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    Serial or episodic fiction is a totally new way of reading fiction for me, but as soon as I saw Quinn was writing it I knew I d soon be addicted I m a huge science fiction fan and coupling it with noir had me intrigued from the outset Each episode from season one is roughly the length of a novelette and readable in one sitting, something I have found I like The drawback is that you have to wait two weeks until the next episode, but much like a television series you love, this only heightens the anticipation You can of course wait until all nine episodes of season one have been published, but I wouldn t.Episode 5, Driven, brings us to half way through the series At the end Quinn takes us in a direction I just did not see coming I really have become quite attached to the lead character, Lirium But I m also pleased that we re starting to learn that the baddies are not all bad, and that maybe there are valid reasons behind the not so good decisions they ve made.Make no mistake this is adult fiction The story itself is set in a cold and cruel future The characters are gritty and hardened But that only makes you love them even Season one hasn t finished yet and I m already wishing for season two.

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    This is the fifth installment of the Debt Collectors serial season.I LOVE LOVE LOVE this episode Lirium has to prove himself to Kolek, the mob boss that has him, after trying to escape I feel like I m vindicated a bit, because we get to see a little of Valac and understand partially, why he is the way he is It broke my heart a little bit.Lirium Ah, how I love thee He is definitely my bookboyfriend and has climbed the ranks of favorite leading men He s made into the top ten What I loved about this episode is that in spite of what he learned about the possible state of his soul, Lirium still chose to be good even though it would likely get him killed.

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    In this fifth installment of the Debt Collector a battered Lirium must prove his worth to his mob boss, Kolak, or risk certain death With help from his mentor, Lirium learns how to control his collection of life energy from both willing and unwilling donors And, when faced with the choice between his own soulless end or the end of a high potential, he places yet another life on the line.A fast paced read that will have you asking pretty please with sugar on top for the next episode Now.

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    This episode manages to move the story along even as the action begins to slip into a routine of debt collections and payouts for the mob There are revelations as the power of organised crime sinks its tentacles into our protagonist But he is maturing and becoming powerful The spring of plot is being pulled taut for the back end of this season.

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    Very much looking forward to the next installment If you d like to know how I feel about the series in general, take a look at my reviews of Episodes 1, 2, 3 and 4 But I can t stress enough how good this series is So READ it.

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    Wow this series is a heart pounding non stop head rush

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    Spoilers for previous Debt Collector books are unavoidable We are at book five of nine in this season Driven Debt Collector 5 If you ve read this far, you will continue to read I am giving only 3 stars for this book I decided two chapters prematurely of a solid 4 star book So, it s my character defect of sticking with decisions that ends up being unfair to this book.I stopped reading and made notes about how the protagonist was becoming tedious and the minor characters interesting Also, I made notes about the audiobook reader s dramatization Let s move along.To avoid spoilers, I recommend this book Events are interesting, exciting, there is big reveal, a big decision, an unexpected twist with the promise of plenty tension and suspense.Spoilers view spoiler Lirium nags Ophelia about the history between her and Valac She tells him to ask Valac After hours of collecting and an obvious illegal payout Ophelia is finishing up with the client Leaving Ophelia with the client, Lirium asks Valac if he can have a word To Lirium s amazement Valac is forthcoming and honest.Valac breaks down and tells Lirium a great deal of the drama that is Valac s life The details reveal why he has the attitude that Lirium has thought is so detestable It also answers the questions Ophelia would not answer about the history between Valac and Ophelia By the end of Valac s confessions, Lirium has changed his opinions on a great number of things.Lirium has been warned not to hesitate if Holek, the mob boss asks anything of him Hesitation can mean certain death, either by Valac instantly draining all his life force or one of his thugs just shooting him Nico, one of the persistent thugs in this season noticed earlier that Lirium is extremely reluctant to collect from children or young people.Later Valac knocks on the locked door to Lirium s room Valac never knocks so Lirium knows this will likely be his test with Holek After meeting Holek, Lirium is surprised when Holek praised him for all his good work Looking around there is only Nico the thug, Valac, and Holek in the room Lirium begins to relax suspecting this may not be a test after all Just after Holek finishes praising Holek he nods to Nico When Lirium looks to Nico he has already turned and walked away Holek starts explaining how this kid has stolen from him and how he hates it when people steal from him Lirium notices Nico returning dragging along a skinny teenager Lirium s first thought is, He noticed I hesitated earlier, so now this is the ultimate test, killing a kid for stealing door keys to Holek s casino Holek finishes explaining his distaste for the kid Lirium knows what he will hear next Valac s warning comes instantly to mind Do not hesitate hide spoiler

