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Bad Things summary Bad Things , series Bad Things , book Bad Things , pdf Bad Things , Bad Things 098b66543d Xavier Makes A Lot Of People Nervous The Rest, He Flat Out Scares More Than His Hulking, Tattooed Body, It S His Predator S Gaze That Makes People Feel Vulnerable, As If He Had The Power To Read Their Thoughts And See Their Soul For His Lovers, It S Xavier S Ravenous Appetite For All Things Carnal For The Taste Of Flesh Under His Tongue And The Feel Of A Trembling Body Under His Control, For Whispered Pleas And Muffled Cries That Makes Him DangerousBut Recently, Driven By A Festering Rage Against The Men Who Attacked His Sister A Decade Ago, Xavier Has Developed A Taste For A Different Kind Of Hunt And Conquest Stalking Men Who Do Truly Bad Things And Punishing The Predators He Sniffs Out The Problem With Vigilante Justice, Though, Is Sometimes The Man In Your Trap Is InnocentCarson Suspects He S Playing A Risky Game With Dangerous Men But The Lies Are Convincing, Especially When They Re Slipped To Him Among Hundred Dollar Bills He Never Guessed How Big And Dark The Secret Hidden Under All The Lies And Money Could Be And He Has No Idea He S Not The Predator, But The Prey, Until It S Too LateAnd You Can T Beg For Mercy When There S A Gag In Your MouthBut When Carson Escapes From Xavier S Trap, He S Forced To Accept That Xavier Is Far From His Most Dangerous Enemy Xavier May Even Hold The Key To Overcoming The Painful Past That Has Kept Carson Prisoner For Almost Two Decades

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    2 WTF stars Review completed September 22, 2014Favorite quotes After disliking Dangerously Happy I thought I d play it safe and downloaded a sample before giving Bad Things a go But, unfortunately, not even that could save me from another disappointment I really disliked Xavier very much in Dangerously Happy and dedicating a story to that character meant that he needed to be redeemed What came out of it, however, was or less forgettable and Xavier wasn t redeemed, at least not in my book I don t want a nice sweet bow at the end of a book and in between some vigilante justice, a whole lot of fucking and then fucking, some pseudo psychoanalysis, plenty of sugar and cheese that did nothing at all to provide the story with much needed substance I liked the beginning and I sure as heck had my absolute highlight when view spoiler Porter hide spoiler

