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10 thoughts on “Love is Blind

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    I really liked this story A sweet love story, but balanced nicely by the characters snark and attitude These boys made me laugh, and then they almost had me in tears Short, but really well done.

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    4.35 starsAww, cute, cute, love Ira and Graham are wonderful, the constant squabbling and banter shows them up so well They have a deep and strong friendship, not only boisterous fun They love each other and the poem is the trick to the truth finally sinking in and what a delightful one it is Thanks to Ami for testing this out on me, its a sweet find.

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    This 6K original free fic is wonderful for three reasons One, the story feels fresh, the banters are such delight, and OMG you need to read the poem written in Braille by Ira for Graham not the lyrical poetic kind of poem, like honest babbling kind of poem, but SO GOOD nevertheless Two, Graham is blind and I m always up for imperfect characterThree, no sex Oops, this last reason applies for me only But seriously, this story makes me feel good Lots of swearing f words, c words but I find it not a problem at all, because it makes the two men feel like people who don t care about being perfectly behaved Besides, the way Graham says it, it makes it a better pet name than baby God, you re a cunty bitch today You ever notice you say God a lot for a nonbeliever You ever notice you re a cunty bitch

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    Free online short.Graham went blind in grade school, but he remembers his best friend s face Ira and he might be adults, but I can still see the children they were in how they talk and act with each other.There is quite a bit of swearing and very little sex, some of their history, although not enough for my taste.It s definitely a short worth reading.

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    I know there is a rule for me, never rate a free book 1 star, I just going to say OH DEAR

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