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Cossacks in Paris summary Cossacks in Paris , series Cossacks in Paris , book Cossacks in Paris , pdf Cossacks in Paris , Cossacks in Paris c5e2eae88a Rebellious Engineer Breutier Armande Is Drafted Into The Grande Army On The Eve Of Napoleon S Russian Campaign On A Scouting Mission In St Petersburg, He Meets Kaarina, Daughter Of The Counselor To Tsar Alexander I, And They Fall In Love But Kaarina Is Betrothed To Agripin, A Protege Of The Tsar When She Refuses Him, Agripin Kidnaps Her And Breutier Deserts Napoleon To Hunt Down The Era S Most Ruthless Cossack

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    I m one of those that discover something that I like and stick to it, as I did with this novel Cossacks in Paris There are several reasons for that.CAST OF CHARACTERS I like very much the cast of characters There is not the traditional hero and villain There is a hero and a kind of counterpart in the sense of being somebody who makes interesting the developing of the romantic story As in human nature, good people are not just good, they have goals and sometimes they feel weakness or sadness, also they want their dreams to come true even as bad people Sometimes you can be mesmerized by an interesting character For me that was Agripin the Cossack The heroine Kaarina s twin sister, Kaisa, was too Full of desire to live her life as a great adventure, very unusual in women for that times But surely many had in their mind to find alternative lifestyles to enjoy life But Kaarina is not just a beauty who conquers what she wants using her looks She is the kind of thoughtful woman that looks ahead to the future and has a plan for her life, as surely many did, even if that was not commonplace in aristocratic families The author offers an alternative point of view about the position of women at the time.PLOT I loved it Interesting from the beginning to end It made sense why Breautier was a civil engineer I like the twists of the story, not predictable The novel has drama for the characters but their inner strength and in some cases the complex personality also helped them to survive in spite of adverse circumstances in a time of war HISTORICAL PERIOD The period chosen by the author is 1812 1814, when Europe was dominated by Napoleon It serves as a nice example of the consequences of lust for power If you look at a map with the extension of the French Empire and the areas of influence you wonder why Emperor Napoleon wanted than he already dominated And if as many powerful men declare they wanted the best for his countrymen, why was better For example, Breautier had ideas to improve Paris basic conditions that nowadays we take for granted The author describes how Napoleon was a great leader but sometimes in the ways a normal human being had fears and doubts He shows also the strong character that a leader of his status usually has.EASY TO READ Even though the writing is well above third grade simple sentences, the author took good care to write for people who love to read good stories This, along with the narrative style, makes an awesome connection between the fictional story and the historical facts Many times I was interested in further information and was amazed to discover the accuracy of the historical facts Quite a skillful writer Definitely is an author I will read again Great debut in publishing That is why I added Jeff Perren to my list of favorite authors and Cossacks to my favorite books.

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    I am either a glutton for punishment or an eternal optimist why else would I download yet another novel set during the Napoleonic Wars I can count on the fingers of one hand barely the number of books that have gotten the history, culture, names, events, and general milieu correct, or at least with minimum errors Tolstoy of course doesn t count he is sublime.So here is a rambling novel that is far too long for what it offers, full of historical mistakes large and small, obvious unfamiliarity with proper names for the multinational fictional characters, wildly implausible plot sequences, cardboard characters who run the emotional gamut from A to B with a nod to Dorothy Parker for that one and pedestrian writing that buries its characters beneath a morass of aimless narration Oh, I have to add to the mix the usual over the top cliche representation of Napoleon as a monster, even if he s of average height, and the equally cliched view of France from 1789 on A number of other historical characters fare no better, but I won t bore you with details.We are told in a Historical Note at the end that this is fiction, that facts are dispensed with, altered to suit the story, and that the personages of the times are presented according to the author s personal interpretations Fine, but then don t say in the next breath that these personal interpretations are based on considerable historical research and general principles I have no idea what general principles may be involved, but I can tell you the historical research was so minimal as to be virtually invisible But wait this is fiction, I say, it s fiction Ignore the fact that it meets the criteria for historical fiction, overlook the blips and bloopers, read for pleasure, and never mind how the novel is advertised.And so another failed attempt at writing a novel set anywhere between 1799 and 1815 goes on the digital trash heap, or dust bin, or tip

