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All You Zombies and Other Stories (Audiobook) files All You Zombies and Other Stories (Audiobook), read online All You Zombies and Other Stories (Audiobook), free All You Zombies and Other Stories (Audiobook), free All You Zombies and Other Stories (Audiobook), All You Zombies and Other Stories (Audiobook) 2242f0ae5 Featuring All You Zombies , The Basis For The Movie PredestinationThis Collection From Grand Master Robert A Heinlein Includes Five Short Stories Sure To Please Science Fiction Fans Everywhere The Title Story Tells The Tale Of A Young Man Who Meets A Time Traveling Bartender Whose Origins And Relation To The Young Man Are Complex And Stranger Than The Ouroboros Ring On The Barkeep S Finger In The Man Who Traveled In Elephants One Of Both Heinlein And Spider Robinson S All Time Favorite Stories We Join A Former Traveling Salesman On A Bus The Man And His Wife Had Once Traveled With A Host Of Imaginary Animals Searching For Places To Sell Elephants They Takes Listeners Inside A Mental Institution, Where A Man Suffering From Delusions Has Been Confined In Our Fair City, A Parking Attendant Named Pappy, A Sentient Whirlwind Named Kitten, And A Crusading Reporter Named Pete Aim To Take Down Their Corrupt City Government Lastly, In And He Built A Crooked House, A Clever Architect Designs A House In The Shape Of The Shadow Of A Tesseract, But It Collapses Through The Fourth Dimension When An Earthquake Shakes It Into A Stable Form

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    predestination .

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    This audiobook of stories by Robert Heinlein was pretty good The narrator had a little bit of a monotone going on, but overall I did enjoy this collection.

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    I d been dying to read All You Zombies for ages but could never find any collection containing it in any of my libraries So I finally grabbed this on an audio loan it took a minute to get used to but I actually really loved Spider Robinson s narration All You Zombies was fantastically mind bending and all four of the other stories were good too I m definitely going to be on the lookout for a larger Heinlein anthology to read my only experience with him before this was Have Spacesuit, Will Travel.

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    The title story was the best part of this small collection The rest were terrible or just okay I especially disliked Our Fair City.

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    Nothing much is better than Heinlein when he s good, and in this collection he is very, very good After seeing the movie Predestination , I picked this up to read the short story it was based on This is one of those very rare times when the movie is as good as the story and the story is great.And the other four stories aren t shabby not shabby at all Heinlein, you are the master

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    Well, two good stories only the others, just so so.

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    This is one of Heinlein s charming collection of stories A fairly quick listen I read this as an audiobook, thank you Spider Robinson , these five stories will leave you smiling I got this through the Hoopla Digital service a free service that lets you read ebooks, listen to audiobooks and musical recordings and also lets you watch movies and TV shows Much like Overdrive, this service lets you check out an item for a month and you can check it out again if you don t finish it by the end of the month and pick up right where you left off A great service I highly recommend it.

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