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Prime Deliverance (Katieran Prime, #5) explained Prime Deliverance (Katieran Prime, #5) , review Prime Deliverance (Katieran Prime, #5) , trailer Prime Deliverance (Katieran Prime, #5) , box office Prime Deliverance (Katieran Prime, #5) , analysis Prime Deliverance (Katieran Prime, #5) , Prime Deliverance (Katieran Prime, #5) 35ed In Book Five Of The Katieran Prime Series Prima AriELa Has Known Her Whole Life That She Wouldn T Mate For Love, But That Hadn T Stopped Her From Giving Her Heart Away She Has Loved Security Liaison TarAK Since She Was Just A Young They Have Been Separated For Years And When He Returns, He Refuses To Start A Relationship With Her He Seeks To Mate Another Female With A Broken Heart, AriELa Realizes Her Only Chance At A Family Of Her Own Would Be To Accept The Proposed Mating Of Another Male The Kiljorn Prime Leader KadEN Has A Lot To Offer, He S Handsome And Powerful She Would Be Welcomed By The Whole Nation Of Kiljor The Best Part Would Be Helping To Unite Two Nations During A Time Of Turbulence It Is The Perfect Solution To Her Problem Except For One Thing Her Heart Still Aches For TarAKTarAK Has Fought His Attraction To Prima AriELa For Years She Unwittingly Set Off His Protective Instincts While She Was Still A Young To Protect Both TarAK And AriELa, TarAK S Father Sends Him Away For Years To Train Just As He Was Beginning To Control His Feelings For AriELa, His Father Dies And TarAK Must Return To Katiera To Take Over The Prime Family S Security Detail When He Begins To Feel The Pull To AriELa Again, He Makes A Choice To Pursue Another Female It Becomes And Difficult To Ignore His True Feelings, Especially When AriELa Accepts The Pursuit Of Another Male Everything Male In Him Screams To Take Her And Make Her His Own However, He Has To Fight Those Instincts He Has To Do What Is Right For His People And What Is Right For AriELa He Would Sacrifice Everything To Ensure Her HappinessWarning This EBook Contains Sexually Explicit Scenes, Adult Language, And Violence That May Be Considered Offensive To Some Readers

  • Kindle Edition
  • 154 pages
  • Prime Deliverance (Katieran Prime, #5)
  • K.D. Jones
  • English
  • 08 June 2017

About the Author: K.D. Jones

KD Jones is a pen name for Kizzie Jones KD is a single working mother following her dream of becoming an author She wants to teach her son to follow his dreams and to believe in himself.

10 thoughts on “Prime Deliverance (Katieran Prime, #5)

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    A perfect storyCharacters, plot, secondary characters, and plot twists are exceptional I enjoy each new mating as the cast of characters grows.

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    Prime DeliveranceMore action than you can shake a stick at.Aliens in space trying to take the females,a lot of mating ceremonies and new surprises around every corner.

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    Still An Amazing Series KD Jones has once again drawn me into her Alien world Her Katieran Prime series is very good I love how she has an overlap to keep you in the loop with the other books in this series And bad editing aside her work is very easy to follow In this book we learn about AriELA the Prima of Katieran and the cousin to RendEL, KydEL, and SydEL And TarAK one of the heads of security to the Primes of Katieran.TarAK has always known that AriELA is his destined mate And when his father realized this he sent him away to separate them Years later TarAK comes home to take over his late fathers position in security and is fighting the urges to claim AriELA When Kiljorn tries to negotiate a treaty between the two worlds and form an alliance it is suggested that AriELA be offered to the Kiljorn Prime for marriage It would be a good match But as we know from the previous book that doesn t happen She has intense feelings for TarAK and can t understand why he is pushing her away After several near death experiences AriELA is reunited with her Father whom was believed to be dead for over 10 years, but was actually held in captivity with her younger brother by the enemy race the Morins TarAk stands by her side through out everything and claims her in the end But its the rocky road to get there that will draw the reader into the story.I give this book a 4.75 stars for story line and strong characters and want to point out it is usually not the writers fault for shoddy editing The editor is responsible for all the errors in this story.

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    AriELa lost her her family in an attack and been brought up by her aunt From an early age she was drawn to TarAK He was being trained in security After many years apart they were reunited TarAK knew they were mates but felt not good enough for Prima AriELa Tragedy struck and TarAK finally realised he could not live without AriELa We get few surprises in this story, it just keep you on your toes.

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    so very repetitive sigh Not sure how much of this I can take

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