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Brendans Fate (Wolves Heat, #3) files Brendans Fate (Wolves Heat, #3) , read online Brendans Fate (Wolves Heat, #3) , free Brendans Fate (Wolves Heat, #3) , free Brendans Fate (Wolves Heat, #3) , Brendans Fate (Wolves Heat, #3) 8e74605d5 Book Of The Wolves Heat Series Submit Or Die Brendan Wakes Up In The Woods With A Head Injury And An Alien Named Trey, And No Memory Of Who He Is Others Of Trey S Kind Are Hunting Them, And They Want Brendan Dead The Only Thing Standing Between Them And Brendan Is Trey Wolves, They Re Called, With Their Wicked Claws And Sharp Teeth, And They Ve Shared Earth With Humans For Years The Only Thing Brendan Knows About Trey Is That He S A Leader Of The Wolves And That He S Already Demanding From Brendan Than Brendan S Willing To Give Book Of The Wolves Heat Series Continues The Story That Began With Ian S Choice And Devon S Gamble, Where Brendan Finally Meets His Fate This Story Contains Explicit Sex, Graphic Language, And Sexual Situations That Some People Might Find Offensive Male Male Sexual Content Romance For Anyone Who Likes Hot Male Male Loving With A Strong Dose Of Alpha Romance

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    Before I begin let me just have a little disclaimer that no, I have never been a fan of authors terrible habit of redeeming the bad guy and making any attempts to make me sympathetic to their plight WHY DOES EVERYONE DO THIS While I understand its appeal we re all suckers for misunderstood characters, stfu , it s almost always badly done It makes me feel like I m being forced to gloss over the bad guy s crimes by giving me a sorry excuse for his fuck ups I mean, why can t we just have a bad guy who s bad because he likes to be that way Why does he need a troubled past that somehow gets all the blame for his actions I m still waiting for a bad guy who d own up to every single shit he did, never regret a thing, and not actually NEED to see the light or whatever it is that suddenly makes them good.I don t like Brendan He s confusing as fuck, and he says one thing but does another And I don t mean that in a good way I mean he says Ian and Devon are his friends, but he practically sends them to their deaths I never liked him from the first two books, and reading his story from his point of view did nothing to endear him to me Even before I picked up the book, I was already upset for a couple of reasons 1 Brendan s story is much longer than Devon s and 2 Brendan suddenly had this important role of being the peacemaker or whatever that is I wanted to tear my hair out barely 25% into the book I was so bored and irritated with his character I would have just jumped to Matthew s story if I wasn t reading a series The book was a disappointment, to say the least I don t have anything to say about the technical aspects of it, because Odessa Lynne writes really well, but the character Ugh Brendan just didn t do it for me There was so much build up to who he is and how important he is, and at some point I actually started looking forward to it, but then there was nothing There was so much talk about fate and prophecy but the resolution fell short, and by the time everything was revealed, I was too pissed off by the long wait to care I wondered at his reasons for being a dick to his friends, and honestly I needed a palatable justification than, y know, his father being the biggest asshole who apparently doesn t give a shit about him And he did all those terrible things because he had to, because he had no choice What the fuck Please go fuck yourself, Brendan.Also so what if he s the peacemaker What does he actually do Why is that so important Who actually gives a shit I think the wolves trying to overthrow Trey has very little to do with Brendan for his mate their original reason, after all, is because they don t want humans policy about the whole sharing the Earth thing, if I m not mistaken I felt like the plot surrounding Brendan s mating with Trey was forced, and ridiculously unnecessary And the brainwash erasing the memories thing That s the worst piece of deus ex machina you can ever use in your book Seriously Especially when it concerns bad guys who get suddenly reformed and, in Brendan s case, has the sudden urge to throw himself at the leader of the wolves he s so desperate to kill Uh huh How about no.Honestly, the best part of this book were the glimpses of Devon and Ian Devon s interaction with Kem was golden, and I would have preferred reading about them Like, really.

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    A redemption arc for the antagonist of the previous two books And it uses amnesia in a brilliant way The reason why the redemption works is because Brendan only becomes a bad guy after the wolves arrive He has an issue with being a coward, but he s also been raised to do whatever is necessary to get the job done That sort of combo causes him to start treating everyone, including his closest friends, like pawns in order to make the world safe from the threat of the wolves overtaking the planet And in a game of nature versus nurture, the loss of memories shows that whatever Brendan s become is a matter of toxic nurture.Before this book begins, we know Brendan s been leading the renegades in order to start a war between humans and alien wolves using a combination of murder and manipulation However, once he gets captured by the wolves, his rehabilitation involves having his memories stripped in order for him to distance himself from his old self He s made aware that this has been done to him, and he s promised his memories will be returned to him when it s time to choose between submitting to the First Alpha or death.Brendan minus memories realizes he s been a horrible person, and he doesn t want his memories back He has a sinking feeling that once his memories are back he ll choose death instead Fortunately, this decision is not saved for the climactic moment and Brendan with memories doesn t immediately embrace the things he s learned through the amnesia process This means the second half of the book is dedicated to Brendan with memories reconciling his two selves and where he stands now that he s experienced the inside of the wolves society and also Trey s dick.The chemistry between Brendan and Trey is SCORCHING Their story takes place outside of heat season and somehow it s way hotter than any heat sex thus far Brendan doesn t just submit, he submits And he likes it rough in bed Claws scraping his skin Palm slapping his ass Tight grip on his throat I am a sucker for kink, and these two are just a kinky smut fest.This is just a damn good balance of smut and plot You can probably read this as a stand alone because there s enough meat in it to understand the world and characters However, I highly recommend at least reading Book 2 so you get a first hand sense of just how shitty Brendan has been he s even shittier in Book 1, but overall I didn t enjoy that story as much see my reviews for Book 1 and Book 2.Additionally, here s my review for the series continuation in Book 4, Book 5, and Book 6

