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Stone Soup chapter 1 Stone Soup, meaning Stone Soup, genre Stone Soup, book cover Stone Soup, flies Stone Soup, Stone Soup 300b00a781da2 First Published In , This Classic Picture Book Has Remained One Of Marcia Brown S Most Popular And Enduring Books The Story, About Three Hungry Soldiers Who Outwit The Greedy Inhabitants Of A Village Into Providing Them With A Feast, Is Based On An Old French Tale

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    As someone who generally likes and actually much prefers lushly coloured and hued illustrations, I was not expecting to enjoy Marcia Brown s version of the European folktale of Stone Soup as much as I have The illustrations really are wonderful attention to detail, captured movement, realistic facial expressions , and the simple combination of white, black, grey and orange shades works surprisingly well A than succesful marriage of text and image and if an author s note had been included, my now four star rating would most definitely have been moved to five stars the mere fact that Marcia Brown s Stone Soup, that this 1948 Caldecott Honour book is still in current print, that alone already speaks volumes The illustrations notwithstanding, I am also pleasantly surprised by the story itself The author s Marcia Brown s version of the the Stone Soup thematics clearly demonstrate that the peasants the villagers do not simply fear strangers in general, they specifically fear strangers who are soldiers When one realises that historically, soldiers not only had the reputation of demanding and taking any type of provision they might need want without generally much thought of the needs and requirements of civilians, but that soldiers also often had specific official written guarantees permitting them to take any available and desired provisions from the villages through which they were passing, it is somewhat understandable that the villagers are at first rather suspicious of the soldiers and keep their provisions hidden They might not want to share, and might even be a bit xenophobic, but first and foremost, the villagers are afraid of losing most, if not all of their stored foodstuff to the soldiers and they could obviously not know in advance that the soldiers are, in fact, friendly.In the end, the three soldiers manage to get the food they require neither by resorting to violence and threats nor do they simply search for the hidden provisions and take what they want, but rather by being able to entice the village to share what they have The communal feast of stone soup not only celebrates sharing, it also celebrates community, friendship and the fact that one can achieve by using one s wits And above all, the soldiers are not only able to stay their hunger, the village is left with a much positive impression regarding not only strangers, but soldiers in particular I especially enjoyed the unhurried pace of Stone Soup almost like watching a pot of soup or stew cook, no pun intended, well, perhaps slightly and the fact that the villagers all have names, that they are not simply anonymous individuals this personalises the narrative and allows for exposition and speculation For example, if I were reading this story aloud to a child or a group of children , I might engage the audience by asking who of the villagers thinks that their grain needed to be hidden Vincent and Marie , and why they might have thought this And while I would have also preferred and still prefer the three soldiers not to have been anonymous, this in no way lessened or lessens my enjoyment of the tale, or rather, of the Stone Soup adaptation All in all, a much engaging at times thought provoking picture book offering and vert highly recommended both for children and adults

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    Three soldiers are returning from war, hungry and very tired They see a small village in the distance and seek to approach its inhabitants for some food and lodging The villagers learn of this ahead of time and stow away anything that might be useful for the soldiers Upon arriving in town, the soldiers discover that none of the households is hospitable and there is nothing to share The soldiers concoct a plan to have a fire built and a large soup pot placed at the town square There, they begin the preparations for stone soup, the last effort to fill their bellies Working on the egos of the villagers, the soldiers are able to fill the soup with than just stones, until a veritable feast is presented Interesting tactics as Neo was left to wonder who was fooled in the end He enjoyed the story and asked many questions about stone soup and how you d eat such a meal I think I will remember to read this story in a year or two and see if he picks up on some of the nuances.

