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The Sheriff of Nottingham explained The Sheriff of Nottingham, review The Sheriff of Nottingham, trailer The Sheriff of Nottingham, box office The Sheriff of Nottingham, analysis The Sheriff of Nottingham, The Sheriff of Nottingham bbd9 Has There Ever Been A Less Lovable Character In Folk Literature Than That Craven Creature, The Nameless Sheriff Of Nottingham He Remains To This Day, Fed By Hollywood Versions Of The Legend, The Hateful, Impotent Foil To That Celebrated Bowman, Robin Hood Now, With His Novel, The Sheriff Of Nottingham, Richard Kluger Turns The Timeless Tale On Its Head In A Vivid, Compassionate Narrative Based Upon Authentic And Quite Startling HistoryThrough A Fusion Of Art And Documented Fact, Kluger Portrays A Far Different Sheriff Philip Mark, A Soldier Of Fortune From Touraine In The Heart Of France And Actually Cited By Name In The Text Of The Magna Carta As Objectionable To The King S Barons, Is A Complex Figure, A Man With A Heart, A Conscience, And Deft Political Instincts Posted To Nottinghamshire In As The Crown S Chief Law Officer, He Is Answerable Only To King John Himself, A Monarch Who Has Been Handed Down To Posterity Perhaps Not Altogether Fairly As An Unredeemed Tyrant Presiding Over A Tumultuous AgeIn Vital, Dramatic Colors, Kluger Paints A Panorama Of That England At The Dawn Of Modernity And Its Principal Players And Events Here Are Dark Intrigue And Adroit Statecraft, Hand To Hand Combat And Sharp Wits In Collision, An Avaricious Ruler Attempting To Seduce His Sheriff S Wife On Christmas Night, And The Hatching Of The Magna Carta Itself At Nottingham Castle One Fine September Eve In Along With The Reasons Why Philip Mark Is Specifically Mentioned In That Immortal DocumentStorytelling At Its Most Gripping Comes In The Novel S Powerfully Moving Centerpiece Thirty Sons Of Welsh Warlords Are Consigned To Philip S Castle As Royal Hostages On The Orders Of The King To Ensure That Their Volatile Fathers Behave Themselves Back In Chronically Rebellious Wales The Boys Are Treated With Respect And Kindness By The Sheriff And His Family Until A Year Later When King John Thunders Into The Castle Courtyard At The Head Of His Entourage And, In A Fury Over A New Welsh Uprising, Roars At Philip, Hang The Hostages Hang Them All And At Once How Sheriff Mark Responds To This Grim Command Forms The Moral Core Of The NovelIn The Sheriff Of Nottingham, Kluger Has Woven An Engrossing Medieval Tapestry That Transports The Reader Beyond The Mists Of Time And Legend To Witness The Struggle Of A Singular Character Seeking To Act Honorably In A Time Ruled By Savage Impulse And Civil Uproar

  • Hardcover
  • 544 pages
  • The Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Richard Kluger
  • English
  • 28 July 2017
  • 9780670840229

About the Author: Richard Kluger

Richard Kluger is an American author who, after working as a New York journalist and publishing executive, turned in mid career to writing widely lauded books on U.S social history His two best known works are Simple Justice, generally regarded as the definitive account of the U.S Supreme Court s 1954 landmark decision outlawing racially segregated public schools, and Ashes to Ashes, a critical

10 thoughts on “The Sheriff of Nottingham

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    Ugh The story was somewhat interesting but so slow and the author uses a lot of archaic language I suppose he was trying to create a mood, but it just sent me running for a dictionary every few pages Also, the lives of medieval people were so pathetic I just couldn t take it any Who really wants to read about the truly dark part of the dark ages where was the swashbuckling It was no fun at all I read about 75 pages.

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    The Sheriff of Nottingham tries to offer a see the other side version of the Robin Hood legend It is heavily based in history, so there is old language Overall, I enjoyed the book The one flaw, and for me it is an almost fatal flaw, was the fact that the Sheriff becomes sinned against than sinning Kluger borders on making him a saint and that makes the character a bit unbelievable.