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    lirium stills haunted by Madame A threat that if he didn t come back Tilly would be put on the bottom of the transfer list Valac used to collect for Madam A One of the parents of the kids..He was special When his son died They all die You know that, right picture Valac and his lover with the sick kid I wish he had just taken his anger out on me Hate me Leave me Beat the crap out of me Something What did he do He killed himself I found him, lying in a pool of his own blood Slit his wrists He was always melodramatic that way He was still alive when I got there I tried to save him Pumped life energy in him, but I couldn t stop it I called 911 I called my mentor I think I threatened to kill Ophelia if she didn t get the hell over now I was out of my mind I gave him everything I had Before anyone arrived, I had run out You paid out everything He nods You died Cold Dark Empty It tasted like metal There was no golden light, no heavenly chorus, no nothing, Lirium It was just emptiness I figured it out later It s because we have nothing left All the life energy I gave away, everything I used to save him, it didn t belong to me Our souls are long gone Used up, torn away, destroyed by all the lives we ve stolen All the years we ve taken Everything we have inside us is borrowed from someone else When it s gone there s nothing left Do understand I gave my life for him His face has gone intense again I worked for Madam A I did everything a debt collector could possibly do It was my calling To right the fundamental wrong of being who we are He pauses But it was hopeless from the start This is what I want you to understand, little bird No matter how bad you think this is, working for Kolek, it is your only option Your only true hope We need to keep taking the years, the lives, so that we can continue to exist There is no other option Wait You said Ophelia saved you She arrived soon after I paid out At least, that s what she tells me From what I can figure, I was only dead for a few minutes Yes, he says I tried to get her to bring back Michael, but she wouldn t She said he was gone She reached into him, but she said it was too late I didn t believe her begged her to bring him back I was crazy with grief But I know now that she really did try She would have done it, if she could But he was dead long before she arrived But Ophelia said you can t bring back someone from the dead, I say If she brought you back She doesn t believe I was really dead She doesn t want to believe But I know what I saw, little bird I know what I felt And I sure as hell don t ever want to feel it again The best thing that your psych officer ever did for you, little bird, is send you here Candy sold you out You and Ophelia both she s the one who told Kolek where to find you You only escaped because Nico was an idiot in that alleyway The others don t have a brain between them, so you got lucky Nico was the one you knocked out first But it s not the first time Kolek s gotten a tip from her.Whatever Kolek asks you do to, don t hesitate He s looking to see if you re willing to do whatever he says You hesitate, you re dead And that s no place to be Kolek may kill him anyway I know that But it won t be me that killed a fourteen year old kid for trying to pinch a few swipe cards I don t know if Valac s right about there being nothing on the other side Sparing this boy won t save me But it might save him Nothingness might not be so bad after all I can think of worse things Joseph Joe Louis Miller, Kolek reads from Valac s palm Born September 13th 2049 to Alice and Stanis Miller Raised by a single mother here on the east side Father whereabouts unknown at intake He glances at me That s a shame A boy needs a father, don t you think How is your mother these days, Joe I wouldn t know, You should call her, he says Family is important I nod Now I either have to stay in Kolek s mob forever or get out and find my mom before he does.

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    Review forthcoming on received a copy of Driven in exchange for my review.Having been betrayed by the woman he is coming to care for, Lirium is at an all time low while working for the mob Realising that running might not be an option any, he decides to bide his time and try again later, even if that means that he has to do the mob s will in order to suceedLink to GoodreadsLink to A discussion in the COYER group yesterday well Wednesday, but yesterday from when I wrote my review got me thinking about Lirium s POV Normally I don t connect all that well with first person male narratives, which is definitely to do with me and not the books I might add, and yet I ve never felt that way about Lirium, in fact I enjoy his narratives.There s no real mystery as to Lirium s thinking, he reveals what he feels and ultimately what his motivation is, and the lack of having to guess works well for me It helps with the flow and pacing of the story, as well as revealing who the character really is, and not who he appears to the outside worldbut then again, as a reader, we don t know how he actually appears outwardly.There is one thing that I m still not sure about though and that is the possibility of a relationship with Ophelia I m still not sure what to feel about Ophelia myself, sometimes I think she s alright and she starts to grow on me and then others I m really not sure about her at all None of which is helped by Lirium s confusion over how he feels about her mostly jealousy as far as I can tell Lirium still comes across as an ultimately decent guy, whether he likes that or not, which I am happy to be able to say after the ending, there were a few paragraphs there where I really wasn t sure if he was going to stay true to his own character or not.I still really like the fact that the cast of characters is still small, I think it makes the story flow better, and allow the current cast to be developped in a logical and flowing way Driven counts towards Winter COYER

