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Her Submission chapter 1 Her Submission , meaning Her Submission , genre Her Submission , book cover Her Submission , flies Her Submission , Her Submission 4eb9bfa7e9601 Kaci Lives Alone, Dreams Alone Her Traumatic Past Is Behind Her, Her Future Faced One Day At A Time Her Nights Are Filled With Fantasies Only Fantasies Of Being Under A Shadowy Master S Control But No One Will Ever KnowThen She S Spotted By A Scarred Dom Who Understands The Look, Smell, And Taste Of Submission Reno Wants Her And What Reno Wants, He TakesHer Submission Examines Power And Weakness, Strength And Vulnerability Survival GrowthTo Clarify, Her Submission And The Other Stories In The Carnal Series Aren T Romance The Title And Cover Should Make Clear What This Book Is About If You Re Looking For The Warmth And Intimacy Inherent In Romances, Her Submission Won T Provide That What You Will Get Is An Intense Journey Into A Seductive And Fictional World

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    Although it is not noted this seems to be another book in the Carnal Series The male MC is part of that group It did not have the same feel, in some ways, as the others I was not really engaged with Kaci I didn t dislike her I just felt kind of blah with her It is harsh but not super memorable if that makes sense Def DMC content so the warnings apply Harsh, non consensual sex, corporal punishment, abduction, etc Not a fluffy BDSM story actually not really BDSM per se as it is non con.

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    Drawn in from the first page A dark read dealing with so much Submission, slave training, beatings, anal play, bondage, bondage, bondage, whips, collar, gags, cuffs Basically A lot Warning may not be for everyone.Kaci is basically kidnapped by a slave trainer who is recovering from an accident He sees something in Kaci and takes her and makes her HIS.I don t want to give to much away It was a captivating read, well written and kept me on edge Not to dark but just enough to give a reader that thrill taboo captive vibe.

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    Her Submission Carnal Secrets 2 by Vonna Harper2 starsTriggers Humiliation, kidnapping, BDSMI was given this book for an honest review by Wicked Reads.I have not read the previous story and this is a short story, for sure However, it was not very well developed, the characters had very little chemistry, if any I am not sure if this was supposed to be a story with chemistry despite the warning that this is not a romance, which is very true This seems like a story of a woman who finds herself under duress and simply adopts a way of life that she can handle.Master Reno is a bad person from what I can gather, he s an injured sex slave trainer who steals people, breaks them and sends them off to be owned No real development of him either and the hint that he will be working on something new just seems out of place.Overall, I did not really like this story I need development.

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    Her Submission, by Vonna Harper First, very heavy, harsh slave master scene We only find out much later, this is fantasy of female character Then, a man comes along and kidnaps this female character, explaining he is going to make her into a sex slave, that he used to do it professionally, prior to bad motorcycle accident This is his way of getting back up on the horse The company he used to work for, Carnal Inc, has several training centers, churning out kidnapped sex slaves for rich people Very much like The Harvest Association of Cherise Sinclair s novels, except a bit less bloodyNo murder is mentioned, despite a definite lack of consent No torture, but the process is far from pleasant or easy on the woman But of course, they select only submissives, who live isolated livesNo relatives or friends or long term jobs.Sure, there are tons of beautiful young women who fit that description, right My real problem with this book is how she turns, very quickly at one point, from resistance, defiance, anger and fear, to complacent and satisfied, without sufficient cause, in my opinion I guess it helps that her fantasy of being a sex slave, comes true Fortunate, that Oh, I liked the bookhot sex, harsh, but not soul crushing bdsm, and an interesting storyline Just some niggling problems I am going to read of the Carnal Inc books, and see if they improve.

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    Don t know what I was expecting, but this book didn t do anything for me I think it s my fault for not being interested in the story I knew it was about a kidnapped woman, but I kept hoping that something would pull them together in some kind of meaningful way and I never felt or believed that happened.

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