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    I can t find the perfect word to convey how awful this book is It espouses a completely manipulative style of dealing with other people in which they are all prey to be hunted It s noxious I also believe that I know one of the master seducers who is referred to in the book under a pseudonym, which was terrifying in its own right It s not about how to do what I would call seduction It s about how to control, direct, engineer, exploit, manipulate, machinate, maneuver, steer and hunt others If that s what you want to know, read it, I m sure it s great But since those are not my goals, I was supremely disappointed in it.

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    Almost hypnotically repetitively at times, this might be the book that Machiavelli could have written about love if he had been a jaded modern Unfortunately for those determined to be nice in the world, there is scarcely a line in this book that does not ring true For better or worse depending on your stance , Greene is persuasive that seduction is a game between equal partners where the victim is willing enough for what they will get out of the process It is about the flow of power between sexually alive people and no means to be compared with the game genre of Neil Strauss and others Far sophisticated than Strauss manuals for adolescent losers and the sexually autistic, Greene is not interested in seduction as a mechanical application of rules for sex He writes of art, not science.What he is showing us is something closer to a dance or a ritual think of the tango perhaps which obeys rules derived from a deeper level of shared or unconscious desires and fears and where, while the sexual element is central, it is the process that matters.The book is also pleasurable for entirely different reasons Greene is master of the historical anecdote Every chapter has well chosen illustrative examples from literature and history.Although he does not preclude rational love between consenting adults by any means, there is enough evidence here of eternal truths about sexual relations which apply to male and female alike albeit with different modes and in homosexual liaisons as well.We are talking here about a flow of power and desire between equals There is no game if the other is not a free and equal participant It is chess played by bodies in time and space.One s reaction to this book will come down to aesthetics and to anxiety It is a very unromantic book by conventional and Anglo Saxon standards but it is not reductionist about sex.The person who will be entranced by this book will be the natural seducer, one who takes simple pleasure in pleasure and treats life like a game I was not entranced, just interested and appreciative.Many of the tales derive from high ranking courtly cultures where seduction and romance were bound by rules of conduct that were strict enough to suggest appropriate behavior but not so strict as to introduce bourgeois guilt or shame into the game of sexual conquest.Indeed, there is no room at all for shame or guilt, only for winning and losing or perhaps for playing elegantly and still losing, than winning too easily or in an ignoble way.The attitude to sex is also counter intuitive to Anglo Saxon moderns It is presented as a prize and not as some sacred thing alienated from the bodies that couple It is a fact on the ground A pleasure.Greene occasionally applies his analysis of technique to politics and there are many democratic era cases of seductive power Marilyn Monroe, Errol Flynn, Duke Ellington are all cited at length.If the cynicism of his political analysis reminds us that people are stupid rather than eliciting admiration for the political seducers, when it comes to sex, there is no question of stupidity In every tale of sexual seduction, we are not dealing with coercion but with something like a willing suspension of disbelief where the seduced often gets precisely what they want, whatever the rest of us may think.He refers to the festival and to the theatre often, but also to seduction as the means by which our dark side , which is important to us to recognise in order to be whole persons, is allowed full play I would add that the transgressive aspects of seduction can allow individuation to both parties it would often seem that seducers get trapped in the game, while the seduced move on into something different.Greene than once tells stories that suggest that a seduction becomes an integral memory that moulds the future mind for the better, removing someone from past habits that do not reflect who they are.Naturally Les Liaisons Dangereuses pops up as a case study in than one chapter designed to be a sequence that draws you into the seduction process The Presidente de Tourvel is presented as being liberated from her boredom and obligations by the cynical seduction by Valmont There is truth in this.Greene is far too simplistic here about politics one wishes he would just say people are stupid and have done with it but he is far from simplistic on sexual psychology He offers a sound corrective to moralists who, like repressed ideologues in politics, seem to leave pain and suffering in their wake than do cynics and a moralists.Strangely and counter intuitively, while some seducers come across as the worst sort of bully D H Lawrence was an utter monster , others come across in quite a different way providing a sort of liberatory service that costs them far than it costs their alleged victims.In short, seduction emerges to be morally far interesting than we thought Quite often we see the ostensible predator out classed by a skilful victim so that roles are reversed If morality is good order as dictated by some Iron Age text, then seduction is to be consigned to the pits of hell But if it is the hand maiden or servant of creative individuation, then it is conventional morality that might stand in the dock.Of course, nothing is so simple Just as religion brings solace as well as repression, so some seducers are simply cynical and cruel while others are exciting and challenging.This book is recommended not as a how to since, for most people, it is would be like reading a book on how to win an Olympic Medal , but as an insight into what we are as human beings.If we all had developed the art of seduction and of being seduced to meet our own dark desires, then perhaps there might be a lot less boredom and neurosis in the world.If we knew how to play our own part in the game with others who knew how to play theirs if, in fact, the aristocratic court of Japan or Louis XVI became democratised with leisure and an instinct for pleasure for all might not life be not only interesting but less deadly dull But anyone who thinks that human beings are basically good , that caring cannot become unutterably boring and intrusive or who thinks that most relationships can last forever without some transgression and hysteria will hate this book It is only for grown ups.

