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    With each episode I read of this amazing mini series, I find myself falling in love with Lirium and the series itself a little Lirium is such a troubled, misunderstood, and rash character, who starts the series appearing to be worldly wise and street smart, yet the time we spend with him, the we realise how much of the opening is an act an act he doesn t even realise he s playing in, because he has no idea how clueless he truly is, until he s faced with situations he probably never imagined to find himself in.In case you haven t figured it out, I m slightly in fictional love with Lirium The last episode, Ecstasy, was the best episode so far, and a tough one to top To be honest, Broken was maybe a star rating behind Ecstasy, until I headed through the action at the end, see the betrayal, witness his downfall on a scale nobody would truly want to ever experience, and the dude just tugged on my heartstrings hard enough to earn his top marks.So, to wrap up great addition to the series, great character development, enlightenment, discoveries, and a fresh in depth glimpse at a new level of this awesome world building.Now, hurry up and give me the next one Because I need to make sure Lirium s okay my poor pet.

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    Such a dark episode Poor Lirium Loved it and can t wait for the next one Proper review forthcoming.

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    Serial or episodic fiction is a totally new way of reading fiction for me, but as soon as I saw Quinn was writing it I knew I d soon be addicted I m a huge science fiction fan and coupling it with noir had me intrigued from the outset Each episode from season one is roughly the length of a novelette and readable in one sitting, something I have found I like The drawback is that you have to wait two weeks until the next episode, but much like a television series you love, this only heightens the anticipation You can of course wait until all nine episodes of season one have been published, but I wouldn t.Episode 4, Broken, sees the lead character Lirium entering a new world, and seemingly powerless to fight the mob It also has twists I just didn t see coming Story telling at its finest.Make no mistake this is adult fiction The story itself is set in a cold and cruel future The characters are gritty and hardened But that only makes you love them even Season one hasn t finished yet and I m already wishing for season two.

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    This is the fourth installment of the debt collectors serial season Lirium is now in the hands of the mob boss Kolek, and learning what he ll have to do to survive.I m loving that in spite of his terrible situation and the draw of being a mob collector, getting huge life hits, he s not forgetting himself or being lured into accepting his fate This episode was just as amazing as the others Poor Lirium seems destined to be betrayed by everyone I have to admit that I m finding myself having a bit of sympathy for one of his betrayers, Valac, the mob collector who was supposed to help him, but instead turned him over to Kolek I think there is to him than meets the eye and I m hoping he ll turn out to surprise me in a positive way, as Lirium has.I can t wait for

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    In this fourth installment of The Debt Collector serial, Lirium learns what it s like to be an unwilling collector as well as a donor On this journey Lirium joins with Ophelia and Valac fellow collectors and united they are an awesome force.In his race to break free of his current position, Lirium finds he s responsible for two lives lost within forty pages And, one of the three collectors is left in a bloody heap.Suspense abounds, and the narrative is a strong as ever.

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    Better with each installment, Lirium s story continues to fascinate me What strikes me as this story evolves is that line in society between the haves and the have nots No matter who is in charge the government or the mob the debt collectors job is to take from one group and give to the other There doesn t seem to be much difference between the two Ophelia sees that clearly than Lirium, but I think he s learning fast Waiting for the next episode

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    Despite the pace slowing a bit, don t miss this episode, the cliffhanger is a killer Plus, if you re expecting it, the slower pace is rather nice for a change The first three episodes made my head spin In a good way, of course.

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    Another excellent episode.I m really digging the world and each episode makes me hungry for Can t wait for the next one

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    Spoilers for previous Debt Collector books are unavoidable I give this book 3.5 stars, and round up to 4 stars I recommend this book If you haven t read this book or any of the previous books please stop to avoid spoilers Events are interesting, exciting, and there is plenty of tension and suspense Pick up the whole season and enjoy all the books view spoiler In Broken, Debt Collector 4 we start out with debt collector Lirium in bed with his mentor, debt collector Ophelia, who he had set out to find at the conclusion of the last book episode.Previously Candy, Lirium s psych officer had ordered him to go payout his last collection and go to his new apartment as his last apartment was where his mentor Ophelia had apparently been killed and or taken by the Holek mob Or at least they suspected it was the Holek mob.Instead, Lirium lures a sex worker from Madam Anastazja to his old and forbidden to go to apartment There he manages to frighten the sex worker, April to take him to Madam Anastazja.Madam Anastazja is not in the least threatened by Lirium, and he quickly realizes he not only is not a threat, but is captive of Madam Anastazja Madam Anastazja wants to know what kind of man Lirium is She admits that sending Apple Girl to him was a test Then Lirium learns what Madam Anastazja is really all about in a shocking story twist that was entirely unexpected Eventually Madam Anastazja agrees to try to help Lirium find Ophelia She hooks Lirium up with a debt collector Valic who works for the Holek Mob where they suspect Ophelia is being held.Lirium goes to the mob headquarters determined to rescue Ophelia and meets with who he believes is an ally in his efforts to rescue Ophelia Valic, after a brief delay indicating he has had his sexual satisfaction with Lirium tells Lirium he is taking him to Ophelia and instead takes him directly to the Holek mob boss.To get to this story, Broken , lets just say Ophelia is there, Lirium attempts a rescue, Ophelia attacks Valic in order to save Lirium from being murdered After some excitement and conflict Lirium is now a debt collector for the Holek mob where the next morning he wakes up in bed with Ophelia who is still sleeping hide spoiler

