behavior or content This novel is appropriate for anyone that can read and understand the content I think boys who have a hard time finding reading material that they like will especially like this one As I mentioned before, it s action packed, fast paced and easy to read You can read as much or as little as you want into it So far, it s my favorite book this year And I named Kevin as one of my favorite male characters He s not a kid you d coddle, like you d want to hang out with.Heather in Sandwich

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    The GoodKevin s Point of View is not my typical read But when Shannon contacted me to review his book, he presented it in such a way that I had to know what this book was about And I can honestly tell you I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this book It has non stop action, a great protagonist that you continuously cheer for, and a seriously evil bad guy that you can t help but yell out Why won t you die every time he shows up to once again wreak havoc I was surprised how heartfelt some of this book was Kevin has not been the same since his father died The only way he can deal with the pain of his father s death is to retreat into a fantasy world where he has complete control of his surroundings and actions A place where no emotions and real world problems can find him Surprisingly, Kevin s creative imagination becomes vital when Devin, the bad guy, stops at nothing to retrieve his Influxitron The very item that was mailed to Kevin by mistake Through the help of his family and friends, Kevin escapes Devin s reach time and time, but this frightening chase of cat and mouse is not simply a scary adventure The Influxitron, the very thing Devin is after, has the power to change the future in a catastrophic way Kevin made this book I literally cried from laughing so hard in just the first few chapters Kevin s antics as Captain Disaster was down right hilarious How he created a fantastical world in his head and related it to the real world was pure genius If for no other reason, I had to keep reading this book just to see what shenanigans Kevin got himself into next And his friend Tony is the perfect contrast to Kevin Tony is a realist, he can t hide from reality as Kevin so easily does And so Tony is the constant worrier, though I can t blame him If I had Devin and his lackeys trying to chase me down and kill me, I d be freaking out like crazy I think Tony s fear is what helps Kevin take charge of every situation He has to be the brave one if they both want to get out of this situation alive I loved the fact that Betsy, Kevin s sister, and her boyfriend, Scratch, were caught up in the mix Scratch, the pizza delivery boy, really made me smile every time he showed up He had a way of making light of a dire situation to the point that I was in hysterics, even when the bad guys were winning Scratch was the much needed comedic relief that helped me get through this book, even when I was tense with anxiety which was all the time Devin is the perfect devious bad guy I truly hated him from the start and wanted bad, bad things to happen to him There is no redemption when it comes to Devin Shannon has somehow weaved together an adventurous and mysterious plot with a mosaic cast of characters that when brought together produces reader gold How he could amp up the action with every turn of the page is beyond me Reading this book is like being on a constant adrenaline high And even through all the action and suspense, Shannon found a way to evoke emotions that even the most cold hearted person could not deny And the ending Can anyone say wow The conclusion of this nerve wracking tale is nothing short of brilliant How everything was wrapped up and explained had me walking away satisfied The BadHalfway through the book, when we have not only Kevin and Tony running for their lives, but Pudge, Betsy, and Scratch, too, I felt Kevin was put on the back burner He was the character I came to love from the get go so I wish the focus stayed on him throughout the novel Pudge was a little childish for me, especially since he was suppose to be an adult The SnugglyThis is a very clean book Great for schools to carry OverallI have to applaud Shannon on a job well done I truly enjoyed reading Kevin s Point of View I am so happy I decided to go outside of my comfort zone and read a book unlike my usual genres And I want to thank Shannon for sending me a signed copy of his book This was an expertly and cleverly written story that caught my interest and never let go Quotes What on earth possessed you to jump out the bathroom window without clothes on, Kevin she asked in her my life is too hard voice What will our neighbors think I ll tell you what they ll think They ll think I let my children run around naked in the backyard before school because I m two sandwiches short of a picnic Then they ll cart me off to the asylum, which might not be that bad, because then I may actually get some time to myself Have you ever noticed that the way you puke is unique Kevin offered after Tony s last gag What Tony asked, not really believing Kevin would be asking such a stupid question right now Well, you ve been puking for the last few minutes and I couldn t help but notice that the way you hurl is kind of unique, Kevin continued It s your own personal thing Like the way you write, or the way you walk You can t hide the way you puke because it s the way you are.