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    In Over His HeadThis series must be read in order The first book is Delirium Debt Collector 1 The second book is Agony Debt Collector 2 The third book is Ecstasy Debt Collector 3 The fourth book is Broken Debt Collector 4 This is the fifth book.Lirium has decided to play along He is a newly minted Collector for the mob Forget all his training and the rules They will not help him and Ophelia survive this new predicament Lirium must learn a new set of rules and new ways of Collecting and Paying Out if he is going to survive this He is still planning and escape But first he must trick everyone around him that he is a team player and ready to play by the rules Will he be successful Will they survive intact until he can find a way out Who really betrayed them Or was he the only one truly betrayed Ophelia is a conundrum Probably even to herself What matters to her is survival no matter the cost She is where she is and is going to make the best if it There is no way she will risk anything that would jeopardize her life. Unless it is to save someone she cares about Will Lirium get them both killed Or has he finally realized that no matter who they work for or what they do They will always be slaves How will she keep them both alive when he is so soft and righteous Filled with and intrigue this series just keeps getting better Every single time you think you know what is going on Guess again I love this series not only for the broad scope of the world but also the convoluted characters Every book is filled with surprises from beginning to end I can t wait to read Fallen Debt Collector 6 This series is suitable for adult readers

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Driven (Debt Collector, #5) summary pdf Driven (Debt Collector, #5) , summary chapter 2 Driven (Debt Collector, #5) , sparknotes Driven (Debt Collector, #5) , Driven (Debt Collector, #5) 317e284 Urban Fantasy With A Cyberpunk Twist Fifth Episode Of The Nine Part Serial What S Your Life Worth On The Open Market In This Gritty Urban Fantasy, Debt Collectors Take Your Life Energy And Give It To Someone Worthy All While Paying The Price With Black Marks On Their SoulsDriven Is Approximately , Words Or Pages, And Is The Fifth Of Nine Episodes In The First Season Of The Debt Collector SerialLirium Pretends He S A Willing Debt Collector For The Mob While Deciding Whether He Can Trust Ophelia To Help Him EscapeContains Mature Content And ThemesOPTIONED FOR VIRTUAL REALITY BY IMMERSIVE ENTERTAINMENT Semi Finalist In Science Fiction In The Kindle Book AwardsIt Is Recommended That You Start With The First Season, But Each Season Is A Complete Story For That Debt Collector And Can Serve As An Entry Point To The Series There Are Five Planned Seasons In The Debt Collector Series, The First Four Each From The Perspective Of A Different Debt Collector With The Fifth Season Bringing All Four Together READING ORDERSeason One Lirium COMPLETEEpisodes Delirium, Agony, Ecstasy, Broken, Driven, Fallen, Promise, Ruthless, PassionSeason Two Wraith Available For Pre Order Releases Episodes Wraith, Specter, Menace, Temptation, Shattered, Penance, Judgment, Corruption, Atonement

  • Kindle Edition
  • 54 pages
  • Driven (Debt Collector, #5)
  • Susan Kaye Quinn
  • English
  • 12 July 2017

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CLICK HERE for a FREE STORYSusan Kaye Quinn is a rocket scientist turned speculative fiction author who now uses her PhD to invent cool stuff in books Her works range from young adult science fiction to adult future noir, with side trips into royal fantasy romance and middle grade Her bestselling novels and short stories have been optioned for Virtual Reality, translated into German and French, and featured in several anthologies.She writes full time from Chicago, inventing mind powers and dreaming of the Singularity.All of Sue s books YOUNG ADULT SCIENCE FICTIONSingularity SeriesREADING ORDER