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Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul (Taylor Davis, #1) summary Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul (Taylor Davis, #1) , series Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul (Taylor Davis, #1) , book Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul (Taylor Davis, #1) , pdf Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul (Taylor Davis, #1) , Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul (Taylor Davis, #1) fc7773abe1 Against His Will, Taylor Davis Has Been Sucked Into A Supernatural World Of Angels And Their Adversaries There, He Learns The Flame Of Findul The Sword That Guards The Tree Of Life Has Been Allowed To Burn Out The Only Way To Avoid Disaster Is To Relight It In The Forge Of Findul The Firesmith Taylor And Three Teammates Have Been Assigned To This Mission, But A Formidable Enemy, One Who Has Eaten Of The Tree, Stands In Their Way

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    Taylor Davis didn t want to move to the Caribbean He didn t want to have his school cheeseburger stolen by a girl six inches taller than him named Elena He also didn t want to save the world with Elena, an eccentrically dressing guardian angel, and a pink handbag to hold the most important sword in the world Taylor didn t have much of a choice He got that sword after he met the immortal Davy Jones falling in to a pit that swallowed up Elena Davy Jones gave Taylor the sword and told him it is a flaming sword that guards the Tree of Life in the garden of Eden, but the flame has gone out because of a terrible mistake made by his guardian angel Taylor has to find the smith that made the sword and relight it Taylor, Elena and their guardian angels set out on a dangerous mission to save the world He must also stop the evil Bartholomew Swain a horrible pirate who ate a rotten piece of fruit from the Tree of Life from finding Taylor and Findul and taking over the world.I LOVED THIS BOOK It is so action packed The plot is totally unique, I am amazed at how authors can come up with such cool story ideas. The characters are very realistic I like Taylor a lot he acts a lot like a normal boy would act under these circumstances That makes him very real to me I like the plot a lot and how it has angels and Davy Jones mixed in I also like how Mrs Isenhoff has a religious twist to the story, but it is totally an action adventure plot Mrs Isenhoff s book are totally clean and appropriate for all ages I like how Mrs Isenhoff writes with a bunch of humor in her stories I think humor in kids books, especially ones that have tense parts, is a great thing to do I think kids of any age would love this This is one of those books I think would make a GREAT movie no never mind the movie is never as good as the book NOTE I reviewed my own copy of this book.

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    OkayI thoroughly enjoy reading these type of children books, for they always teach my children an important life lesson in a simple and easy way that they can understand It s important for children today to have morals, and the only way that they will obtain them is if they are taught from a young age.

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    I received this book for free from the author publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Maybe it s because I ve got video games on the brain, but I feel like this would have made a really great RPG styled video game It has the elements of a fun one lots of action, party members with different skills and personalities, and many different areas for the protagonist to explore Overall, this book was a fun romp through an interesting take on angels and Heaven However, I do think it was somewhat lacking when it came to fleshing out the antagonist, and was a little slow on the pacing.First, the characters Unlike a lot of fantasy protagonists, Taylor is not a natural with his new weapon Watching him train, fail, and struggle made his development feel realistic to me He s a kid, and sometimes he ll make choices dictated by feelings and impulse rather than what is logical to the mission Around him, he has a female companion who not only kicks enemy ass, but also shakes up Taylor when he isn t at his best in order to make him better, of course Throw in some of the oddest angels I ve met in literature a techie nerd with a penchant for imitating music stars, and a huge bodyguard who probably took Martha Stewart cooking lessons This group and their interactions became really endearing for me.Second, the interesting take on angels and Heaven Okay, when I think of angels in YA books, they re usually of the shimmery sparkly kind with huge wings and magic everywhere These angels have magic too, yes But their magic is styled like technology Their group feels like a spy corporation of some sort Instead of magic names and lore, their weapons and gadgets are put through research and development I felt that this was a really fun and fresh spin on the usual winged and glowing angels in modern books, and I liked it a lot Third, the action and adventure Oh, it was so good to have the group travelling around and learning about the different areas The techie nerd of the group would drop some local knowledge, which was actually quite educational The book doesn t let up on the action, only allowing our characters brief breaks before they have to deal with something else hurled at them There are quiet moments that I appreciated, which allowed for exposition and character building.I do have to talk about some of the things that I didn t like about the novel though One of the main things was that I wanted the antagonist to be fleshed out Yes, their motivations were explained, but I felt like they could have been than what the story made them out to be Before actually meeting them, there s so much talk about their evil deeds and what happened when they ate of the Tree, so I was really interested I m not sure if they lived up to my expectations Another thing, though minor, was that the pace tended to drag in some bits.Overall Even though I wasn t too impressed by the antagonist, this book was still an enjoyable read There s a lot of action, the characters are realistic in terms of personality and development, and I really enjoyed the author s take on angels and Heaven I feel like this book would be a great read maybe for a reader just starting out in the fantasy genre, or maybe a friend or sibling who enjoys RPG styled video games.

