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    Most of us spend our time debating politics from the left, right, or middle, but we all seem to keep missing the real problem that has inexorably lead the United States to become less of a Republic by the people, and of an Oligarchy This short book is Lawrence Lessig s call to arms to address the real problem in our current government money.

    Mr Lessig makes an impassioned argument that failing to remove corporate money from the equation will mean all people, conservative or liberal, will always play second fiddle to the objectives oligarchic corporations that we the people will never be able to be heard above the roar of big campaign donations that we the people should pressure our state representatives to call for a constitutional convention and amend the constitution such that all campaigns must be publicly funded Included in the appendix is a sample constitutional amendment.

    I found Mr Lessig s arguments in agreement with my own feelings of the core problem we face in restoring this republic to its full potential If you care deeply about the current state of politics I highly recommend this small ebook.

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    Lesson is a liberal, but a smart man A professor, he can also explain things.Money in politics has been an issue and will become of one More people should read this book.

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    Oh, the sweet tempting ways of old insecure males to remember of the good old times Sad.

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    Wonderful read into a plan to Fix the Republic by limiting the corrupting influence of money in politics While Lessig is an acknowledged liberal he writes this book with an idea towards reaching all people, both those just as involved in the Tea Party as Occupy Wall Street or not involved in any political movement His goal is to rewrite the rules that govern politics not towards giving one party or side power but towards giving government back to We The People not the people who fund campaigns.

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    Get riled up Get worked up Yeah Shit is BROKEN, yo If you re feeling helpless, this will give you some concrete things to do, but really, than anything, it makes you realize that things are totally so messed up we need not one but a couple constitutional amendments You ll get no argument from me, I actually agree, and Lessig does a great job laying out exactly what they should say But, you know, that s a tall order It s all kind of depressing.

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    If we funded elections differently, politics would change Overnight Lessig makes some great points and I think his recommendations would be a great first step towards saving our republic I hope people from both the Left and the Right will take the time to listen to his measured thoughts and look for a way to repair our political body that has lost touch with the people it claims to represent.

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    Lessig always intrigues The mind behind Creative Commons applies his philosophy to politics I agree with his philosophy of trying to strike at the root of the problem, ala Thoreau Attacking the political system from the outside seems to be a new and viable option for the disgruntled masses Having just been slain by a local political party in my nascent political career, Lessig s words were my consolation.

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    A very short read of suggestions on how to remove the corrupting influence of big money in politics I d really suggest anyone, regardless of political affiliation to read through this one, but I can t say that the book is outwardly good.

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    Ver interesting call to action Focusing on fixing changing the really big picture, before changing the detail A call for all in the US to take action together to improve government by reducing removing corruption of elected officials

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    I had a great time creating the audiobook edition of this work to make freely available at

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