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All-Star Superman (Volume 1) pdf All-Star Superman (Volume 1), ebook All-Star Superman (Volume 1), epub All-Star Superman (Volume 1), doc All-Star Superman (Volume 1), e-pub All-Star Superman (Volume 1), All-Star Superman (Volume 1) b927aec085c From The Inside Jacket The Last Son Of The Doomed Planet Krypton Rocketed To Earth A Sci Fi Savior Raised In America S Heartland Embracing And Embraced By What S Best In Humanity Lex Luthor, The Criminal Mastermind Misguided By His Own Personal Shortcomings Lois Lane, The Dynamic Investigative Reporter Who Reminds You That There Are Enigmas In Life That Baffle Even SupermanYou Ve Seen It Before Now See It Again As Though For The First Time Not An Origin Story, Modernization, Or Reinvention But Instead A Timeless And Iconic Presentation Refined By The Passion And Craft Of Master Storytellers, ALL STAR SUPERMAN Presents A Unique And Elegant Interpretation Of The Original And Most Recognizable Of All Superheroes

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    Okay, other than Frank Quitely giving Supes the physique of a championship bowler, this book wasn t bad It certainly was NOT the loathsome, Batman persona raping shit bomb that All Star Batman Robin the Boy Wonder, Volume 1 was I still haven t forgiven you for that Frank Miller I think that Grant Morrison did a good job capturing the essential, archetypal goodness of Superman in this homage tribute restoration of the icon of icons Still, this was a swing and a miss for methough a well intended and decently executed one i m still looking at you Frank Miller Part of my displeasure with this is that I m just not a huge Superman fan and I never really have been For me, his adventures and story lines have always lacked the reader engagement and dramatic tension that vulnerable heroes are able to inspire Therefore, take this review with a grain of kryptonite since I have never been one that drank deep from the kool aid when it comes to the last son of Krypton.I like my heroes punishing and with a bit bub in them That said, one of my problems with this was the timing in which I read it I m currently half way through Grant Morrison s Supergods What Masked Vigilantes, Miraculous Mutants, and a Sun God from Smallville Can Teach Us about Being Human, a full length non fiction book on the history of the comic book superhero and I.LOVEthe way this guy writes Hip, slick, punky, phrase turning poetry that reminded me of some of his fellow SF writing Scotsman, Iain Banks and Richard Morgan, both of whose work I love This guy should definitely be writing novels and I hope he does so in the near future because I was blown away by his witty, grungy prose The problem, Houston, is that such style is non existent here And, as I look back, that style is non existent in all of Grant Morrison s comic work that I ve read to date This baffles and sorta ticks me off For someone so instrumental in increasing the visibility of the comic book form, I don t know why he wouldn t unleash a whole can of his breezy, attitude laden addictive whoop ass to this medium that just screams out for it Don t get me wrong, the writing is fine, but reading this and then immediately switching to Supergods What Masked Vigilantes, Miraculous Mutants, and a Sun God from Smallville Can Teach Us about Being Human is like alternating between Dan Brown to Dickensjarring to say the least Readers Cardinal Rule 1 to writers don t dumb down the proseever Whether it s YA fiction, children s stories or comic books Write the story and trust your audience Now, if I wasn t currently reading Morrison s novel and seeing first hand what a gift the man has, than I may not have been as put off by the writing But I amand I was Apart from the jarring effects of the writing disparity and the doughy pillsbury nature of the Superman rendering my other problems irritants without giving away major spoilers include 1 The Atlas Samson who has the bigger one contest storyline was silly and stupid Sorry, but it was 2 I really squirmed at the portrayal of Lex This is Lex other than Darkseid and the Joker, I m the coolest, most diabolical bad guy in the history of DC badguyness Luthor He came across in this story as lame, insignificant and petty That is, until the last page of issue 5 when he finally came through like Lex should Still, too little too late Lex deserves better 3 The black kryptonite storyHells NOand no againbad ideanuff said Now Jimmy Olsen in a bra was pretty damn funny However, the rest of the portrayal of Jimmy, in the aforementioned Black Kryptonite episode, was just hokey and uninteresting Now, there are certainly some positive aspects to the story I thought the first issue was good and some of the SF ideas concepts introduced were quite clever For example, genetically grown human suicide bombsnicely done In addition, the last issue was fun and also had some real poignancy at the end Enough that I plan to pick up the next volume in this series and see where it goes from here But issues two, three, four and fiveMEHdidn t much care for them Overall, not bad and a million times better than All Star Batman Robin the Boy Wonder, Volume 1, but I can bring myself to give it than 2.0 to 2.5 stars.

