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A Message of Flowers chapter 1 A Message of Flowers, meaning A Message of Flowers, genre A Message of Flowers, book cover A Message of Flowers, flies A Message of Flowers, A Message of Flowers 448bf16ddf1b4 White Carnations Pure Love, Sweet And LovelyDaisy Innocence, Beauty, SimplicityTo Florist, Georgina Nickols, Every Flower Has A Meaning And A Purpose Flowers Are Something She Knows, Lives, And Breathes But When They Start Mysteriously Showing Up On Her Porch, She S Unsure Of Their Meaning, And Of Who Is Leaving ThemWhat Do These Flowers Mean To The Messenger An Old Friend From High School, Corbin Waylay, Moves Back To Town When He Shows Up, He Stirs Up All Kinds Of Trouble For Georgina Her Life Long Friend, Sid Trail, Hates Him And Makes That Fact Clear To Georgina But Despite The Warnings From Her Friend, She Just Can T Help The Feelings That Resurface The Feelings She Hasn T Felt For Anyone Since High School Graduation, The Feelings That Only Corbin Can InduceAs Corbin Moves Closer Into Her Life, It Causes A Rift Between Her And Sid The Mystery Flowers Continue To Appear And Begin To Add To The Stresses Of LifeLove, Secrets, Pain, And Lies Surround Georgina, Putting Her Trust To The TestWhen The Messenger Is Finally Revealed, Will The Meaning Of The Flowers Be Enough To Repair The Damage Of Those Hidden Secrets Forget Me Nots Remember Me Forever, Good Memories, HopeSingle Red Rose I Love You Note No Changes To The Content Of The Story, Only Cover And Acknowledgements Have Been Changed Thank You

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    I really love a second chance type romance and I felt that this one would not only hit the spot but keep me on the tips of my toes while reading it.G was great She was funny and her passion of flowers really showed when she talked about them through out the book You could feel the love she had for her job hobby She was so down to earth yet goofy that you can t help but love her.Corbin is a blast from the past He was super sweet and just wanted G to be happy Totally a macho man but underneath it all he is sweet as ever Totally loved him.I loved breeze, she was funny and feisty even though she had her own issues to deal with I kind a hope we get her book so I can see all that unfold.One things I found really fascinating was the chapter headers gave us insight to each flower So not only did we get a romance but we even got a Botany lesson of sorts.This was a contemporary romance at its finest low on the drama in a way high on the sweet and just right in the middle for steam I loved the fact that it had mystery too it.The ending was super cute, I hopeWe get to see some of the secondary characters in other story s I think fans of second chance romance and friends to lovers will really enjoy this With all the aspects of a great story this was worth the read 4.5 stars 2OCCJD

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    Finding Your PathThis is the first book that I ve read by this author and I will be reading Thank you for bind date for setting me up This book was an emotional cocktail that will keep you guessing, while having you fall in love This book was different from what I normally read, in a good way It had a little bit of a mystery suspense and romance Georgina owns a flower shop, but starts receiving flowers on her porch in the morning and at night Her high school crush, Corbin, comes back into town after being gone for six years Sid and Breeze, Georgina s best friends, have mixed feelings about him being back, as does her older sister, Trish Soon her flower messenger, starts sending flowers that have warnings wrapped in a news clipping of the worst time of her life, while the morning flowers are still beautiful with beautiful messages Georgina and Corbin start going on dates, but her messenger is stepping up his her game Does she have a stalker who has mental issues Does she have two messengers Does Georgina still have a crush high school type of love for Corbin or is she in love with Corbin How will this affect the path Georgina s on Will she find her path to happiness and is Corbin or will it be someone else, who is at the end of her path

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    I absolutely loved this story, and the meaning of flowers I never really thought about them before until this story.I loved Georgina, how she goes for what she wants and I loved her job She has a passion for flowers.I loved Corbin, he is down to earth and always up for a good time He cares and protects those he care for.The meaning of flowers was brilliant in this story especially when you find everything out eventually who sends them.