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    Kevin s Point of View was one of those strange books that grabbed me at the beginning and then confused me a little I decided to hang in with the reading thinking it was my inability to focus due to intermittent reading while I tried to prepare for company I m glad I stuck with it The books starts out with Kevin having a delusional moment He s lost his father in the past year and is having an extremely hard time dealing with it Counseling doesn t seem to help Then we switch to a device called an Influxitron Kevin has received this mysterious gift and doesn t know what it is or who it is from The device is dangerous and suddenly Kevin and his best friend, his sister and her boyfriend all find themselves being pursued by someone who is evil I will stop there because to try to explain any will give it away I will tell you that I was totally blown away by the ending The twists and turns this book took kept me reading and I did not expect the ending at all For me it is a gift when an author can write so that you think one thing and then bam you are hit with something you weren t expecting I was asked to read and review this e book and I want to thank the author for allowing me the opportunity It truly was an awesome book.

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    3.5 starsTwelve year old Kevin has a very active imagination, and it s his imagination that helps him deal with the death of his father, and keeps him and his friend Tony alive after their hair raising adventure What I liked about Kevin is he can turn the most normal, every day and even boring thing into some sort of fun game He becomes whatever character he can imagine, doing what every daring thing he thinks up I couldn t help feeling sympathy for Kevin, he was doing the best he could in coping with his father s death and at times I think it was easier for him to lose himself in his made up characters Let me take a moment and introduce you to Kevin from my point of view Kevin is just a normal kid who has an amazing imagination, which becomes his coping mechanism after the death of his father, who died prior to the start of the book Kevin s adventures and real trouble starts when he receives an unknown package in the mail Thinking that a relative sent it to Kevin, his mother hands it to him What Kevin receives wasn t for him and the holder of the object, or Influxitron as it s known, has a power never before seen Not only does this land Kevin and his friend Tony in danger, it also has the power to take Kevin back in time I found Tony to be comical, since he s constantly Kevin s voice of reason These two provided a few laugh out loud linesKevin s Point of View was a good, clean cut read It s full of adventure, silliness, and has a great mystery that surprisingly I didn t see coming I think I would have enjoyed Kevin s Point of View if my son was at the age targeted age to read this too He s not quite there and I m planning on reading it with him when he gets there The only think I didn t like about Kevin is how extreme he can get with his crazy ideas, and I m sure Tony would nod his head in agreement lol I would recommend this to boys 10 up I think they would enjoy this fun story and getting to meet Kevin and Tony.

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    When I first read the blurb for the book, I thought it would be a fun read Then I saw that it was 400 pages and thought, oh crap Anyone who knows me or reads my blog, knows that I like shorter books, between 200 250 pages, but lately all the books I ve been reading have been 300 or But 400 I rarely read a book that long unless it s author is my all time favorite, S.K., but I decided to give it a try since I loved the synopsis I opened the cover and started reading, hoping I didn t get bored and have to fight to finish it I needn t have worried The book was wonderful.Kevin lost his father about a year ago and is having a really hard time copping He also has a really graphic imagination, and that causes him and friend Tony get into lots of trouble Luckily, they have a nack for getting out of trouble too, also thanks to his imagination.The book is filled with all kinds of characters The good, the bad and the funny LOL funny There are also lots of white knuckle moments and surprises along the way I really enjoyed the ending, and that makes a book than worth reading.I think the book has a very good storyline, and the characters make it joy to read I think everyone would enjoy this book, but it would be an awesome read for younger readers, especially boys.