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    Mr Perren subtly weaves the tribulations and triumphs of his richly drawn fictional protagonists into the chaotic political and social upheaval that followed the rise of the Napoleon in Europe.Those unfamiliar with the time may often find themselves as I did visiting wikipedia to enrich themselves on a topic touched on by the author s narrative That in and of itself is a testament to how thoroughly invested in the story I became.In short, Cossacks in Paris is a ripping good yarn whose plot is happily bereft of the vapid vampires, milquetoast magicians and stale supernaturals that are de rigueur in popular entertainment these days Thank you Mr Perren for the thoroughly entertaining respite

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    Cossacks in Paris is a very simple title, for such a deep book Between the political conflict, personal conflict, human drama, and following true world changing history, this book is certainly one you get lost in It sucks you in and keeps your attention throughout the book, not letting up until the very end Mr Perren did a fantastic job with this book He takes his readers on an amazing adventure that puts them up close and personal with the main ringleaders of the War of 1812 He forces you think about this intense dramatic event as something than just random, distant facts on a piece of paper He makes it real, and truly makes you feel as though you re experiencing the events fold out in real time.More than just the events, are the people involved The descriptions of the characters and their personalities are fantastic, and I loved learning about each one Mr Perren did an excellent job in describing them all, and it s obvious he put a lot of effort and time into every detail of this book I very much enjoyed reading from several different points of view, and seeing an epic conflict unfold from various angles While reading this book, I told my husband many times how It feels like I m reading a documentary When I say documentary, I mean one of those really good ones the kind you actually like watching, and one that keeps you completely enthralled This book is just that, and I think even better a film would be hard pressed to beat the entertainment and craftsmanship of this book.I would definitely recommend this book, especially to anyone who enjoys historical novels This isn t one that will bore you at all it will have you biting your nails, feeling the emotion of the characters, and the tension created by Napoleon and Czar Alexander I was given a complimentary eBook copy, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.

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    Every now and then you read a book that is so well written that even if the subject matter is outside your usual genre I m not generally a fan of stories that revolve around war it keeps your interest, and you crave to learn Cossacks in Paris is just such a book Napoleon s conquest of Russia is intertwined with a love story between a beautiful Finnish girl named Kaarina, and a young French engineer, Breutier, who while working on modernizing Paris sewer system gets unexpectedly drafted as a spy into the Grand Armee Breutier and Kaarina meet by chance, and are immediately taken by one another Alas, Kaarina is the daughter of the counselor to Tsar Alexander of Russia, and her hand in marriage has already been promised by the Tsar to the boorish and evil Cossack, Agripin.The story takes us through Russia where many battles ensue, both on and off the field Kaarina is kidnapped by Agripin and Kaarina s jealous twin sister, Kaisa whom Agripin has befriended Breutier hunts down the vicious Agripin, and must choose a course, if he is to save Kaarina Cossacks in Paris is an historically accurate book I confess that I did have to research and verify a few events But those who are interested in a rich and thorough historical romance will love this book 4 1 2 STARS

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    A captivating read with good characters, and rich in historical details Blend with sensual love story, and sure is a page turner Two men witholding a personal dispute over a woman I admired his courage fighting for his freedom against Napoleon Bonaparte s dictate, Breutier as an engineer desired to build a railroad.a machine that would reshape the world.Since, Napoleon covet to usurp Russia ousting Tsar Alexander to inhibit St Petersburg he sent Breutier to spy for him In happenstance, met Kaarina a daughter of Gustav Armfelt an emissary of Tsar Alexander A spirited blue eyed beauty whom captivated by an engineer.Meanwhile, Tsar Alexander summoned his protege special agent Cossacks Agripin to marry Kaarina, and to spy Napoleon s movement He was afraid that Napoleon will march to Russia for invasion Would Kaarina, and Breutier will survive at the end when Napoleon can t be stop to go forward with his war, Agripin s hatred and willingness to destroy Breutier, and obsession to capture and enslave Kaarina.