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    Despite the fact that I read a lot of comics and I do read a lot of comics I don t read a lot of superhero comics Which isn t true at all, because I read a lot of superhero comics it s just that almost all the superhero comics I read are Batman I am absolutely obsessed with Batman in a way I ve learned to live with, and I don t feel the need for non comics fans or non superhero fans to get it, because so many other people obviously already do.But If, say, you were getting into comics but you were getting into them as an adult, say, and you were trying to walk that fine line that all us comic fans walk, of enjoying the goofy weirdness that comics can bring without falling into the depressing trench of Those People Who Read Comics if, basically, you were trying to find that magic line where the Good meets the Terrible and TranscendsWell, at some point or another, you d probably ask yourself what the hell superhero comics were all about, and if there were any part of you that could ever appreciate them, both unironically and without becoming one of Those People Who Read Comics.And probably, if you had friends like me who read a lot of comics and sort of openly wished they could make you see what was beautiful about them, even superhero comicsIt would be folly to recommend Batman to you Because Batman isn t about superhero comics Batman is about loving Batman, and while there is a rich, dark world that lies within, you wouldn t really have that amazing staring at the universe moment that superhero comics can, through their ham fisted hopefulness, let bloom within you.It would be equally folly to recommend Watchmen, or Zot , or Starman, or Powers,or Astro City, or any of the other post modern superhero fare that gets offered up as gateway comics for the uninitiated, like it makes any sense at all to foster the incredulous joy of superhero comics through an analytical back door, in which the mechanics of how the genre works are stripped and enjoyed, at best, as meta fiction The aforementioned works are all brilliant in their own rights, no doubt But that is not what superhero comics are about These books are the works of people attempting to recover from the intense, brain blasting heartbreak of pure emotion that superhero comics instilled in them when they were too young to know any better These books are intellectualized post mortems done on innocence.And yes in a way, if you are entering into comics as an adult, there will always be something you missed out on There will always be a strange confusion in you when you see a lifelong reader s eyes glaze over with shy happiness at the sight of a single issue of Fight Man Fights Gigantor in X World 685 You both know that what lies within those pages will be silly and underwhelming and embarrassing and basebut the lifelong reader knows and importantly, feels that a secret joy still lives here, and can t be washed away by age.But, throwing that hopelessness aside let s assume that you still demanded to know just what this fuss was all about Let s say you insisted that the child in you could still be touched by something unabashedly resplendent, even if it was a decade or two too late.I d say this.I d say, Look, a few years ago a writer and an artist who you ve never heard of but who are really famous in comics a few years ago they teamed up and they made a Superman book And you don t have to think Superman is cool, because I don t think he s very cool And you really don t have to know anything about it, but it s not going to feel dated or stilted or any of those things that turn you off, except when it does so in very charming ways And it s short only a couple paperbacks.And this book I mean, I don t want to spoil it for you by explaining it But this book, I think, will help you get it That is what I would say to you That is what I would say.

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    4.5 stars This is what I would recommend to someone who is not a fan of Superman Morrison manages to take all of the things that make Superman such an iconic character, and turn it into a great story.

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    Dear Grant Morrison,It s not you, it s me I should have known better I ve never been a big fan of Superman We both know that I m much of a Batman sort of girl I can t think of a single Superman book that I ve loved I probably should have left well enough alone But I was curious, and anything had to be better than Frank Miller s All Star Batman That much was true At least you seem to understand Superman s character, in a way that Miller no longer understands Batman s and has never understood Superman s You know that the core of him is defined by Ma and Pa Kent I can respect that There s so much temptation to make things darker and edgier, and you withstood much of that And we all know that you re a writer with no problem going to the dark side And I have to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for not writing your female characters as sex objects.That s the good part But I thought the point of these All Star books was supposed to be in presenting these iconic characters without all of the backstory getting in the way But it felt like a lot of backstory was floating around here, and not being well versed in Superlore, I felt lost half the time Like, who the hell is Samson I m still not sure I m pretty sure I don t want to know He wasn t exactly engaging while he was onstage In fact, most of the individual storylines were less than compelling The overarching storyline, about Superman facing death, was actually quite interesting Maybe a bit of that and a bit less of Lois s birthday superpowers It all felt very retro, in a way, right down to Superman s Girlfriend Lois Lane getting superpowers for a day I think I remember seeing a story like that from back in the Silver Age The whole thing felt Silver Age But that s not really my thing, so it didn t work for me Again, it s not you, it s me I m sure there are plenty of readers who adore Silver Age stylings, and they d be right at home here Also, could you tell Frank Quitely that Superman gave up the donuts long ago I know that s his style, but everybody just looks so round So much like the plush toy versions It looks odd, especially on Superman Can t say I m a fan of that.With polite indifference,Sesana