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    Kevin s Point of View was a very different book from what a usually read It was a little strange but absolutely wonderful at the same time It was full of adventure, twists and turns and even humor Kevin s world changes when he loses his father He deals by escaping into his own world and finding the courage to face danger Then Kevin gets a gift from an unknown source called The Influxitron The gift ends up bringing danger to Kevin, his sister and her boyfriend and Kevin s best friend The ending was unexpected for me and I loved that it was so unpredictable Kevin was a great character My son loved him I liked the enemies, you know the ones that keep reappearing even after you think you have gotten rid of them Yeah, I thought they were great I thought this book was fairly easy to follow and read and my 8 year old who reads at a 5th grade level seemed to have no problems following along It was a clean read but packed with such adventure and excitement that you never get bored I would tell my son okay, one chapter and at the end of the chapter he would say well, we can t just leave it like that Read one until I finally had to call it quits for the night I loved that it kept his interest like that

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    Hang on to your hat, fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride Because this book takes you on adventure.Kevin is the main character who is really a character He escapes inside his mind to filter out reality when things are tough One minute he is Kevin, the next he is Captain Disaster, the hero who finds a way out of a difficult descision He started escaping into imagination when his father died the year before.Now that the stage is set, a suprise package comes It has been misaddressed and Kevin is the recipient It contains a dangerous device called the influxitron The evil man who is looking for the device comes looking for Kevin and his friends intent on killing them and taking the device.At times the adventure seemed a bit too much, without much of a break in between But kids will love it.I received a copy from the author to review He s trying to get the word out about his book, and I really hope I have helped It is a good book.

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    Kevin s Point of View by Del ShannonRelease Date May 19th, 2011Publisher Flatiron View self published Page Count 395Source Complimentary copy provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewKevin Tobin is a relatively ordinary 12 year old dealing with the aftermath of his father s death in a mountain biking accident near their home in Boulder, Colorado To escape from his emotional turmoil, Kevin has developed his imagination into a dangerous foil and a powerful ally While he antagonizes his sister through his superhero antics on an average Wednesday morning, his ability to escape inside a character s head become critical to his survival after his life is once again turned upside down a year after his father s death A mysterious package arrives in the mail, Kevin and his best friend are hunted down by a ruthless villain set upon world domination, and after enlisting Kevin s teenage sister and her pizza delivery boyfriend in a battle for control over time itself, the secret of Kevin s whole existence is revealed to him by a source we never expected.Del Shannon s imaginative story, appreciation for the powers of family and the desire of young boys to both escape reality and prove themselves within it, and fast paced, adventure filled storytelling style make this a book with wide appeal for readers of all ages.What Stephanie Thinks I breezed through this action packed, humorous, yet in the end, compelling and completely satisfying novel and think that all readers, not just the middle grade audience, will be able to enjoy it Kevin s Point of View revolves around 12 year old Kevin and his best friend, Tony, who by coincidence, or perhaps by fate, become involved in a lethal chase for the obscure, yet all powerful Influxitron They embark on a whirlwind of an adventure, aiming to both escape the villains after the strange device and ultimately, after Kevin and Tony s lives, as well as figure out how exactly it works and how it can help them The basis of the storyline is pretty morbid Kevin, who s perfectly intelligent and competent a boy, has been plagued by hallucinations ever since the passing of his father a year ago One might think he s just acting immaturely for his age, but we soon figure out why he zones out every once in a while, which shows just how deep and self aware a character Kevin is When the power of time travel, the Influxitron, falls into his hands, he flirts with an idea, something he know can only remain an idea, but something he will, with the help of his imagination and friends, die trying to attempt There s one catch though someone else is after the Influxitron, and they just might be even desperate than Kevin is desperate enough to kill While a story that encompasses a sixth grader as a protagonist might be expected to target a younger audience ages 7 11 , I think a slightly older range of kids will enjoy this one too, thanks to Shannon s relatively sophisticated voice and the book s mature themes, including the death of a parent, the line between mental illness and imagination, death threats, and some potentially frightening combat scenes So I would recommend this maybe even to children up to the age of 13 Then there are readers like me aka readers who will forever be children , who will appreciate Kevin s Point of View no matter the age restriction because of its fast pace and suspense, its subtle and often not so subtle humor, as well as its ultimately touching moral Even though I enjoyed this book, it s not one I personally can rave on and on about For me, the reason it doesn t stick is because it lacks characterization Kevin s mind is deeply probed, and he became a character I really liked, but the supporting characters, I would liked to have seen from Kevin s Point of View is a fun, fast read, with a vigor and rush that many children s books struggle to embrace, but all in all, it didn t have enough substance for me But is it a children s novel I suggest Absolutely Sit down with this one you won t regret it Another thing I love is the ending Usually kiddie story happy endings can be annoying, a little too ideal, but this one was appropriate for its predicament The little conflicts that are brought up in the midst of the book all tied together in the end perfectly, which is very creative and cunning on Shannon s part If you or your child are looking for an easy, comical read about a troubled, but determined boy who gets mixed up in a wild journey in which he wreaks all sorts of havoc, but also finds his true calling, check out Kevin s Point of View I guarantee you ll be in for a thrill.Stephanie Loves Give me the gun, Kennedy demanded You couldn t hit water if you fell out of a boat LOLRadical Rating 8 hearts An engaging read highly recommended.