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    Wow, what an adventure The action begins in the school lunchroom where a very tall girl named Elena steals a cheeseburger from Taylor Davis That fateful encounter sends them both through a crack in the floor into a world neither of them expects The unlikely pair is informed by none other than the pirate Davy Jones that the world is doomed unless they relight the Flame of Findul a sword that, without its flame, cannot properly guard the Tree of Life Teamed up with a couple of guardian angels, they set out with the flameless sword on a formidable quest from the Caribbean to England, and finally to the Pacific Northwest including a side trip to New Jersey in search of the forge of Findul the Firesmith And their adventure just wouldn t be complete without monsters from the land, sky, and sea trying to stop them, as well as an evil pirate ringleader, Barholomew Swain.The mix of danger, interesting characters, and comic relief is wonderfully done I loved the clever twist on Biblical and mythological elements regarding the Tree of Life I also thoroughly enjoyed characters who each had very distinct and super entertaining personalities Taylor Davis, the boy who struggled with being great at anything, is a true hero, and in a clever parallel, Taylor s eccentric guardian angel also finds redemption for his own inadequacies An action packed story about overcoming self doubt and doing the right thing, TAYLOR DAVIS is a wonderful read This one will appeal to kids and adults alike Highly recommended

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    When Taylor Davis moves with his parents from Somerville, New Jersey to the Dominican Republic, little does he know that his life is about to change in ways than one On one of his first days at school, after falling through a fissure that suddenly appears in the cafeteria floor, he finds out that he is the chosen one The one who has to find the Flame of Findul and relight a sword used to protect the Tree of Life Along the way he has to deal with his guardian angel, Mike, whom he sees as not much than a bumbling fool Also along for the adventure is Elena, and her guardian angel Ranofur Battling Swaugs, Churkons, and Wasitters is than any boy should have to deal with, and, unfortunately he was never even asked if he d like to or not I like to suggest to my students that when they evaluate a book, they consider whether or not they were reading the book or watching a movie in their head For me, this was definitely a movie Michelle Isenhoff has written this so well, not only was I seeing it, I quite often found myself hoping that Hollywood will find this and snatch it up to show on the big screen The story speeds along with enough action, adventure, sword play and battles to keep anyone glued to the story well past their bedtime Although I m off to read other books sitting in a stack by my recliner, I m certainly going to take a moment to first put the second book in this series on my TBR To be read list.

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    I thought this book was pretty awesome How would you take it, if while trying to grab a hamburger, a girl grabs it first and then out of NOWHERE the floor cracks and they fall into a huge cavern And then meet their personal guardian angels, are told of their role in a mission Yeah, it is like the whole world is inside out and upside down They even get to visit heaven on the STAFF side The other side is for residents and that is permanent than a couple of teens are ready for Their mission is to re light the sword of Findul Fundul is an angel who hasn t been seen in a long, long time On the chase are some REALLY bad guys looking for Findul to control the flame The adventures are full of emotional realities from both adventurers and their angels It feels real this way The tribulations they face bring out qualities they did not even know they had and insecurities, too On the other hand, did I mention GADGETS A whole world of wonderful gadgets Which they need, because when angels have enemies, you better believe the enemies are BIG TROUBLE.

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    I received this book from the author for an honest review This book was really enjoyable It had me literally laughing out loud at certain points, sitting at the edge of my seat with anticipation of what was going to happen next The characters in this book are very likeable the storyline will keep you reading I loved how the main character Taylor Davis even though he was called felt completely inadequate to accomplish what he was called to do, I mean how many times do we feel like that as people, but then reassurance comes along showing us that we re called we can accomplish the task at hand It was really cool to see something like that within the storyline, especially since this is aimed towards Middle Grade readers, who I m sure feel like this a lot I loved this book, it was fun, adventurous, action packed I think this is something my 13 year old brother would love, as well as some of my cousins I would recommend this to anybody who enjoys Middle Grade, Fantasy, Action Adventure.

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    This book reminded me a lot of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, but, instead of there being Greek gods, goddesses, and monsters, there were Christian aspects e.g angels, heaven, and hell with some made up monsters Taylor Davis has a great destiny and is tasked with a quest to relight an infamous, special sword The story is told form the first person perspective of Taylor Davis, who turns out to be an interesting and entertaining, fun, and at times, funny narrator who reminds me a lot of my middle school aged brother While I enjoyed this story, I mentally kept comparing it to the Percy Jackson series Fans of the Percy Jackson series will probably like this book as well, but don t expect it to be better than Rick Riordan s series.

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    I was so disappointed The book claims to be Christian fiction but God is scarcely mentioned plus the angels are too weak and humanlike This is on top of a forced, akward, and entirely unnecessary romance Coupled with the flat characters that only get flatter as the story progresses, recommending this book isn t an option.

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    A fun read for boys and girls with tons of action and colourful characters I enjoyed the places the characters visited as they searched for the evil pirate Taylor Davis, the reluctant hero, is a believable main character I highly recommend this book for middle grade readers.

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