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Playing for Keeps (The Morgan Brothers, #2) summary Playing for Keeps (The Morgan Brothers, #2) , series Playing for Keeps (The Morgan Brothers, #2) , book Playing for Keeps (The Morgan Brothers, #2) , pdf Playing for Keeps (The Morgan Brothers, #2) , Playing for Keeps (The Morgan Brothers, #2) 75a4193a2a In The Game Of Love Fun Loving And Always The Life Of The Party, Kevin Morgan Isn T Looking For A Serious Relationship His Light Hearted, Playful Attitude Attracts Many A Female, And He Enjoys Their Company That Is Until Their Beautiful Eyes Turn Starry, And They Start Talking Marriage And Kids He Just Hasn T Encountered That One Person That Would Make Him Even Consider Heading Down The Road To Potential Matrimony Until Katy Martin Comes To Town For An Extended Stay With His Best Friend And Sister In Law, Tori Like Kevin, Katy Is Focused On Her Career And Isn T Searching For A Long Term Relationship Already Friends, Katy And Kevin Find Themselves Spending And Time Together Their Adventurous Spirits Prove To Be Than Compatible They Are Combustible More Than A Snowstorm Is Brewing As Attraction Draws Them Together And Desire Starts A Fire Of Burning Need Will Trust Issues And Her Belief That Kevin Is Just Out To Win The Game Of Conquest Hold Katy Back, Or Will Kevin Be Able To Prove To Her That He Is Playing For Keeps This Time

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    ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review Playing For Keeps by Savanna Grey is a sweet light romantic read of the series The Morgan Brothers In this book, the story focuses on Kevin Morgan and Katy Martin Kevin and Katy are best friends with Tori Morgan, Kevin s sister in law Tori, who happens to be pregnant develops Preeclampsia, so Katy decides to visit Tori and help her out while she is on bed rest Katy decides to stay for a month at the Morgan s farm to help edit Tori s upcoming book While at the farm, Kevin and Katy develops an attraction for one another Soon their flirtations leads to something feelings and possibly love develops between them Will a one month fling be something Can they go back to being just friends after admitting their feelings So if you are looking for a quick sweet cute family story then go read Playing for Keeps.

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    To say that I loved this book would be an understatement Both this and Coming Home were two of the best, sweetest romances that I ve ever read Before I get into the actual storyline, I just want to comment on Savanna s writing style Her characters are amazing you honestly feel like they become true friends of yours while you re reading The dialogue is phenomenal It s as if you can hear them talking in your head It s mainstream today to have books filled with scorching passion and sex, sometimes, having the main characters get together with little or no build up, they just act on passion Savanna s books are different You come to love the characters and fall in love with them just as they fall in love with one another The heart stopping touches between the characters make you feel the butterflies in your stomach, as if it were happening to you Okay onto Playing for Keeps First off, if you haven t read Coming Home, I recommend you do so before reading Playing For Keeps While technically, Playing for Keeps can be a standalone book, reading Coming Home will give you even satisfaction as both Tori and Drue continue their story as Kevin and Katy find theirs Kevin and Katy have known one another for a little while, having met through their mutual best friend, Tori Their attraction started early on but circumstances never really allowed them to act on anything That is until Katy moves into Kevin s family s guest house to be near Tori during her pregnancy and help edit her book Their playful banter soon turns into as they both realize that there is no reason not to explore what they are both feeling, it s too hard to ignore Without giving away any spoilers, let me tell you, the Christmas tree scene left me breathless The passion and just overall sweetness of it all was just amazing As with any romance, there are ups and downs Will they be able to make it work when they live 4 hours apart Will Kevin commit Will Tori be okay with their romance Questions are answered and I promise, you will love them If you re looking for a classic romance, full of love and heart stopping moments, this is the book for you It was such a wonderful break from the erotic style stories I miss books like this