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    Prophesy prophesy prophesy build it up perhaps too high to meet expectations Well, that s how it goes for me Weird but while liking the book I can totally say that I was confused about some of the action quite a bit Then we seem to get everything tied up in a bow but hey we still gots some explorin to do with Matthew So, a confusing like for me

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    An exceptional story that beautifully concludes the arc which had begun piano with Ian and continued forte with Devon We start in medias res with memoryless Brendan running from an unknown foe in the thick of a forest with the taciturn Wolf Trey as his lifeline it is obvious that both have mated in the way of the aliens, that the discombobulated yet reluctant human has some atonement to do for his grevious sins as the leader of a Resistance cell, and that an unspecified amount of time elapsed after his questioning by the Wolfes of the First Alpha as stated at the very end of the previous book Soon it transpires that Trey is said First Alpha, that he saved the skin off Brendan s back by fleeing with him, and that the Wolf Deviners gave Trey a very muddy prophesy regarding his human mate When at last Brendan gets his memory back, he will have to choose in which direction, the obduracy to his old bonds or the possibility of a bright future with his Wolf, will go his loyalty I loved that formula instead of recounting the tale chronologically, Mrs Lynne decided to do some clever storytelling and take the reader by surprise, casting on her way light upon both Brendan s true personality, which neither the lad he fancies himself to be in love with, Ian, nor his on again off again boyfriend Devon really know, and Trey s motivations and feelings this is the first time a Wolf lets us see so much inside his soul For a few dozen pages the action shifts to the inside of one of the Wolves starships, where we mingle with many of them that the first two novels ever had between their covers this tantalizing gaze at the aliens societal s, their technology and way of life increases the reader s appreciation, for in all fairness it has to be said that Mrs Lynne s way of dealing with her Wolves left a lot to be desired as what exactly they are beyond humanoid creatures with black pointed last fingers, big eyeteeth, violent periods of mating heat, and ineffable language The adorable Ian and Devon are back in Brendan s Fate, both of them with their mates, though we do not see much of those, thankfully, for Craig and Kem are but a weak shadow of the Wolf that is Trey After a very gritty tale barely alleviated by one or two light moments, the satisfactory ending, with the promise of much to come for Brendan as the fated Peacemaker the Wolves were expecting for long, left me with a wide grin on my face.

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    I really enjoy the series and this book was no exception.I like characters that switch sides and I also don t mind villains that redeem themselves because if every evil guy were evil just for the heck of it, wanting to do bad things, it d be boring.The author s writing is great it s to the point but detailed at the same time, with some errors here and there but they do not bother me as much here due to the quality as a whole.Brendan is a good character Even as the bad guy in the previous books he already had a lot of personality and just felt like a real person and I was very excited to read his story.Trey is a worthy love interest, same as the other Wolves I ve met so far.The only thing that I noticed over the course of the past 3 books was that there s basically no physical descriptions of the characters Now, that s equally good and bad so I wouldn t call it a fault, but I do like some sort of information like hair color or hair length at all This book also made me wish it had illustrations because I imagined the Wolves especially good looking and would have loved to see one in action

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    I loved the first part of the book Brendan is someone I started to despise due to his attitude in the previous two books But seeing him so vulnerable was very heart warming I loved the slow evolution in the second part of the book Good read

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    bemer deh enggak bisa berhenti membaca buku ini, mau nya lanjutttt terus walaupun mata sudah berat butuh tidur.dan dari ke 3 buku seri ini, yang ini keren ui sedikit di panjang panjangin sih, maksud ku ada yang sebenarnya bagian yang enggak oerlu di jabarkan sepanjang itu, tapi yappp, over alll cerita nya seru, menarik untuk di baca, dan politik shifter nya sangat seru konsep wolf sebagai alien juga sangat seru belum lagi konsep second change untuk brendan, yup like it so much buku yang sangat saya enjoy sangat sangat suka yup 4 solid star bahkan lebih dikit sih.

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    Ahhhh I love this series, it s definitely my guilty pleasure right now Smokin hot sex, interesting plot and overall story advancement to move things along with each story, and great characters Heck, she made me root for and care about Brendan, and I thought that would be hard after what he had done in the previous books Love the way she moved things along 3 years to the next group of characters LOVE this series

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    I love this series Great characters, messy emotions all over the place, hot sexwhat could you ask for Seriously, people should read this author Everything I ve read so far, I ve liked.

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    My least favorite of the series Brendan just wasn t as headstrong as Ian or bratty as Devon.

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