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    A good light storyStraight forward and simple, but thoroughly enjoyable A good amateur detective story, the lead character is likable and feels real Well developed story that would have benefited from a little editing A couple of minor editing errors, that in no way take from the story, could have been easily solved.Other than that, a good, enjoyable read Great for afternoon pool side reading and relaxing.

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    Pleasantly surprised by this book, I had downloaded free copy not sure what to expect The characters were well written, building the mystery I liked the story and the mystery as it unraveled I really enjoyed this authors voice in this book.

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    Enjoyed every page Just when I thought I figured out the character something interesting would come out about them Great read

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    More than a beach Where Max Fried lives in supposed retirement is incidental to this story in some ways What it turns out to be is an honest to goodness authentic murder mystery Bags of intrigue, characters that come and go in such a fashion that you can t decide whether they re guilty or innocent and a story line that keeps you interested throughout I could get to like reading Max Fried stories.

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    Cute, punchy with acerbic wit thrown in to make the story wiz on byRetired Investigator from up north turned private PI down south sounds like an old dried up, tried and true detective novel But turn the old PI from a trench coat wearing, cigar smoking wiseacre into a savvy, athletic and sexy 60 something curious husband with a wife for an equal, and you have a great premise for a new type of detective This reminds me of another older detective from another book I reviewed earlier, however, this is a husband only detective, not with the wife involved.Jones does a decent job moving the story along, introducing both character and place with equal aplomb There weren t any dry paragraphs that I glazed over He used place effectively, moving along when the plot needed it I found the characters three dimensional and even the plot point people were short and sweet, doing something while giving some much needed information The Lawyer friend, Cop and PI worked well together and at times the reader doesn t know who is friend or foe.Jones has a great talent for writing and am looking forward to other books I give 4 stars.

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    First let me say I know this author from an online group I wanted to give it three and a half stars but rounded up to four.When Max retires to Florida with his wife, he plans to spend his time swimming, sunning, and drinking.Then a lawyer talks him into checking out the computer of a deceased client, looking for hidden financial assets That was Max s specialty, you see Doing forensic analyzing of computers Max agrees To his regret.Almost as soon as he takes the computer home, bad things start happening His home is broken into, the computer taken Luckily, Max had made a backup.Then people start getting killed Max doesn t know what s going on but he d better find out His wife, alarmed at the break in and fearful for her own safety, has left.Personally, I d have let her stay gone butAnyway, this is a nice light read A shame it doesn t show off of Jones s humor, but the plot is solid.

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    EntertainingThe plot was good, as were the characters 5 stars for this There were some odd examples of grammar use and typos, which can distract Also, the book s cover is cute but juvenile I almost didn t read it because of that So I gave 2 stars for these issues But the author is talented and with better proofing and editing, I think he has a shot at developing a successful series I recommend that he clean up the errors, develop a appealing cover, and keep promoting the book I will read his second book and hope it is as good as this one.

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    For being a free kindle book, I wasn t expecting much from this However, I actually really enjoyed it It was light reading, enjoyable, reasonably suspenseful, and overall a good story I enjoyed the private investigator viewpoint of the story since I haven t really seen that before The only downfall was the editing The writing was good, but the punctuation and grammar errors were too abundant If it wasn t for the editing, I would have given this five stars Overall it was well worth the read

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    I got this book because I liked the title I m really glad I did because I liked the book even If you are just looking for a straight forward mystery, this is it There were no sex scenes and complicated romances There were no over the top heroes The main character is just a computer forensic investigator that went private when he retired and doesn t even carry a gun.At the end of the book, one or two events in the story were not explained as to why they occurred, but it did not take away from the mystery or the book.

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    A little overdone in some of the details that didn t feel necessary to keep the story going, but I have enough background in computers and cleaning up other people s bookkeeping problems to actually relate to the protagonist Not sure a normal reader would find it so interesting, even for less than 200 pages Fortunately I was listening via text to speech, so I didn t even notice most of what others found as typos and formatting errors It needs some work, but it is fixable.

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