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    Well, this certainly was a turn up for the books I want to thank the author for providing me with an ARC copy of this book to read and review for this blog tour THANK YOU 3I thought I loved Kevin in Coming Home Oh hell no, this guy came into my life and BAM, he s stuck there , not that I m complaining, he can stay there for as long as he bloody well pleases This is the second instalment in the Morgan Brothers series, although it can be read as a stand alone Another fun, romance filled with laughter, Christmas joy and ohhh we can t forget a bit of sadness, pain and damn right STUPIDNESS I will say be prepared at ONE point in this book to have your tissues at the ready Seriously I DID NOT see that coming and it broke my heart, thinking of what they were all going through 3Kevin is the life of the party, always goofing around with Tori, that is until she married his brother, don t get Kevin wrong he s completely over the moon that his two best friends have finally knuckled down and got together, but he can t help but start to feel alone, abandoned somewhatand this is were Katy comes in to the picture.So if you ve all read Coming Home you ll know that Katy is Tori s best friend from Chicago After an unforeseen occurrence yes I know I m vague, but I don t want to spoil this one Katy has to leave her family and spend it looking after Tori..Yada Yada Yada, yeah alright I get it, I m getting to the good stuffJeeze, chill Katy loves her job, and the work she does She isn t looking to settle down or make a go at a permanent relationship with anyone, let alone, one time bam, thank you mam Kevin.Ahahaha I crack my self up sometimes Anywhooooo Katy and Kevin start to spend a WHOLE lot time together, one things leads to another and BOW CHICK WOW WOW It s like the fourth of July with the amount of fireworks that explode in this book and and between the sheets teehee, such a tease aren t I Anyway, this is another beautiful story by Savanna and I can t wait to read from her 3

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    I was given an ARC from MDR in exchange for an honest review Playing for Keeps is the second installment of The Morgan Brothers series And let me start off by saying I LOVED this series Savanna Grey has given us another fabulous book Playing for Keeps is the story of Kevin and Katy, however we get of Drue and Tori s relationship.I rally enjoyed Kevin s character in Coming Home, but absolutely fell for him in Playing for Keeps Two of my favorite scenes him and Katy Angel Tree shopping on Black Friday and him being Santa for the kids He really stole my heart You couldn t ask for a sweeter man But another thing I LOVED about Kevin his he has a dirty side which I LOVED too If you read Coming Home you will remember Katy as Tori s best friend and co worker from Chicago I really liked getting to know her better She is sweet and sassy just the type of women Kevin needs So as I was reading I was enjoying the story line thinking Oh How Sweet then BAM BAM BAM Savanna Grey throws us a curve ball Let me say that you need tissues handy during a certain scene As a mother it just tore me up Interested READ THE BOOK Cause that s all I m saying about that So anyway due to a situation Katy has come to town to help take care of Tori and help with the editing of Tori s book Well due to the situation she and Kevin spend a lot of time together They both try to fight the chemistry between them, but eventually give in I LOVED the chemistry and sexual tension between these two It was sweet with a little spice I also LOVED the banter between these two They cracked me up Playing For Keeps is a sweet romantic book with a little spice I enjoyed the Christmas theme I am such a sucker for a holiday themed book I gave Playing for Keeps 4 1 2 stars, and I will definitely look for books from Savanna Grey in the future.

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    Playing For KeepsI was lucky enough to read Playing For Keeps Arc from the lovely creative Savanna Grey for an honest review.Savanna Grey has done it again I loved Playing For Keeps absolutely amazing book I kept re reading the book that s how much I enjoyed it Playing For Keeps had me hooked at the very beginning to the end.Playing For Keeps we get to see a lot of Kevin and Katy Kevin and Katy are Tori s best friends in the whole world When Tori needed them the most they came together to be there for Tori I love how the Morgan s family are very supportive of each other and are always there with welcoming arms Kevin is always the life of the party, always joking around and so easy going Katy is very dedicated to her career, and kinda a tomboy growing up with brother s Well when Katy comes to visit for a couple of weeks and is starting to spend time with Kevin Will there be any attraction there You will have to read Playing For Keeps to find out Playing For Keeps is an awesome story that anyone would love to read I also love that I m still able to enjoy talking about Playing For Keeps with my family We all can enjoy the series together I highly recommend Playing For Keeps I hope you enjoyed as much as I did What are you waiting for go read this amazing book.