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    I thought it was going to be another annoying to get him to do this flick your hair Love this book, it is filled with little inside novela type of things, historical facts, and it has just some of the most interesting people in history I love history so this book really did it for me I could read it over and over not even for the seductive element but just because it is so good in my opinion The little side note quote and stories are a must read, don t skip over them, too wonderful you d miss a whole level to the book Best book I ve read in a very long time As for the seductive element of it, it achieves its job You find yourself reading and relating so much I can t count the amount of times I ve said I do that or He did that I recommend the book it also has a lot of books as sources that have raised my curiosity and I shall be checking out.

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    Since I started reading The Art of Seduction, I ve recommended it to just about EVERYONE because everyone seriously needs to read this book It gave me so much insight into people s desires and the reasons why we re attracted to others I feel like my mind has completely opened up As a writer and reader, I feel like I have better insight into character relationships, and I want to explore these new things I ve learned in my fiction Now I watch almost every movie that involves a love interest through the lens of what Greene has taught me Even better, what I learned from Greene isn t only applicable in romantic situations, but in professional situations as well It may sound manipulative, but it s really not Seduction is the ultimate form of power Those who give into it do so willingly and happily There is rarely any resentment on their part they forgive you any kind of manipulation because you have brought them pleasure, a rare commodity in the world If nothing else, read this book for the diverse historical and literary references I added so many items to my to read and to watch lists simply because my interest was piqued in stories I hadn t encountered before Greene is a wealth of fascinating information

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    Forewarning Due to it s misleading nature and implications one could be lead to believe that the sections in this book may be used to seduce another.In modern society the need to seduce another would have unhealthy implications and in my opinion comes from a waek try hard mindset It s like saying who I am isn t good enough so I ll put on a fallacious act and be that cool attractive person Sure it might seem like a good idea but ultimately doing such a thing would cause you to lose connection with your own identity, values and tastes and reduce your ability to build rapport with others If you re not really being who you are then how can you expect people to build a sense of rapport and comfort around someone who isn t being themselves It s dishonest Now on to the actual review The book is very entertaining and left me wanting anticipating It contains information that is helpful to our own lives specifically a section entitled The Anti Seducer which shines light on some of our own unattractive characteristics that we should learn to weed out However the book ultimately leaves the reader feeling seduced as if they with the knowledge could pull off some of the said seductions which is just wrong.This book is not set as an How to guide but as an entertaining and historical account of the use of seduction throughout history It contains stories about the lives of Casanova, Cleopatra and other Seducers and interesting anecdotes on historical figures.The book is defiantly worth a read but due to it s misleading Possibly seductive nature of encouraging it s readers to seduce, lost a point.Worth picking up.A Edit On Oct 31, 2018 during an interview with Lewis Howes Robert Greene tells the story of how he had to re write The 50th Law because he wasn t being honest with himself rather writing it to please Curtis Jackson In the same way, I ve noticed through experience That if people behave in a way that goes against their nature, there are subtle kinks in their body language which give them away Robert talks about this in his new book The Laws Of Human Nature and I feel like this book is a combination of both research and experience and, a wise and well rounded yet accurate view of human nature and therefore seduction but this book is still incredibly entertaining and well presented.

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    This is not your Karrine Steffans vixen manual..This is your comprehensive manual of how to seduce not only men but an entire empire With this manual I have received a proposal, gained a stalker and experienced a riven heart It was great lol

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  • Paperback
  • 466 pages
  • Art of Seduction
  • Robert Greene
  • English
  • 09 April 2019
  • 9781861977694

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There is than one author by this name on Goodreads.Best selling author and public speaker, Robert Greene was born in Los Angeles He attended U.C California at Berkeley and the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where he received a degree in classical studies He has worked in New York as an editor and writer at several magazines, including Esquire and in Hollywood as a story developer and