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    4.5 StarsWhen author Del Shannon approached me to review his book, I was immediately drawn to the book s synopsis Kevin s imagination filled world and aching grief pulled at my heart and I just knew this would be a story worth reading And I was right Kevin s Point of View is a fun, fast paced, exciting story with a lot of imagination and a lot of heart.Kevin Tobin lost his father a year ago, and deals with his pain, anger, and loss by escaping to a fantasy world where he becomes a myriad of heroes These fantasies are very real to Kevin and have begun to disrupt his and his family s life But Kevin s biggest adventure doesn t happen inside his imagination, but in his real life Upon receiving a mysterious device by mistake in the mail, Kevin and his best friend Tony find themselves pursed by a ruthless bad guy and embark on a thrilling and surprising adventure And along the way Kevin must finally face the loss of his father.This book is so many things It s a face paced, action packed adventure It s an imaginative and creative fantasy with sci fi elements And, it s an honest and sensitive emotional look at a young boy s grief Together, these three facets blend and intertwine producing a really fun, delightful and touching read.Kevin is one of those characters that you just can t help but like He s funny, clever, incredibly imaginative, and honestly observant He is also very self aware He knows that he isn t dealing with his father s death very well and understands that his imaginative escape isn t real, and he isn t ashamed to admit these truths The effects of his father s death are palpable, and Kevin s pain and longing jumped off the page and straight into my heart I found myself wanting to reach right back through the pages and hug him But at the same time, I found myself enjoying his fantasies immensely The way he could change from being simply Kevin to being Captain Disaster or Marine Boy or some other character so quickly and effectively was spellbinding to read Tony is a great sidekick of sorts he s sarcastically funny, a little dramatic, but very loyal The friendship between these two young boys feels genuine and realistic They squabble and snap at each other, but at the end of they day they have each other s backs I really loved the way they interacted with one another The main baddie, Devin, is perfectly villainous He adds a great spark of danger and darkness The adventure Kevin and Tony embark on is full of thrilling excitement and gasp worthy surprises Along the way, Shannon fills this journey with laugh out loud exchanges between Kevin and Tony, intense moments of peril, and a few touching confessions I was completely and easily swept away into this adventure and found myself quickly turning pages, breathless to see what happened next and something unexpected or exciting always happened next.The other journey in this book, the emotional one, was obviously written with a great deal of care, thought, and subtlety And Kevin s pain isn t the only pain explored Shannon weaves the emotional pain of other characters Mrs Tobin, Betsy Tobin, and even the villain Devin carefully and delicately throughout the book.The idea of the mysterious device, the Influxitron, a unique time machine of sorts, is brilliant and highly original The significance that this time machine has for so many characters is incredibly moving and insightful.The ending of this book took me on quite the ride a very literal ride too There were some fun and jaw dropping twists and turns that simply delighted and me I also want to briefly mention the design of the paperback because it s really adorable The cover is hilarious and depicts one of the funniest scenes in the book I also really loved all the adorable doodles throughout the book they gave the book a real whimsical feel.MY FINAL THOUGHTS This book is awesome Kevin s Point of View is a really fun, witty, engaging read that left me both happy and thoughtful It has plenty of thrills, action, and humor that will have readers of all ages captivated and never bored This is definitely a book that is worth reading and sharing READ THE ORIGINAL AND COMPLETE REVIEW AND MANY OTHERS AT Word Spelunking

