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  • Paperback
  • 344 pages
  • Silver Bay
  • Jojo Moyes
  • Dutch
  • 08 October 2017
  • 9789032503970

About the Author: Jojo Moyes

Jojo Moyes is a British novelist.Moyes studied at Royal Holloway, University of London She won a bursary financed by The Independent newspaper to study journalism at City University and subsequently worked for The Independent for 10 years In 2001 she became a full time novelist Moyes novel Foreign Fruit won the Romantic Novelists Association RNA Romantic Novel of the Year in 2004.She is mar

10 thoughts on “Silver Bay

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    I think fans of Moyes Me Before You are going to be disappointed with this one Me Before You was one of my favorite reads of last year It was beautiful, heartbreaking, and completely unputdownable This one had a very different feel and I had a difficult time getting into the story Silver Bay is a slow paced women s fiction book that focuses on life in a sleepy seaside town Much of the book s plot revolves around the local marine life in Silver Bay, and there were some beautiful, atmospheric descriptions of the setting There is also an undercurrent of unrequited love, secrecy, and loss that gives the book an extra punch of emotion No one could call this book uncomplicated There are love triangles and people pining after each other over years and decades There is family drama galore However, despite all of these seemingly interesting details, this book is still painfully and endlessly slow I mean, it clocks in at over 400 pages and it dragged on and on for me I had a few main issues with this book, other then the pace, that I ll bring up First of all, there were about 1,000 points of view I think in reality there were six and I thought that that was about four POVs too many I don t like head hopping It takes me out of the emotion of the scene and it makes it difficult for me to follow at times I thought it weighed down the story and interrupted the flow The story was also very predictable The plot twists were nowhere near twisty enough I could guess what was about to happen, or thereabouts, 90% of the time It was a little done for my taste.Finally, I didn t see why everyone was so enad with Liza She seemed like an emotionally distant user to me, and I had a difficult time seeing how she managed to rope in so much attention I had trouble relating to her and, though she had a horrible past, empathizing with her The romance in particular was very underdeveloped for me I didn t see or feel the connection and I was unsure how the love had come about.Overall, this book was not what I was expecting following Me Before You I think I wanted something and what I got was dull and predictable Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    As in many aspects of my life, I need to modernise This one was a CD audio, but missed a chapter or too as it was bumpy I m used to this happening with the kids DVD s all the time, BUT NOT MY BOOK THANK YOU VERY MUCH Another enjoyable contemporary read, I have read a few like this lately This is nowhere in the league of The Ship of Brides but it was good for what it was A nice enjoyable story covering various issues of the day conservation, domestic violence, ethics and property development and greed This little fictional town is based near where my parents moved in their retirement after Sydney suburban living, which was nice to recognise, and another real coastal town where we have holidayed numerous times was also mentioned Salamander Bay This is a great part of the Australian coast line.My interest waned at times, and I also thought the epilogue was a tad long I do however recommended this as a nice light read, a holiday one would be perfect if this is the way you like to read when you have a short break from the real world It also would be enjoyed by those who like reading about Australia and its down to earth people characters It doesn t push any boundaries and leaves you satisfied, which is a good thing.

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    This is a book about a family of women and the man who inadvertently falls in love with all of them No, it s not as creepy as it sounds Mike is a big shot developer for a London based company He s sent to Silver Bay to scope out this quaint little seaside town as a potential spot for a major resort.The tiny inn that he stays in is also the home of Kathleen, Liza, and HannaAunt, Mother, and daughter Kathleen is a seventy six year old shark girl her claim to fameLiza runs a whale dolphin watching boat and raises her eleven year old daughter Hannah These women have secrets, but none so big as Liza She puts on a strong woman front but is somehow fragile and secretive There is nothing redemptive about the loss of a child, no lessons of value it can teach you It is too big, too overwhelming, too black to articulate It is a bleak, overwhelming physical pain, shocking in its intensity, and every time you think you might have moved forward an inch it swells back, like a tidal wave, to drown you again It was interesting watching Mike s protective man instincts come out while around Liza For me, that s what this book centered aroundhow this man was changed by living a slow paced lifestyle where cell phones and internet are scoffed at, where life is lived without rushing for monetary gain These women just live Their needs are simple, their pasts are not, and Mike falls in love with it all Problem is, Mike has a fiancee and an extremely lucrative job back home, not to mention the fact that the wheels are set in motion for this project to go through People in Silver Bay weren t the agitating kind The sea does that to you living so close to something over which you have no control can make you fatalistic I really connected with this story, and usually women s fiction just doesn t do it for me But the way Moyes alludes to motherhoodthose subtle nuances that made Liza too human to be the perfect motherspoke to me Her secrets are real doozies, and they have shaped her entire life and the life of her daughter And as things start to unravel, I fell in love with them all just as Mike does My only complaint is that I felt like there were some loose ends that needed wrapped up better Namely, the other men in Liza s liferomantic and not Their stories were left hanging I also thought that there were too many points of view Six, to be exact, and two of them got a single chapter and that was it If you re important enough to get a chapter, you re important enough to be included in the ending.The ending is a bit predictable but still very good This was my first book by Jojo Moyes but I ll make sure to read her others now It made me laugh, definitely had me in tears than once, and left me with a sense of satisfaction of a wonderful, thought provoking story Advance copy provided by the publisher for review

