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Valens Remembered (The Valens of Legacy, #1) pdf Valens Remembered (The Valens of Legacy, #1) , ebook Valens Remembered (The Valens of Legacy, #1) , epub Valens Remembered (The Valens of Legacy, #1) , doc Valens Remembered (The Valens of Legacy, #1) , e-pub Valens Remembered (The Valens of Legacy, #1) , Valens Remembered (The Valens of Legacy, #1) 101217a2741 In This Paranormal Fantasy Prequel Larinda Nix Thomas Buries Her Adoptive Parents, Who Died In A Deadly Echo Of The Accident That Took Her Birth Parents Hidden Documents Reveal That She Is Being Threatened By A Sinister Force And That She Shouldn T Trust Even Her Closest Allies Fate Demands She Accept Her Place Among The Valens As A Shapeshifter, A Unicorn, Which Brings Changes To Her Life Than She Could Have Imagined And Puts Her On A Collision Course With Her Ultimate Destiny In This Prequel To The Valens Series Myth Is Rewritten, Fantasy And Science Fiction Blend To Create A Chilling Story Of Death, Loss, And DiscoverTo Read This Paranormal Best Seller, Download This Free Book Now Valens Remembered Is The Prequel To The Shapeshifter Fantasy Series The Valens Of Legacy

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    So this is the prequel of the series It tells you how things began and it s Larinda s story You will learn how she felt and what really happened to her, and why she was looking so hard for her sister You also get to see some of the other characters that will play a major part in this series and get a feel for who they are and what they stand for It s a great addition, and having read this story first, before reading the actual first book in the series, this made reading the first book a whole lot understandable, from an emotional part Now you don t have to read it, but it ll make you care for those in the story even than if you would have read just the regular novels It s got everything you could ask for, a background on them, and the world building, the relationships between them, action, mystery, death Yeah that was the hard part for me, as I know what the author told me prior to reading and I am still hoping she finds a way to resurrect that certain someone I also learned a little bit about the bad guys before the story started It s cool how she did it, coming up with the plan for how the bad guys got their hands on things and began this whole scary thing To be honest, I loved this story, even if it is a short one, and after reading the first novel, I m so glad I read it It s definitely a good thing she wrote it 5 PAWS, all kinds of paws cuz there s a ton of fun things in here

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    Larinda has lost not just two parents, but four Her biological ones and now her adoptive ones As she comes to term with this, she s also having to accept and become a part of the Valens Shapeshifters The mark she carries is a unicorn and her 18th birthday, the time of her first shift is approaching When she takes control of the family business, a security firm called Legacy Protective Services, she discovers some papers her parents had hidden away Now she wonders if her parents deaths, maybe even both sets, were accidental Her suspicions are well founded when someone or something tries to kill her This story is told from two points of view The second character is Jemma She s a product of the street, never having a real family to care for her She s used to living defensively, watching out for herself When she s offered a chance at security, she s hesitant, knowing a gift horse can be anything but Larinda and Jemma couldn t be different One knew loving parents, the other was a street kid One thing they did share was a mysterious past, lost in childhood The author does a great job of world building in this short novella Not a lot of detail, would like , and I suspect I ll get all I need in the next book in this series There are shapeshifters galore, mysteries a plenty, and many characters to care about and some not so much All the makings of an exciting series.I received this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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    Lucee Lovett s Review of Valens RememberedValens Remembered is a novella prequel which filled the gaps left by book 1, providing additional background and explanation to the first 1 Valens Rise This book introduce you to the heroine s sister It delievered an interesting history as to Jemma s family involvement in the Legacy Which depict why Jemma s destiny was designed to her as a birth right As with the first book this book is full of propelling action, presenting intrigue and treachery I m undecided as to which is the best order to reads these books As I felt they was enough crossover between the two book not matter irrespective of the order A good read, now on to book two I was given a copy of this book from the author and LoP in exchange for an honest review.

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    This is a great story It is a short prequel to Valens Rise where we get to meet Larinda, Jemma s sister, and follow her journey of coming into her destiny, the discovery of, and search for her sister This is a well written short and a wonderful addition to the series I would recommend, even though this is a prequel, reading this book after book one, Valens Rise, to really appreciate the story content to its fullest Even though this is a short little read, it is full of action, treachery, and intrigue and worth taking the time to read I got this book from .

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    Larenda Nix is having a difficult time She is burying her adoptive parts, coming to terms with memory loss potential regaining of memory regarding her adoptive parents and their deaths, death threats, taking over her parents company, and dealing with her own new shape shifting abilities.A richly detailed narrative helps with multiple plot development and focus Action is prevalent through much of the story.Characters are unique yet authentic and intriguing.Overall, an intriguing read.

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    This is only a short story so don t expect it to take up than half an hour or so of your time However, in that time you will be swept into a story of murder, intrigue and siblings I haven t read any of the other books in this series yet and apparently this short story makes sense once you have read book 1, but still, this was an enjoyable read with some good world and character building I look forward to reading about the Valens.

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    I was given this book by LoP for an honest review.This is a short novella It is the prequel to Valens Rise This novella fills in some of the background to help with the other stories in the series This novella is filled with action, intrigue, treachery After reading this I wanted to read the reset of the series to see where she is leading you and what is going to happen to the characters.I would highly recommend this book.

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    I was given a copy of the book by the author in exchange for a reviewI was given this book in exchange for an honest review for LoPIt was interesting, lots of mystery and drama that will lead you to the first book i couldn t put it away, now onto valens rise

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    I truly enjoyed the story line but there were a few spelling or grammar mistakes.

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    This is the prequel to the series I enjoyed Sherrel s writing style It was very easy to get through and I loved the characters I didn t like the fact that I got so invested in Larinda s character only for her to die at the end I like my main characters to live I know that it was setting up the series, but I really liked Larinda The concept of the Valens is really cool and unique I don t think I ve ever read a book where people could change into yetis and unicorns It was a breath of fresh air I ll definitely continue with the series I have Valens Rise on my shelf already I recommend this book to people looking for a new paranormal experience.

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