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    I m always into suspence romances It just changes romance novels just enough to keep me hooked on them I really loved him and her together they are super sweet and I love the fact that she is actually a pretty tough cookie.

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    Award winning romantic suspense

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    A woman who lives with her dad and is happy living the biker lifestyle She is a tattoo artist and Her dad Old Dirty Dan works on Harleys Jess life is about to become a nightmareShe doesn t remember her mother who was an alcoholic and a drug addict She doesn t remember anything until a man comes into her life unknowingly turning it into complete chaos.Mitch is the bad boy trying to turn his life from what it used to be The title is a little misconstrued considering he is an ex mob guy not a biker also there is nothing in there that says he is He knows the family but little about the girl Jess he was sent to Milwaukee to protect She is just his assignment until he gets there and everything ends up to be a mess Jess has no idea who her mother really is and now he is in the middle of a family storm that no one knows the ending too.Basically he falls for Jess and she falls for him They get hot and heavy but lay off until your 60% into the book By then they know who is causing the problems and Mitch can be lax on his bodyguarding assignment So they start to plan their future until the mother tells everyone who the real killer is So we all know Jess is going to be in danger and he needs to save her I understand all of the dynamics of the book and believe me it is quite a book However the heroine sucks she is frustrating, annoying and will not shut up with her inner dialogue I seriously feel like I am getting whiplash and it is infuriating that she can be so self absorbed.In the end I felt sorry for Mitch ending up with that twit Her character should have bit it in the end then that would have given me the happy ending I deserved after spending all day reading it The formatting was horrible and the spelling and the words running together I hated it and am so appalled I actually read it until the end I hope the author fixes these issues immediately and then reissues the book because I could put up with an annoying heroine but the rest just drove me up the wall.Good luck

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    Jess Owen was raised by her father He is an ex con who changed his path of disaster to keep his daughter He has stayed out of trouble for years Jess didn t mind growing up in her dad s environment She is a tattoo artist and enjoys it She is very protective of her dad.Mitch Connor is in private security He has been hired by Jess s mom to protect Jess He shows up at Jess s doorstep, at the beginning saying that he is one of her father s old friends But when Jess s life is in danger, he decides that a change is in order He takes Jess to see her mother who is in a coma in Los Angeles He won t make a mistake this time.Someone is after Jess They want her dead and Mitch is the only one who can protect her in LA Specially, when he starts falling for her.I liked it I like Jess She is astute, funny at times Mitch is all alpha 3 5 Fangscross posted at my blog

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    This book has potential but the characters and the plot are lacking I didn t care for their personalities or the holes in the plot however I felt that the story was unique and worth the read despite its issues.

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    Good little read only quarm editing, paragraphing paging need a complete overhaul Over looking that its a good little read

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    Personally, I think the title was misleading This was not a biker book.Great book thoughhappy with the way in which it ended.

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    I pushed through to the end It had some good action scenes but overall nor enough meat to the story line.

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    After the middle of the book, you already know what s gonna happen The first few chapters were quite intense but you lose this too fast an the read becomes sadly boring.

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My Biker Bodyguard summary pdf My Biker Bodyguard , summary chapter 2 My Biker Bodyguard , sparknotes My Biker Bodyguard , My Biker Bodyguard b319b6a Keeping Jess Owen S Ex Con Father And Their Hodgepodge Family Of Bikers Out Of Trouble Is A Tough Job, But One She S Managed For Ten Years Until Bodyguard Mitch Conner Brings Danger And Romance To Her Doorstep After Jess S Mother Was Shot By An Assassin, Mitch Vowed To Protect Her Secret Daughter But When The FBI Suspect Mitch Contracted The Hit Himself And Is Now Seducing The Next In Line To Inherit The Family Fortune, His Attraction To The Fiery Jess May Burn Him In Ways Than One

  • Kindle Edition
  • 256 pages
  • My Biker Bodyguard
  • J.R. Turner
  • English
  • 08 January 2019

About the Author: J.R. Turner

Born blonde and Polish, Jennifer Turner writes action adventure thrillers and romances She resides in Wisconsin with her husband Eddie, a red headed Texan, and her three children, Dustin, Molly and Matthew Raised by an eclectic assortment of artists and musicians, her upbringing helped shape and hone her imagination and dedication to the romantic arts Between her commitments to family and writi