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    Review forthcoming on received a copy of Broken in exchange for my review.Having been caught, Lirium finds himself held captive by the mob alongside Ophelia With Ophelia barely functioning thanks to the energy drain that had been done on her Never having worked for the mob before, Lirium finds himself faced with things he s never before done, and things that he doesn t particularly want to do But sometimes running away isn t an option, and he is about to learn that not everything goes the way of the good.Link to GoodreadsLink to Well I said that I thought there was something off about Ophelia in one of my previous reviews, potentially in my review of Agony, and Broken pretty much answered why I thought there was something off about Ophelia I do enjoy being right Weirdly at the same time I was actually really sad for Lirium cause he seemed to like Ophelia and was upset by the events tha involved her in Broken Though Lirium seems to have trouble with accepting that he s actually a decent person, Broken went even further to proving that he was Though Debt Collecting in concept is actually a morally grey area, Lirium does seem to have some morals and he d much rather stick to them Even than that, he doesn t seem to want to survive if he has to do it by being a bad person I just really like him as a character.There was a little learnt about debt collecting in Broken, though not as much as in the first three, which I think was necessary There seems to be a lot of information missing from Lirium s education about the true nature of debt collecting, and I m definitely interested to know about it, and what Lirium will do with that information.Broken counts towards Winter COYER.

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Broken (Debt Collector, #4) summary pdf Broken (Debt Collector, #4) , summary chapter 2 Broken (Debt Collector, #4) , sparknotes Broken (Debt Collector, #4) , Broken (Debt Collector, #4) 3c67348 Urban Fantasy With A Cyberpunk Twist Fourth Episode Of The Nine Part Serial What S Your Life Worth On The Open Market In This Gritty Urban Fantasy, Debt Collectors Take Your Life Energy And Give It To Someone Worthy All While Paying The Price With Black Marks On Their SoulsBroken Is Approximately , Words Or Pages, And Is The Fourth Of Nine Episodes In The First Season Of The Debt Collector SerialLirium Tries To Free Himself And Ophelia From The Kolek Mob, But Valac Has Other Plans For HimContains Mature Content And ThemesOPTIONED FOR VIRTUAL REALITY BY IMMERSIVE ENTERTAINMENT Semi Finalist In Science Fiction In The Kindle Book AwardsIt Is Recommended That You Start With The First Season, But Each Season Is A Complete Story For That Debt Collector And Can Serve As An Entry Point To The Series There Are Five Planned Seasons In The Debt Collector Series, The First Four Each From The Perspective Of A Different Debt Collector With The Fifth Season Bringing All Four Together READING ORDERSeason One Lirium COMPLETEEpisodes Delirium, Agony, Ecstasy, Broken, Driven, Fallen, Promise, Ruthless, PassionSeason Two Wraith Available For Pre Order Releases Episodes Wraith, Specter, Menace, Temptation, Shattered, Penance, Judgment, Corruption, Atonement

  • Kindle Edition
  • 48 pages
  • Broken (Debt Collector, #4)
  • Susan Kaye Quinn
  • English
  • 02 September 2019

About the Author: Susan Kaye Quinn

CLICK HERE for a FREE STORYSusan Kaye Quinn is a rocket scientist turned speculative fiction author who now uses her PhD to invent cool stuff in books Her works range from young adult science fiction to adult future noir, with side trips into royal fantasy romance and middle grade Her bestselling novels and short stories have been optioned for Virtual Reality, translated into German and French, and featured in several anthologies.She writes full time from Chicago, inventing mind powers and dreaming of the Singularity.All of Sue s books YOUNG ADULT SCIENCE FICTIONSingularity SeriesREADING ORDER