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    This novel was unique, engaging, witty and yes sexy as all get out Happy to find a good fem dom novel in which it was clear there was both love and respect on both sides If you re looking for hearts and flowers glitterkink, this isn t the book for you The BDSM written here is safe, consensual and extreme.Unfortunately the massive amounts of questionable racefail and stock characters ruined what is a very good book I truly loved idea of The Dominion, a parallel universe in which BDSM exists openly and is adjacent to the vanilla world I also loved The Viscountess and Severin s D s relationship, but I never really got a true sense of who they were as human beings In fact, all of the characters came off as mere props, so that connection for me as a reader just wasn t there My take is the author was so enad of all the toys and accessories that he forgot about the people Still, this is an author to watch for if you like your BDSM written by someone who knows or at least seems to be familiar with the scene A word to the author though can you possibly stay away from the equating German with Nazi

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    This breezy book excellently combines a suspenseful mystery with sexy worldbuilding, but loses a full two stars for how it chooses to deal with a female villain in the final scene view spoiler I don t care how horrible a person she was, it s misogynistic and downright gross to punish her with what is essentially rape culture personified as a sex club hide spoiler

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    If you enjoy BDSM fiction, mystery stories, urban fantasy, or just, um, joy, you need to read The Viscountess Investigates This book is hilarious, thrilling, romantic, and, of course, really really really sexy.Quintain has built an engaging world of BDSM magic that co exists with our own The Viscountess and Severin are an established D s couple and a crack team of investigators Their interactions are charming and witty, and the powers they play with are erotic in the extreme In addition, Quintain flavours everything with geek culture references that are subtle rather than jarring, and are a joy to discover I cannot recommend this book enough If you want a great whodunnit that will leave a goofy grin on your face, go right now and read this.

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    A rollocking romp through a world that runs on BDSM A proper whodunit, with a proper murder, committed in a decidedly IMproper way Quintain s world is sexy, nerdy, clever, and strangely surreal add in the travel between Domnions that are radically different from one to the next, and you get a sharp, witty, dream like erotic mystery.Fortunately, he s already working on a second Can t wait.

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    I loved this book It s a fantastic murder mystery tale set within an epic and detailed universe with a lot of kink thrown into the mix It was easy to become engaged and drawn into the story and the world in which it takes place I definitely recommend this book.

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