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Falling (Letting Go, #2) summary Falling (Letting Go, #2) , series Falling (Letting Go, #2) , book Falling (Letting Go, #2) , pdf Falling (Letting Go, #2) , Falling (Letting Go, #2) 0223158590 Feeling Bored And Unfulfilled, Jennifer Seeks Excitement Exploring The Online Personals Driven By A Need She Does Not Fully Understand, She Responds To An Ad That Is Definitely On The Kinky Side, Never Dreaming That She Will Actually Follow Through With A Meeting But On The Other Side Of The Ad Is A Man Who Seems Able To Peer Inside Her Head And Heart At Will When Jennifer Knocks On His Door, She Is Drawn Into A Sensual And Sexual World She Never Knew Existed This Book Is Rated XXX And Is Intended For MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY

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    I enjoyed this book The character development of Jennifer and her relationship with Sir Derek is very well written without a lot of repetitious twaddle however, I must agree with another reviewer in that I think this could have been one novel The short books end usually at a pivotal moment or a big cliffy Now that I ve read 2 I get what the previous reviewers were talking about I understand the concept of offering a 1st book free to get the reader interested but seriously after that combine them into the 1 book they should ve been and let us pay a higher fee Frankly the 2.99 or 3.99 feels a tad bit like a money grab In no way am I suggesting that an author should not be paid for their work but as the reader I feel used The characters are engaging The exploration Jennifer is going through is fascinating as Prussing has written her to be the every girl A lot of this genre post FOG write the sub gorgeous, totally innocent, virginalblah, blah Jennifer feels real, insecure, conflicted about being a strong woman but realizing and fostering her inner sub Sir is beautifully described, experienced, yummy hotness but so far doesn t seem to be the billionaire, multi language, helicopter piloting dom that I ve grown tired of This is one of many comments from review that has now completed the 3rd book supposedly the last I was disappointed that it just ended wanted some exploration into Derek and Jennifer s relationshipdid it just end, did she find out anything about him and vice versabut no one the story just kind of ended what a let down Normally I would discount these types of reviewers but there are many and I ve been through 2 books now that just end So sad because I truly enjoy these characters and the authors writing style Having said all that I m trying to decide if I want to continue to purchase tid bits of a story or make a clean break from Jennifer Derek.

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    OMG. Am hooked to this series on to the next book..

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