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    This was one of my January blind date with a book. I fell in love G is amazing and I love when she gets lost in her own mind Corbin one word, YUM Breeze and Trish are awesome and funny and I wanna punch Sid I love the messages, the mystery and I loved the book

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    I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review.I thought this book was really sweet and enjoyable I m writing a shorter review than I normally would in hopes I don t spoil anything In the beginning I had a bit of difficulty getting into it but once I got through the first few chapters I was hooked Georgina is a florist in her small hometown She works with her best friend, Sid, and sister, Trish In the beginning of the book, Georgina begins receiving flowers on her doorstep Each flower has a different meaning but most point towards love and affection However, she then begins receiving flowers that hint towards feeling of hostility, as well In addition, to the bizarre mixed signals she s receiving through the flower messenger, Georgina s old crush, Corbin Waylay saunters back into town after leaving abruptly 6 years ago.The characters always make or break me on a book I really enjoyed theses particular characters, especially Georgina, she was such a sweet character She really seemed to want to see the good in everybody, including Sid, her other best friend Breeze, and Corbin She has a sort of naive, sweetness about her that I really enjoyed I also really found Breeze entertaining for all the wacky commentary she provided.When Corbin comes back into town, everything changes Georgina s feelings are re ignited much to the dismay of Sid This causes a bit of a rift between them and the outcome was pretty unexpected I liked seeing the relationship between Corbin and Georgina simmer and then ignite It was really sweet and I enjoyed that there was a foundation of friendship already built I most enjoy romances that begin from friendship and slowly emerge into something else.As things heat up between Georgina and Corbin, drama unfolds and the flower messenger is revealed Once this occurs a lot of things become clear for Georgina.Overall, I thought A Message of Flowers was a sweet and refreshing story I enjoyed the plot line and characters and although I stumbled through the first couple of chapters I really found myself flying through the rest of the book I would definitely recommend it to contemporary romance lovers I thought the use of flowers to send messages was really rather clever as well This was another enjoyable read from Rachel Walter and I look forward to reading in the future.

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    4.5 stars quirkyblinddateThis was a first for me from this author and I was introduced to her through Quirky Blind Date with a Book It started out kind of slow and I wasn t sure I was going to like it but I ended up really enjoying this book I will definably be reading and can t wait to see where this series goes It was a story about flowers and meaning behind them What do they mean to you and to her as she receives them from a mystery person left on her porch Georgina is a florist and loves what she does I enjoyed the meaning of all the flowers and it really gave you a way to relate to them She is running her florist with her best friend Sid and her sister which has her special items in the florist as well When a old high school love comes back to town and things start to change I loved the banter of Breeze and can t wait to see of her She doesn t take to tell you what she is thinking but is a super friend to GeorginaCorbin has been away for 6 years and when he comes back so does the feeling Georgina had for him Where has he been and why has he came back now Sid is jealous of the way he is trying to win over Georgina again and the second chance relationship he Is trying to have with her When Georgiana starts receiving secret flowers on her porch everyday it is a mystery as to who they are from and the hidden meaning behind them Will Georgina figure out who is sending her the flowers and what the message is behind them Will they be able to move forward and have a chance together or will the secrets be too much Some of my favorite quotes form this book Sometimes it s little reminders, like the road less traveled, that sparks meaning into everything else we ve been through not everything is as it seems Your eyes and smile haunted my mind and dreams, in a good way In a way that the sun shows up day after day, even for a moment You re the sunshine in my day and in my night I couldn t get rid of you, even with thousands of miles of distance between us Corbin yo Georgina

