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Etape chapter 1 Etape , meaning Etape , genre Etape , book cover Etape , flies Etape , Etape 8cf9f4834aa90 In ETAPE, Critically Acclaimed Author Richard Moore Will Take Readers On A Virtual Tour De France, With Each Chapter Focusing On A Single Rider In A Single Stage That Came To Define The Tour S HistoryIn Tape, Critically Acclaimed Author Richard Moore Tells The Stories Behind Some Of The Defining Stages In The Tour De France S History Through The Eyes Of The Protagonists The Heroes And Villains, Stars And JourneymenFeaturing Exclusive New Interviews With Mark Cavendish, Lance Armstrong, Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault, Greg LeMond, David Millar, Chris Boardman And Many Other Tour Riders Past And Present, Tape Spans Six Decades In Conveying The Mystery, Beauty And Madness Of The World S Greatest Bike RaceThe Book Includes Boardman S Famous Debut In , Cavendish S Best And Worst Stages, An Emotionally Charged Win For Armstrong In Limoges In And His Dramatic, Drug Fuelled Victory Eight Years Later At Luz Ardiden, As Well As Iconic Stages Featuring Giants Of The Sport Merckx S Toughest Tour, Hinault S Journey Through Hell, LeMond S Return From Near Death, And The Tragic Marco Pantani S Domination Of The Most Controversial Race In Tour History, Among OthersFrom The Alps To The Pyrenees, The Sun Soaked Plains Of The Midi To The Rain Lashed Cobbles Of The North, Tape Takes The Reader On A Virtual Tour Along The Way, In Shedding New Light On Familiar Events, Unravelling Mysteries And Exploring Untold Stories, It Confirms The Tour De France As Unrivalled In Its Creation Of Myths And Legends, And As A Stage For Courage, Scandal, Skill, And Drama

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    Unfinished at 36%The content is what makes this book worth the read Moore went out of his way to find some of the most notorious riders of the Tour through the ages, reminiscing on their greatest and not so great moments The book gave a lot of insight on the history of the Tour, and the exclusive interviews with the riders, as well as a look into where they are now, made the whole account interesting The writing style is what ruined this book for me Having written about some of the defining stages of the Tour, Moore had the opportunity to turn each rider s successes and failures into compelling stories with moments of suspense This would have kept my interest, but the book lacked a lot in this and out of what I read, there were only about 2 paragraphs where I felt this enough to be fully immersed in what I was reading Rather, the stories were presented as simply an account of the events, making the writing quite black and white and a little bleak for my liking.Unfortunately, I am not a great enough fan of the Tour to keep reading just for the content However, if cycling and the Tour is something that is of great interest to you, then this book would definitely be worth the read.

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    Great book that describes some of the most defining stages of the Tour de France Mr Moore paints a wonderful backstory, tells what happens during the stage good, and then kind of does a where are they now segment at the end, but that usually is about 1 2 pages at most Really good book for a cycling enthusiast, as there is a lot of lingo and talks about a lot of smaller races that a true cycling fan would know but for someone like myself who casually checks the standings at the end of July, would not Book was fine overall though Great prose, and flowed throughout the entire book I would pick up if you are into cycling and not someone who is new or doesn t know much about it.

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    Fascinating account of some of the most interesting stages of the Tour over the last 30 years I enjoyed reliving the stages I remembered as well as learning about the stages from before my time.Moore made an interesting decision to interview Lance Armstrong and include wins from him and other confirmed dopers I think this works it is better to recognise and confront the sins of the past than to sweep those years under the carpet.

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    Each chapter pretty much stands on its own, but most are pretty insightful about both racing tactics and about the human experience of bicycle stage racing Not every chapter is even about a stage winner, and not every stage winner in the book would go on to win the whole race it s a nice range of experiences Let s just finish off by saying that the pro peloton is full characters.

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    This book, surprisingly, actually went into a lot detail than I anticipated good if you, like me, are interested in the stories than the facts and figures, because the stories in this book, especially those you wouldn t expect to see, make it.

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    A different approach to most cycling books about Le Tour it focuses on memorable stages and the story behind the scenes that made it memorable with personal interviews with the riders as opposed to a pick and mix of previous journalists stories An enjoyable and enlightening read

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    War Stories Each chapter captures a particularly meaningful stage of the TdF over the last century introducing us to names past and present their story, their struggles, the rivalry exciting and behind the scenes you d ever get as a spectator A great read

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    I enjoyed the individual stories that brought to life some of the history of the Tour De France from a different angle The writing style was a little different to normal but it was an enjoyable read.

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    A different take on the Tour de France and cycling in general Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

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    Really good Robin on famous Tour cyclist and stages If you re a tour man would recommend.

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