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    I really enjoy Jojo Moyes books but I thought this one was a bit slow to begin with and it took me some time to get into it But once I was nearly half way through I really started to enjoy it and was glad I kept on reading it.Liza lives and works with her family in Silver Bay They run a small hotel in the area which they ve had for many years and they also take tourists out on the boats to do a spot of whale and dolphin watching hoping to catch a glimpse of the most beautiful creatures of the sea.Mike Dormer is a property developer from England and has turned up in Silver Bay with the intentions of developing the area into a leisure complex But in time he gets to know Liza,her family and the people of the local town He can see how much this area means to so many and starts to have second thought about the development.I enjoyed this book and I especially enjoyed reading about the whales and dolphins this part of the story I thought was quite beautiful.

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    A good light look at a small whale and dolphin watching community in New South Wales and the repercussions, both environmental and personal, when outsiders seek to interfere for the purpose of profit So many topics are covered in this engaging story Love of all kinds, community, family, overcoming adversity.From the epilogue, which summed it up perfectly Look out at the sea for long enough and its moods and frenzies, and its beauties and terrors, and you ll have all the stories you need Of love and danger, and about what life lands in your nets And the fact that sometimes it s not your hand on the tiller and you can do no than trust that it will work out OK.Another solid offering from this author.

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    I loved this as much as I loved Me Before You There were a lot of twists and turns I didn t see coming, and the story made me tear up several times.Mike comes to Silver Bay in Australia intent on building a huge 5 star hotel that emphasizes water sports like water skiing and jet skiing in the bay He stays at the run down inn of 76 year old Kathleen Whittier Gaines, her niece Liza, and Liza s 11 year old daughter, Hannah Liza owns a boat and takes passengers out to see dolphins and whales Mike falls for Liza and Hannah, too, and he sheds some of his big city London ways the time he spends there, but too much is already in motion.Moyes does an amazing job describing what it s like essentially coexisting with dolphins and migrating whales Her descriptions of the sea animals lives are remarkable Highly recommended.For of my reviews, please visit

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    O poveste nduio toare de dragoste, pe fundalul luptei unor localnici de a i p stra oaza de lini te n mirificul Silver Bay O poveste de dragoste ce trece n planul doi, atunci c nd soarta unei comunit i este n joc, iar femeia pe care o iube ti este amenin at de trecut O carte care i face chiar i pe cei mai cinici s i reconsidere socotelile cu privire la profit vs natur.Recenzia mea completa este aici

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    I only got 27% through this and had to stop I ve read three other books by Jojo Moyes and loved them This one, however, was not great First of all, it needs an editor The story was disjointed, there were inconsistencies, and it was just giving me a headache I wanted to finish it I was interested in the story set in a small fishing village in Australia, which I found interesting But just too choppy I couldn t make myself read another 73% So now I m moving on to another book set in Australia The Light Between Oceans Sorry, Jojo I really tried

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    This is another solid book from Jojo Moyes This one is about a small community in Australia whose welfare is based on whale watching A large developer decides to built an enormous facility that will change the whole community and the locals lives forever Unfortunately the man sent by the developer falls in love with the place as it is and then helps the locals fight it.As usual Moyes strength is in creating characters that feel real and quirky and with whom the reader is engaged In this particular book there are several threads running alongside eachother and at times different stories come to the fore The side characters of an elderly aunt and her love life were the most amusing and endearing to me rather than the rather predictable main love interest However the location of Australia, the details of whales, dolphins and their environment were deftly handled.Good beach read.

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    Moc fajn oddechovka, kter m pomalej rozjezd, ale na konci um vyrazit dech Nutn pot ebuju do Austr lie pozorovat velryby

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