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    Jeffrey Perren ingeniously blends two stories One is a battle between Agripin the Cossack soldier and Breutier Armande the French engineer for the love and hand of Kaarina who is the daughter of the Finnish counselor to Tsar Alexander I Kaarina, however, has a twin, who becomes a part of the puzzle as the characters meet frequently but are then parted during the frantic comings and goings of Napoleon and Alexander s soldiers Both twins, as well as Agripin and Breutier, escape hair raising moments posing life and death risks that clearly parallel the brutally devastating war covering their travels.Breutier has a plan to create sewers in Paris, an act that could save thousands from the rampant disease of the beautiful but unclean famous city, and another plan to create a steam driven railroad system that would jettison the French economy beyond its wildest planning But Breutier s plans are stymied by Napoleon who conscripts him into the war that will ultimately be the tyrant s well deserved demise Breutier escapes French service several times but always comes back or is forced back by other French officers and soldiers His passion for Kaarina overrides loyalty to any leader, especially the manically driven Napoleon Agripin is a Cossack who betrays his soldierly heritage with his lust for the same woman Breutier has madly fallen in love with however, technically speaking, Agripin is already engaged to Kaarina but that matters little to her pursuer The culture of Cossacks is presented within the love and war story plots Agripin comes across for most of the novel as the chief antagonist and yet there comes a point where a common goal mandates he put aside his homicidal intent toward Breutier for a important mission that will affect European history forever.Clearly, Perren has carried out extensive research on the military campaigns of Alexander and Napoleon who careen back and forth across Europe, trying to woo other leaders, especially Metternich, into joining their war The reader is mesmerized by the determination of both leaders juxtaposed by the painfully difficult movement and battles of the soldiers fighting for victory Cossacks in Paris is a fine romantic, historical novel that will fascinate romance and history fans The conflict between human nature and Mother Nature emerges in multiple ways that create tension, mystery, and fascination on almost every page Very nicely done, Jeffrey Perren

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    Cossacks In Paris Jeffrey Perren Set in the early 1800 s Breutier Armande is drafted in the Grande Arme On his way to St Petersburg he meets a Finnish woman named Karina and falls in love with her But she is promised to Agripin a mean Cossack But Kaarina is in love with Breutier and her jealous twin sister Kaisa Aides Agripin in kidnapping Kaarina Bruetier faces many enemies, challenges and danger to try to rescue his love, and bring her to safety, even if he has to desert Napoleon s army.I really loved Kaarina, and being a twin I could relate to the differences in personalities although looking identical I also loved that the story was true to the era and some of the events actually happened I really loved Cossacks In Paris.

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    A Tour De ForceAs a romantic novel this is a great book, with heroes and villains galore It also offers a look into life 200 years ago This is a long book and I enjoyed every page I heartily recommend this book.

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    The monotonous story of a Finnish woman who is repeatedly kidnapped and rescued, kidnapped and rescued, kidnapped and rescued Just falls short of achieving drinking game status This book is normally listed as historical fiction but I m placing it on my historical romance shelf because the writing strikes me as kind of old skool from the 1980s.Our three main protagonists are French engineer Breutier, Cossack Agripin, and the woman they are both obsessed with, Kaarina While Europe goes down in flames, the two men seemingly have no problem traipsing across the continent as they trade possession of Kaarina back and forth Once in awhile we get a break and check in with the big players on the world stage and this is where I can see potential for a better book To the author I would say if you re going to write about the beginning of the end of Napoleon, write about Napoleon and leave these underdeveloped fictional characters in the waste basket.

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