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    The author has taken a series of historical facts as the structure for this story and has used his creative skills to flesh them out with a really well told tale It is a great way to retell history with a well paced story that is quite believable The characters and the dialogue all worked well I really enjoyed it As for those naysayers who complain about unfamiliar words and need a dictionary to find out what those terms mean well, use the dictionary and add to your knowledge Don t expect to be spoon fed Great job, Richard Kluger I hope you write like this one

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    I enjoyed this book a lot The events that drive the lives of the characters even the unlikely ones are supported by historical facts The author did a great job at recreating the lives of people in that period and you do fell immersed in the era.As a conclusion, if you like historical novels, this is for you.As people have mentioned, it is a tad slow paced at the beginning, but it picks up after a few pages.

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    If you re looking for a Robin Hood book, this is not it If you re looking for a book that shows the world of shifting alliances in the time of King John, this is it I felt for the mostly innocent peasants who were being victimized by the various officers and for the people who tried to negotiate the pitfalls of allegiances.

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    The story of Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest and his nemesis the Sheriff of Nottingham, vassal to usurper Prince John is well known and oft told However, for as many versions of the legend we might find on the shelves, there is little reliable factual information to be found Richard Kluger has tried to present here his version based upon some of that actual historical record and thrusts his Sheriff of Nottingham into the central role, appointed by Prince John and beset by intrigue, rivalry, and conflicting loyalties and obligations on all sides.At some 480 pages, we follow 16 years in the lives of the residents of Nottingham, the castle there, and in nearby Sherwood Forest as well as in England as a whole As the title makes clear, the narrative is told principally from the perspective of our Sheriff and the how and why of Robin Hood showing up is only one of his numerous challenges over the time covered by the novel Our hero is war veteran, sheriff, husband, father, legal guardian and his roles are not always clear or compatible with each other or with his desired goals.The book seemed to me to be a bit long for what I was getting, in great part a reflection upon how many other narratives of the life of Robin Hood have been shared by authors over the years It has to be very challenging to contend not only with the historical Robin Hood and Sheriff of Nottingham even with as little as we know for certainty about them but to also compete with the myriad mythical Robins and Sheriffs may have stretched my credulity and patience too far to fully appreciate this effort Your mileage may vary and this story does have a little of historical detail going for it.

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    There are many books around about Robin Hood and its time, it s not so often that we find a book about the infamous Sheriff of Nottingham and when I found this one I just couldn t resist picking it up.It is very different from the sheriff of the legend though Kluger decided to tell the story of the real Sheriff of Nottingham, Phillip Mark, a French man who rises to power under Kind John Although the book is historical fiction and Kluger has real and fictional events and people in the story I think what is most interesting is the way he approaches the politics of the time What exactly were the place and the power of the sheriff, where did the money come from and all the social structure that existed in Nottingham Also the king s foreign policies and long feud with the Pope are mentioned and explained I found it an enlightening read for that period.However the characters aren t particularly attractive and as a novel I think it ends up being a bit dry But if you re interested in that period, like me, you will certainly find it appealing.Grade 4 5

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    4.5 stars This is one of my favorite books I love the Robin Hood myth Rather than taking center stage, though, in Sheriff, he s a background character It s also not an adventure book, but rather a political and historical narrative from the sheriff s point of view Instead of being a scalawag, he s upright, uptight, and uncompromising Right and wrong are white and black Sheriff falls very solidly into the historical fiction genre, so there s a fair amount of history covered during the course of the story For the most part, I didn t feel it was heavy handed or overdone The political, social, religious, and economic history of the period is fundamentally important in the history of the modern world, particularly consent of the governed.I remember the story moving quickly the last times I read it Despite that, I continue to marvel at Kluger s command of the story and of language The history Kluger includes is relatively brief, considering the breadth and depth of the time period.

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    If I weren t so big on historical novels having lots of historical trivia, I d give this book one star less The language is so tiresome, Richard Kluger will never make a pop novelist.If you like me picked up the book for the sole reason of reading about Robin Hood, forget it The title explains everything This book is about the Sheriff of Nottingham Not Robin Hood In fact, any reference to the outlaw is minimal Read this if you re interested in period history But be forewarned Have a dictionary with you.

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    the sheriff of nottingham by richard kluger1208 England has sheriffs in the towns to keep peace love era, the costumes, legends,things people stood up for, castles, taming of the big birds Never realized how much religion and how much politics played a huge part of all this.I rate this a 4, because it was very long and took me forever to finish it Really liked the era and all that entails, quite a tale.

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