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    Such a fun read Great twist at the end highly recommended for middle school kids and everyone alike Full review coming soon Originally posted on my blog guiltlessreading Imagination can move mountains and the things that matter.An adventure science fiction book that will definitely appeal to middle school children While I think it s perfectly written for its intended readers, I have to say right off that this would definitely appeal to a wider age group.The premise of this book is bittersweet To escape the pain of his father s death, Kevin Tobin switches from ordinary 12 year old to a cool superhero to deal with his life, making for some alternately normal to hilarious and crazy antics No, he s not schizophrenic, but I sure was feeling it after several chapters.I got hooked in when the strange package mistakenly arrived on Kevin s doorstep Opening it up, he comes upon a strange device labelled Influxitron What follows is a rip roaring adventure as Kevin and the Influxitron are pursued by the intended recipient of the package, a man bent on world domination An adventure lover s book through and through, the action is fast paced, even exhausting, and at one point I was getting exasperated that the baddies just wouldn t die I hate to spoil this for anyone, so I won t go too much into the plot of this one Let s just say that there is time travel involved and while the beginning revolved around the chase, you have a heartwarming surprise towards the end where you will understand Kevin, his family, and their family life so much better This is what made the book extra special in my mind so be patient with the book, it will definitely deliver One thing I really liked about this book is the characters and how likeable and realistic they are Kevin is so much fun and his resourcefulness, his spunk and his eccentric imagination pulls him through one danger after another Tony, Kevin s best friend, is a sober sidekick in comparison, but his smart, easygoing dynamic and his conversations with Kevin will get you laughing and thinking boys will be boys For example but at least we can control our own density down here Density That s like the weight of something, Kev You know, like metal has a big density Don t you mean dystrophy offered Tony Dystrophy That s a disease, Tony, scolded Kevin A disease sounds pretty good right now, Kev and why don t you go ahead and pick a really nasty disease to, like that eboboli virus they get in Africa Isn t that a frozen pizza Kevin asked.Ok, parent, snicker away But I am betting that any 12 year old will look up the words density, dystrophy and Google eboboli virus after reading that Yes, the talk is child like but there is no talking down to the kids or a dumbing down of their conversations Del Shannon knows the minds of young boys I also grew to love Pudge, bad guy turned good Betsy, Kevin s older sister and Scratch, her rather crazed pizza delivery boyfriend All characters are eccentric in their own way, which keeps them interesting to say the least I think the secret to their likeability is that you know that they re good people deep down.Oh, and a note about the illustrations I really enjoyed the feeling that I had stumbled upon Kevin s own doodlings in his notebook Verdict A smart, well written sci fi adventure that your 11 or 12 year old and you will love Kevin s Point of View will capture your imaginations and get you talking with your child about the value of family.Read my Friday 56 for Kevin s Point of View received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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The Influxitron (Captain Disaster, #1) download The Influxitron (Captain Disaster, #1) , read online The Influxitron (Captain Disaster, #1) , kindle ebook The Influxitron (Captain Disaster, #1) , The Influxitron (Captain Disaster, #1) 8a49b5b8c291 Kevin Tobin Is A Relatively Ordinary Twelve Year Old Dealing With The Aftermath Of His Father S Tragic Death In A Mountain Biking Accident Near Their Home In Boulder, Colorado To Escape From His Emotional Turmoil, Kevin Has Developed His Imagination Into A Dangerous Foil And A Powerful Ally While He Antagonizes His Sister Through His Superhero Antics, His Ability To Escape Inside His Character S Captain Disaster Head Becomes Critical To His Survival After His Life Is Once Again Turned Upside Down A Year After His Father S Death A Mysterious Package Arrives In The Mail, Kevin And His Best Friend Are Hunted Down By A Ruthless Villain Set Upon World Domination, And After Enlisting Kevin S Teenage Sister And Her Pizza Delivery Boyfriend In A Battle For Control Over Time Itself, The Secret Of Kevin S Whole Existence Is Revealed To Him By A Source We Never Expected Del Shannon S Imaginative Story Telling And His Appreciation For The Powers Of Family And The Desire Of Young Boys To Both Escape Reality And Prove Themselves Within It Make This A Book With Wide Appeal For Readers Of All Ages