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    This book has it all and is definitely a must read This is Rachel Walter s second book but first to the New Adult scene and she pulled it off flawlessly It s not the typical NA either which I loved Yes it has sex in it, but its not overly descriptive or rough in any way In my opinion it s perfect for this story It s a book I can continue to read over and over, in fact I ve read it twice already.Were first introduced to Georgina at her flower shop Love her, she s not the typical girl you read about She s not super skinny, she s real and has insecurities like the rest of us She has two best friends, Breeze who I absolutely adore and Sid who s not who he pretends to be Breeze and Georgina s interactions are hilarious, hell Breeze is hilarious on her own and she s obsessed with big bathrooms and hates Georgina s tiny one Sid, well he s a guy that obviously has feelings for Georgina but she s the only one that doesn t see it When Corbin Waylay walks into her store things start to change Georgina is thrust back into her feelings over Corbin from high school and Sid has flipped his lid Then the unexpected flowers start showing up on her porch each morning without a note and idea of who it could be Who s the admirer and what do the flowers mean to the person leaving them Corbin Waylay is perfection He s also not the typical guy we read about He s not smoking hot with a body to kill for but that only makes him appealing to me It s one of the things I love about reading Rachel s books, her characters are real and can be compared to real people in everyday life You can tell Corbin has some feelings for Georgina, but he doesn t think he s good enough The way they come together is absolutely beautiful But like all romance, someone s hiding a secret Is it Georgina or Corbin And what the hell is going on with Sid and his jealousy This book has everything you can look for in getting lost into a story I will say this book ends HEA but you re going to have to read it to figure out what happens

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    I know what they mean to me, but what do they mean to the person who left them And who left them The story was hung up on this concept about the meaning and purpose of flowers Meanwhile the characters were young and juvenile acting as if they still attended high school The conversations were immature and catty with jealousy over the guys they dated in high school or the one they never dated The story was missing excitement There were quite a few minor characters in the story The main characters were Georgina and Corbin Georgina owned a flower shop To Georgina every flower held meaning and a purpose Georgina was targeted by a messenger who left flowers for her The mystery behind this messenger could have added an element of fear but it was downplayed Flowers are imbedded in my genes That s what my mother used to say anyway Favorite quote since it fit with the theme of the story.At twenty three these characters behaved like they still attended high school The minor characters were friends with the main characters from high school Too much hatred Trish hated Sid Jacob hated Breeze Sid hated Corbin It s like they never left high school We have Georgina pinning for Corbin and Sid pinning for Georgina Breeze pinning for Jacob and Jacob pinning for Shantel A twisted web of desire.All the characters needed to be developed Since these friendships began in elementary school it seemed fitting that the story begin at this point instead of six years after high school I did not like the delay in revealing the messenger It carried on for far too long It lost its appeal It seemed easy to figure out if Georgina had installed some surveillance cameras Problem solved I liked the romance when it was not interrupted with drama by Sid or the messenger The mystery behind the messenger was anti climatic Too much importance was given towards revealing this messenger when it was insignificant.

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    Reviewer LizRating 4 Stars Georgina is a beautiful young woman who owns her own florist shop and loves everything flowers and their meanings Her and her sisters Trish lost their parents a few years ago so Georgina relies on her sister Sid her best friend of fifteen years and Breeze another way out there friend One day she starts receiving different flowers on her porch all with different meanings Another blast from the past shows up unexpectedly, Corbin Waylay After being gone for years he is back and showing his interest in Georgina She is unsure and her friend Sid keeps over stepping the bounds as a friend and turning into a controlling friend I thoroughly enjoyed this book I enjoyed watching the spark ignite between Corbin and Georgina It pulled at my heart strings This book hasn t got detailed sex scenes in it which is perfectly fine by me it is still quite steamy It has been written well and kept me entertained throughout the whole book I did struggle just a little at the start but that was soon forgotten when Corbin made his entrance I would have finished it quicker if I wasn t running around after little ones I really look forward to reading from Rachel Walter Thanks so much for allowing me to read and review A Message of Flowers Great work Rachel Copy received in exchange for an honest review

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    I had mixed feelings on this book I really enjoyed the concept of the story, but the overall execution of it just didn t pan out for me However, it was a good read and I d recommend it if you like a good friends to lovers romance.Corbin was my favorite character of the book He was sweet and charming He was in love with Georgina since they were in high school, but her never felt good enough for her I could really connect to him, and the love he showed for her was beautiful.I loved the concept of the secret messenger that leaves flowers, and how she incorporated the meanings of the flowers throughout the chapters, but one thing I didn t like was how some areas of the book seemed to drag, some parts could have been a little concise or cut out to make the flow of the book better The other issue I had was some of the characters I really disliked all of the side characters, especially Breeze and Jacob.I did enjoy this book, but her other book Pucked was my taste Pucked was absolutely amazing I received this book through Quirky Blind Date with a book for Jan.

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