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    5.5 stars Introduction Now, I have a little confession to make I seem to be making so many book confessions lately, right I had only read a few Superman comics over the years, which included Superman Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow and Superman Secret Identity The reason why I have not read that many Superman comics was not because I hate Superman I actually really like his character , but it was hard for me to look for some recommendations for good Superman stories while recommendations for good Batman stories came much readily One of the Superman stories that was always highly recommended to me was Grant Morrison s run on Superman called All Star Superman At first, I was a bit hesitant about checking this series out because from what I had heard from some comic book fans, Grant Morrison s works tend to jump off the deep end at a certain point in his stories and I had experienced that with his work on Batman R.I.P However, after I finally decided to dive into this graphic novel, I now see why this particular graphic novel was so highly recommended to me and I have to say that All Star Superman Volume One is one of the best Superman stories I had ever read What is this story about The story starts off with Superman going to the sun to rescue a space crew who were on a mission to take fire from the sun and it turns out that because Superman went too near the sun, he contracted apoptosis, death of the body cells, which means that he will soon die When Superman finds this out, he decides that he must do some things on Earth before he dies, such as temporarily giving his love interest Lois Lane superpowers for her birthday and trying to confess his secret identity to her, getting in a fight with Jimmy Olsen due to being affected by Black Kryptonite, meeting up with his nemesis Lex Luthor, and saying his goodbyes to his father Jonathan Kent Will Superman have time to do all of these things before he dies Read this graphic novel to find out What I loved about this story Grant Morrison s writing I really enjoyed Grant Morrison s writing in this graphic novel as the story has a nice mixture of drama and humor thrown in and I often found myself laughing at some of the situations in this volume, such as Superman and Lois encounter with the comical superhero duo Samson and Atlas I also like the fact that this story tackles the subject about what would happen if Superman is about to die and how he would spend his last days on Earth although, the concept about Superman dying is nothing new at this point This gives Grant Morrison a chance to explore Superman s life from his arrival to Earth and being adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent to working in the Daily Planet and meeting Lois Lane and there is a great love to the character as not only do older readers get to see Superman s life be presented again in this volume, but new readers will be able to understand about Superman s origins through a modern interpretation I also enjoyed the way that Grant Morrison portrayed Superman in this volume as Superman is not shown as being a flat character, but has many dimensions to his personality as we get to see Superman become sad, happy, angry and humorous all at once in this volume it was fantastic seeing the various emotions that Superman displays in this volume contribute to the story at hand.Frank Quitely s artwork While there are some parts of Frank Quitely s artwork that annoyed me a bit, which I will discuss about in the cons section, overall, the artwork is extremely detailed and gorgeous to look at Probably my most favorite image in this graphic novel was the image of Superman and Lois Lane kissing each other on the moon and you can see the gorgeous detail being done to Lois wavy hair as it is waving around in space What made me feel uncomfortable about this story The only problem I have with this graphic novel is that there are so many things happening in the story that it would make it pretty confusing for anyone who is not used to reading Superman comics Even though I found this graphic novel to be pretty entertaining, the narrative can get overcrowded at times because there are so many events going on and you have to read each issue a bit carefully to get the full details of each of the stories Also, some of the artwork can be a bit off at times, especially with the way that Superman s face seems to look like dough in some panels and I felt that he was drawn a bit too bulky in this volume, despite the fact that Superman is naturally muscular Final Thoughts Overall, All Star Superman Volume One is seriously one fantastic and hilarious volume that I would love to read over and over again if I get the chance to and I cannot wait to read the second volume of this series Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog

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    I ve had this Comic for ages without reading it I should ve read it sooner, as it s really good The storylines for each episode are all different, yet often interlinking all of the usual suspects in terms of characters are in it The artworks nice Retro mixed with modern with a good amount of detail when needed.However, what let it down a bit for me was the way that Clark Kent Superman himself was drawn sometimes As this massive, thick necked Jawed man, that was even obviously not human So, Superman than what we re used to P I just wasn t feeling that it kept distracting me from everything elseBut aside from that, a really good read.