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    The classic 1947 version I read and loved with my family in the fifties , re released in 2005, beautiful illustrated in a classic style, with subtlety Based on a French tale I just saw Calista s review and pulled this off my shelf Goodreads reviewer Manybooks reminds me that an interesting aspect of the classic tale is that soldiers typically could take whatever they wanted as they walked into a town, so of course villagers would have a reason to hoard their food, especially in a time of war The ruse of the three soldiers to make stone soup as a way of urging each villager to bring in some food for the communal soup makes the relationship between the villagers and soldiers sweet There s some real magic, as Calista points out, as potentially tense and isolating relations turn into a celebration Some versions have the villagers as dim witted country bumpkins, outsmarted by the smarter, sophisticated big city soldiers, but that s not how this version feels to me You can t read it without smiling An endorsement of community and a welcoming of strangers.

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    To me, this is a story about perspective The villagers didn t want to feel like they were feeding hungry soldiers and getting nothing They hide away their food So the soldiers change the perspective and say they will feed the village It is silly to think the stones will feed people, but they create a feast for everyone to join in with Everyone came together and ate together, danced together The soldiers did give the village some a festival.I loved this story as a child and to me it seems to have a bit of magic in it now It s the ability to let people see a situation in a new way so everyone benefits Great story The illustrations are nothing to be excited about It is very simple and not really much style in my opinion.

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    Another book I can remember reading when I was very young A classic that teaches that greed can sometimes leave you with nothing, if you will not share should this be yet another book on the to read list for politicians

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    Ha ha This seemed like a political fable to me It was a town full of selfish capitalists When three hungry soldiers go passing through, these wonderful townspeople hide ALL OF THEIR FOOD and refuse to share one single morsel I mean, come on, how much can 3 soldiers eat The soldiers trick the townspeople into adding a little bit of this and a little bit of that into the stone soup such that the people eventually come out with tons of food, including a glorious pot roast The townspeople dance and drink and have a fabulous time, SHARING THEIR FOOD TOGETHER They find that when they pool their resources together, there is than enough for everyone F ING SOCIALISTS If Marcia Brown is still alive on earth when the Rapture comes, she will surely be punished for writing a story that teaches children the joy of sharing.

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    My five year old enjoyed this as much as I remember enjoying it

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    Stone Soup is a Caldecott Honor Book by Marcia Brown and it is about how three soldiers help a French village know the true meaning of giving when they tell them about the mysterious stone soup Stone Soup is a cute story about the importance of being generous towards others, but some children might not like the slow pace of the story.Marcia Brown has done a great job at illustrating this book as the images are mainly displayed in red, grey, white and black colors as most of her books have mainly three or four colors for the images Marcia Brown makes the characters look realistic as they have real human expressions and body structures and the highlighted images in this book are of the three soldiers as they wear red and black French army suits from the 1600s and they always looked calm and gentle in each image Marcia Brown s story is cute as the soldiers show the villagers how to be generous towards others by convincing them to help them make the stone soup, which gives off the perfect message for children on how to learn to share with others.Some children might not enjoy this story due the fact that the story is a bit too slow paced Even though the story is not violent or scary, the pace of this story is a bit too slow as the story seems to solely concentrate on the soldiers attempts to have something to eat and have a place to sleep in and that might bored children who want action in a story Stone Soup is a cute book about learning how to share with others, but for children who want action in a story this book might not suit them well For books that have action and are by Marcia Brown, I would recommend Once a Mouse or Dick Whittington and his Cat instead I would recommend this book to children ages five or up since the pace of this book might bore smaller children.

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    I remember reading this book when I was very young and thinking how clever the soldiers were, and how utterly idiotic the villagers were to not realize they were being tricked This story is still fun to read as an adult, and I enjoyed the pictures with new appreciation that gives hints to place and time that I hadn t realized before Maybe there s a history lesson in here too Either way, there s a lot here than meets the eye the distrust the villagers have for the soldiers for example Definitely was worth another look.

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    Marcia Brown version features three hungry soldiers returning from war as the stone soup makers and the villagers are at first afraid that the soldiers will take all their food so they hide it The soldiers instead use a magic stone to start the soup and show the townspeople that there is enough food to go around.I wasn t especially drawn to the words in Brown s tale, but the illustrations certainly are captivating and lend such sense of atmosphere and charm to the tale.

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