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The Search for Delicious chapter 1 The Search for Delicious, meaning The Search for Delicious, genre The Search for Delicious, book cover The Search for Delicious, flies The Search for Delicious, The Search for Delicious 6234e9f72a156 The Prime Minister Is Compiling A Dictionary, And When No One At Court Can Agree On The Meaning Of Delicious, The King Sends His Twelve Year Old Messenger, Gaylen, To Poll The Citizenry Gaylen Soon Discovers That The Entire Kingdom Is On The Brink Of Civil War, And Must Enlist Help To Define Delicious And Save The Country

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    I read this book as part of a literary discussion group for my 5th grader s class Each week the kids got together and discussed the reading They had weekly assignments as well as a discussion worksheet that they filled out to help promote discussion It was pretty cool to see these fifth graders start down the path of analyzing and really thinking about the books they were reading Tons of fun.As to the book, it s an entertaining read with some interesting themes and principles The high level summary is that the prime minister in a kingdom is trying to write a dictionary for the kingdom With each definition, he provides an example He s reached the word Delicious and everybody has a different opinion as to what truly exemplifies the word.apples, nuts, pies, etc So, the young hero Gaylen is sent out into the kindgom to take a survey of every citizen and determine, by majority, what is the most delicious The disagreements within the castle prove to have just been a microcosm of the kingdom at large and it quickly becomes evident that there won t be any common consensus Added to the delicious problem, we have a power hungry man riding around the country stirring up trouble in hopes of eventually getting the kingdom for himself.An intriguing parallel story thread starts with a prologue in which we re given definitions of mystical magical creatures who still exist but have been forgotten or ignored by humans We re presented the story of a mermaid named Ardis who had a magical key that opened and closed the door of a house at the bottom of a lake The key was taken from her by a human and has been lost forever Throughout Gaylen s journey across the kingdom, he learns about these mythical beings and the part they may still play in the kingdom.Overall, this was a fun and entertaining story It s a simple tale easily accessible to children And yet it has some themes and ideas that could be engaging to adults as well It makes a point of showing how silly some of our arguments become and how outrageous our behavior is It touches on the concepts of the creativity and imagination that s often lost as we transition from youth to adult.This is a fun fairy tale that can be enjoyed together by parents and children 3.5 out of 5 stars

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    I didn t realize how much I was hankering for a good old fashioned fairy tale until I started reading this book There was so much I loved about The Search for Delicious There was a time once when the earth was still very young, a time some call the oldest days This was long before there were any people about to dig parts of it up and cut parts of it off People came along much later, building their towns and castles which nearly always fell down after a while and plaguing each other with quarrels and supper parties The creatures who lived on the earth in that early time stayed each in his own place and kept it beautiful There were dwarfs in the mountains, woldwellers in the forests, mermaids in the lakes, and, of course, winds in the air I learned delicious is sometimes about who you are sharing the experience with rather than what you are eating.

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    Babbitt can do better, iirc But even young me would have found the problem, and the solution of the quest, ridiculous And some kids might get the impression that the world is even scarier than it really is, because adults are even stupider than they really are Still, some lovely bits, an enchanting vibe, and delightful pen ink drawings by the author.

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    I enjoyed the writing style a lot than I expected While the premise seems ridiculous, the story had substance than just adults being stupid It showcased how propaganda could lead to rebellion and civil war I also liked the ancient beings and their resulting indifference to the people around them Gaylen didn t grow much as a character, but he wasn t annoying, which is a plus

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    A wonderful tale about how everyone can come together and agree on something, even if originally they disagreed In this story, Gaylen, a young boy, is sent to poll the kingdom on what the meaning of delicious is Since everyone has a different opinion, fights often break out But in the end, it s someone who previously had no voice that makes a difference, just by sharing the joy of water And after reading this and thinking about a long drive I had yesterday, it s very true Nothing is delicious than a cool drink of water when you re very, very thirsty.

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    On the surface this story is like an old fashioned fairy tale, where a person sets off on a quest and has to do several things to reach the end And all of that is indeed in here..but it s also about caring about othersabout deciding to do something about a problem instead of just walking away and leaving the mess for someone else to deal with That is one thing that is often lacking in the world these days The theme comes through nice and clear He could have walked away but instead he decided to try to help and by doing that he prevented a major tragedy.The main character in this book is a 12 year old boy He is sent on a quest to ask each person in the kingdom what their favorite food is Of course no one can agree The book teaches how easily fights can break out over the most silly of things, like a favorite food Then it shows how wrong information can be spread, turning it into something even worst telephone game Before one knows it people are picking up arms and willing to fight each other just because of some dumb little thing There is actually a lot of wisdom in this simple story Creatures in here include a mermaid, dwarves, the wind and a woldweller It s very well written and an easy read I was feeling a bit sleepy when I started this book but as soon as I started reading the sleepiness vanished

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    Amazing At first it gets BORING but if you read it, it is very, very, very, worth reading I guess i ll rate it 4

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    I really liked The Search for Delicious it was funny and exciting.

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    Twelve year old Gaylen is an assistant to the Prime Minister in a fantastical medieval era England The king, on the recommendation of his PM, chooses Gaylen to go on a journey to survey all the kingdom s residents, asking them what s the most wonderful food they can think of The most common answer will be chosen as the synonym definition of delicious in the kingdom dictionary Problem is, no two people seem to give Gaylen the same answer, so how is he to choose While on his journey, Gaylen uncovers some issues far serious than food He gets word of someone close to the king planning to overthrow him Doesn t take long for everything in Gaylen s life to start running amok I found this to be a brilliant way for young readers to see how silly, immature and out of hand adults can get when people get caught up in greed It also looks at themes such as how quickly serious wars can start from the most inane origins, how problematic circumstances can escalate when people just wash their hands of one another The way Galen s journey turns from one goal toward something else also felt similar to modern times, the way news sources can throw out a smaller story they know will get people riled up so that their attention is off of bigger issues that some may want going under the radar Lots of wonderful topics for discussion starters in this little story, not to mention Babbitt s great bits of humor thrown in Good fun here

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    My 14 year old daughter found this on a shelf and had vague memories of hearing me read it years ago It was a fun departure from our serious, academically motivated read alouds A sweet story about the importance of both language and water, topics close to our family s hearts The vocabulary was not challenging for a 14 year old, though we renewed familiarity with lithe and zephyr and touched on spelling a bit as we went I would recommend it as a fabulous family read aloud for any able to listen without pictures I remember choosing this for 2 genders separated by 4 years I think I read it about 10 years ago, when I had a 4 year old girl and an 8 year old boy listening We remember it as one of our all time favorites

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