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    Look Superman playing super fetch with his super dog Aw Hey, guys Guess what I read yesterday Superman Isn t that weird Well, it was Buy 1 Graphic Novel, Get 1 For 1 Day my work And I had stocked up on the latest volumes of the three series that I am currently in the middle of Fables, The Walking Dead, Chew I just needed one And the stock was looking slim yay sales boo none for me When this guy that I work with, Tyler, hands me Grant Morrison s All Star Superman Since he knows what he s talking about when it comes to superhero comics and I certainly don t I bit Now, I have a working knowledge of Grant Morrison, since I compose the company s weekly Comic Book newsletter He s like a big deal guy that everyone lurves And I have the same ingrained because you re an American pop culture knowledge of Superman that you probably have you know Krypton, Clark Kent, Phonebooths, Lois Lane, Smallville, Lex Luthor that kind of thing But, I had never wanted to read a Superman comic before And I d never seen a Superman movie or television show I just figured I knew all I wanted to know about Superman But, this was really, really good Frank Quitely does the artwork, and man His Clark Kent is fucking adorable He s goofy and clumsy and chubby and sweet Look at this guy Aw Pigeon toed Cute The storyline goes like this Superman goes to save some dummies who are flying into the sun, and gets Superman Cancer Ordinarily, the Sun gives Superman all kinds of awesome powers, but THIS TIME, he overdid it, and now his cells are so bursting with power that they are going to overload Of course, Lex Luthor sent those dummies into the sun in the first place, knowing Superman would save them and the world , and hence Lex Luthor is responsible for Superman s impending death Mwah ha ha ha ha For the most part, the rest of the comic revolves around Superman coming to terms with his death, preparing the world for a Superman less future, and trying to convince Lois Lane that he s been Clark Kent all along she doesn t believe him It s actually really touching One of the things that I enjoyed about Morrison s story is that I didn t necessarily have to know too much about Superman besides the mythos, you know There are references to events that have taken place throughout the evolving Superman stories, but nothing Morrison couldn t explain to me in a non condescending way And, I do not know for sure this is just a guess , but I think Morrison really added some arcane bits of Superman s past for the real fans, too Anyways, the reason I docked this book a star is that while this was a really great read, a couple of things were kind of dumb 1 Superman gives Lois Lane Superman powers for a day as a gift This would ve been a really fun little episode to read, except some asshole characters Samson, Atlas stepped out of the space time continuum, or whatever, and started harping on Lois Lane and ruined it The two dudes and Superman get into a dick measuring contest over who can win Lois, and she just poses for the entire length of the chapter instead of doing anything interesting Srsly So lame What year is it 1940 This part was a sexist PoS 2 Superman gets exposed to black kryptonite and turns bad for a few pages But, something also impairs his mental functions during this time, so he s also a bit retarded or something I don t know The dialogue took a turn for the INANE, and I was left laughing at what could ve been a dramatic moment It was so silly In a bad way 3 That Superman chin It was out of fucking control But, other than that chin and stuff this first volume of All Star Superman was actually very enjoyable, and I will definitely be reading the second volume in the series soon.

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    Morrison is a great comic book writer, but he has a few obvious flaws that can make his work difficult to digest, and have always kept him from reaching the same heights as Alan Moore.All Star Superman, while using the same deconstructed narrative and mind blowingly bizarre gift of invention that are his trademarks, manages to overcome those limitations and essentially create the platonic ideal of what a Superman story should be.In twelve issues this series manages to truly show how an epic story can be told about a man who cannot be hurt by normal means It throws us into a universe that is already deep and rich, and where this hero has been that planet s protector for many years It unflinchingly goes from silly to hardcore sci fi, all with a strong emotional undercurrent that drives everything forward.It s not perfect, and I still found myself wondering what the hell he was talking about from time to time, but the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts And with his background in the occult and kabbalistic magick, Morrison manages to take Superman beyond just being a simple Christ figure.I read someone describe this as is the only Superman story you ll ever need and they re probably right.Note that you ll need to read both volumes to get the full story.

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    I keep wanting to like Superman, to find those epic stories that boil him down to the essentials and show why people love him so much All Star Superman was one recommended to me, and I came away with nothing but meh Most of this feels so over the top and hokey Black kryptonite Jimmy Olsen what are you doing Atlas and Sampson s pissing match over Lois, let me puke , which only buries the nicer moments.Also, I have never, ever liked Quitely s art Too many potato faces and giant bodybuilder necks Why the neck as thick as his head, Quitely WHY I won t be moving on to volume two, unless someone can give me an incredibly compelling reason to And if you know of any other Superman stories I should be reading, please share, I will happily check them out One day I will understand Superman One day.

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    How do I rave without giving everything away or repeating what others have already said This is Morrison at his best and most focused It s still out there, sometimes cerebral, funny, wacky But it s mostly charming, classic, and true This is how I think about Superman, omnipotent yet vulnerable, strong yet sensitive And Clark Kent steals every scene he s in like a chubby Dick Van Dyke Very well done Looking forward to Volume 2 and then buying the whole in a collective hardcover edition.

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