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    CARMIE S REVIEW I couldn t wait to read this book The laughter and tears continue as we keep following the story of the extended Morgan family This story takes place 1 2 years after Coming Home.Kevin Morgan, Tori s childhood best friend and Katy Martin, her adult best friend are unlikely allies when Tori has a health crisis Katy drops everything during the holiday season to rush back to Oak Creek and support her friend during her time of need Kevin and Katy are repeatedly thrown together while taking care of Tori and getting ready for the holiday They both feel the growing attraction and do their best to ignore it Katy knows there are hidden depths to Kevin and she longs to throw caution to the wind but she hears the clock ticking on her time in Oak Creek Kevin knows he wants Katy for keeps and races against the clock to convince her to stay and love him.Both books can be read as stand alones or as part of the series Both were funny, had a part or two where I cried but when everything was said and done left me with a very heartwarming feeling I think back on the books and smile.

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    I enjoyed this novella about the Morgan family It was helpful to read Drue s story first as it introduces all the characters and really sets this story up Although not necessary as this story can and does stand on its own Overall I believe the characters grew up a little even though it has only been a year Drue was always the serious and down to earth but Kevin seems a bit settled and decisive I was disappointed that Drue didn t give Kevin payback no who s being childish as I felt he really deserved it.The story had nice flow and as it was the holiday season there was the typical family events interwoven I found the timing a bit off Who takes on 50 people to provide for Christmas let a lone getting the shopping done in less than a day Over the top much Otherwise the story was fairly plausible.I recommend this novella to anyone 14 due to adult content.

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    This is the 2nd instalment in the Morgan brother s series but can be read as a standalone.Savannah Grey has done it again I loved this sweet romance.This book tells you the story of Kevin and Katy..Kevin is a handsome, sweet playful guy looking for fun.Katy is cute, adorable, sexy looking for the one.If you have read Coming Home, you will know Kevin and Katy are Tori two best friends Who even in coming home had a flirty banter going on.Katy finds herself in the Morgan s guest house in the lead up to Christmas.This book takes you on the sweet journey of love, hope, and attraction.Both Kevin and Katy try to fight there attraction because they don t want to ruin friendships.They both fail miserably to fight the pull they have together.Katy knows Kevin only wants fun but can she settle for that or make Kevin commit This story kept me gripped from page one This is a MUST READ over Christmas.

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    The Hallmark Channel has NOTHING on Savanna Grey Wow I didn t think I could love Kevin as much as Drue from Coming Home but I was wrong Kevin and Katy have been friends for a while now but now that they are in close proximity to each other for the next few weeks can they fight that attraction or will they give in Let s tell you I absolutely loved this story of Kevin and Katy It was sweet, had some ups and downs with the two of them, and some funny parts too I really enjoyed this story and both of the Morgan brothers Even though this is book 2 you can read it as a stand alone I am happy we got to see what was going on now with Tori and Drue and wish we could get of all of these characters I loved this book and encourage all of you to pick it up for a sweet read during the holidays, or well whenever This one should not be overlooked

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    5 FUNNY FLIRTY HOT STARS I loved Coming Home, I m mad at how long it finally took me to start this series so do yourself a favor and if you haven t read Coming Home get started now I thought the relationship between Drue and Tori was cute and fun but dare I say I like Kevin and Katy Their friendship and flirting is adorable I loved that I got to know the characters in Coming Home and that Drue and Tori were in this one Katy is a adorable and someone who I want as my best friend too Kevin is a perfect swoon worthy book boyfriend He is a gentleman, a charming flirt, tall, gorgeous, and the list goes on The story kept me hooked and I finished in two hours Neither Kevin or Katy were looking for a serious relationship but when the perfect one just happens will they let it slip away Definitely a must read Leslie

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