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    This book I swear to all the deities It did things to me Nice things Not nice things All kinds of things The humiliations and defeats, given with a primitive honesty, end not in frustration, despair or futility, but in hunger, an ecstatic devouring hunger for life Anais Nin Cards on the table Bad Things won t be for everyone It s intense, full of angst and it s completely fucked Seriously F U C K E D The subject matter, Xavi and Carson s relationship, the situations they find themselves in, their reactions to those situations, all completely fucked Yet, I totes loved them I was enchanted from the start by Xavi in Dangerously Happy I m fairly certain that alone cements my depravity.Xavi is an antihero He gets things done using unorthodox methods, but he is loyal to those he loves He ll do anything for them which is how he winds up in this clusterfuck of a situation His sister, Elena, was gang raped at 18 which was the catalyst for a suicide attempt and her subsequent decision to enter law enforcement At the beginning of Bad Things she witnesses a gang rape which dregs up the past for her and Xavi For Xavi this translates into going undercover and isn t strictly legal He sets out to right a wrong on a human trafficking case of Elena s that got dismissed on a technicality and ends up as a bouncer at Gomorrah where he meets Carson, the bartender, along with a cadre of unsavory characters Xavi is a tattoo artist and a sadist, but than that, he s one of those people that have perfected the art of reading others Not in that weird prescient way which is so populations in romance fiction the perfect dom , all knowing, all powerful, precognitive total bullshit He watches, learns, looks for signals and isn t always right Just 90th percentile All of which makes him exceptional at the mindfuck and he mindfucks the bejesus out of Carson.Carson is a naive, somewhat desperate young man who gets caught up in a situation that is bigger than him and through a series of events lands him in Xavi s basement naked, bound, gagged and terrified The trouble is he s desperately, perhaps foolishly attracted to Xavi An attraction he s denied since he was a boy thanks to some vile parents who decided to eviscerate a nine year old The shame and humiliation that wafts off Carson feeds directly into Xavi s sadistic nature.Does Xavi go too far Probably.Possibly.I m of the opinion that the ends justify the means which isn t a popular opinion, but there you have it I told you Depraved shrugs I think Carson needs Xavi and all the scary to face himself and the demons of his past I also think Xavi needs Carson to bring some light into all that dark and to give him someone that s his They ve both been alone for far too long Their relationship is unconventional in both its genesis and evolution, but it is one that I ll not soon forget Cuffed to the bed because Carson still needed that, not to surrender to Xavier, but to surrender to himself , and carefully which didn t necessarily mean gently palpitate his soul, find his dark, empty places, and fill them all, one by one What I like about Ms Krylov s writing style is her uncanny ability to plumb the depths of the human psyche She is exceptional at illustrating how complex and unpredictable humans can be She turns her characters inside out and gives you all of them, even the distasteful and irrational She excels at illustrating the duality of weaknesses for what they are as well as strengths and individuality The healing but not transformative power of love seems to be a constant in her work which is something I appreciate over magic cocks.She has the erotica gift Damn She does for erotica what Jake Jaxson does for adult films shows you the beauty of it She captures the total experience from the emotions to the enivironment in such vivid detail it becomes visceral As you can imagine, to achieve this takes words, but I ll give latitude when the author is painting a picture this gratifying Holy Christ, the look on your face, Xavier growled I want to fucking devour you Like parents have that urge to eat their young Word pun intended.This wasn t the book I was expecting I expected a conventional romance between these two with sadomasochism and traditional scening What I got was complex, and ultimately, satisfying.It s not perfect There are editing issues and I concede the story is not everyone s cuppa, but it was perfect for me and probably some kindred depraved souls out there An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    2.5 3 starsI expected to feel the way most of my GR peeps did by the end of this book loving it That didn t happen I didn t connect with either MC I couldn t bring myself to like them either They only started making sense together at the very end The beginning was OK Then it got intense and disturbing I didn t enjoy any of what happened in Xavier s basement It turned me off of Xavier completely I m just not a fan of rape who is or the kind of play that makes a person feel humiliated Even if in the end that is what that said person likes Not my cuppa, capiche Carson was no better He liked to play victim, but yet he wanted So yeah, nope Then there was the moments with Aiden and Dario I didn t feel like it was needed I was bored I kind of skimmed some of those moments Then we moved on to the trial and of Xavier and Carson being thrown back together I sometimes felt like I was reading different plots rolled up into one book It didn t feel cohesive to me I think maybe if Xavier was with Carson throughout everything in the book, or we got to see what was happening with Xavier while Carson was with Aiden and Dario it would have come together better for me The last 25 30% was probably the better parts of the book Although I never felt like there was any real romance in this book They had sex A lot But there was no real relationship And the book seemed to go on for much longer than it needed to It got tedious after awhile and I started to hate myself at the end for picking this as my next read lolSo in the end this book just wasn t for me But for many it was So give it a go or don t Either way, happy reading, dolls xx

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    Ho ly Shit That was such an intense book So not what I was expecting at all, but so incredibly good I am not going to be able to put how I feel into words, but seriously, these characters are so. wonderful, complex, soul consuming This will sound cliche but the journey that both Xavi, but especially Carson goes through, to overcome their pasts is fucking incredible It s written so eloquently unlike this review that my life was this book for the past few days.That scene at 87% has probably become one of the most moving scenes I have ever read in romance Fucking incredible.Be warned, Xavier is a cruel bastard at the beginning, but we get it as the book progresses Also there is on page sex with other characters all male , but please please don t let that deter you, it works well within the story and for Carson and Xavier s relationship development.Ugh I m really scared that I ve hyped this up too much now and you ll go out and not like it please like it.

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    Overall book rating 4.5 Audio Book N ABook Cover 4I ve tried a Varian Krylov some time ago Back in the days when MF was still high on my reading list Truth be told I didn t get far and I never finished it But THIS.This was something I couldn t put down I just didn t want to I am a firm believer of only reading dark reads when you are in the right state of mind Only then can you appreciate what you reading and give it a fair chance So stumbling on to this in my current state of mind I can only say WOW WOW I really really really liked this It surprised me that at the end of this book, the only thing I really focused on, the only thing that really mattered to me, was the depth of emotion between Xavier and Carson All the F up churning of desire and hate and hope and loss and whatever the hell else they had bubbling up between them in gallons Xavier is so much to me than just a psycho without limits He is a blend between Dark and Light Between Hurt and Comfort, Love and Hate, Punishment and Liberation He is the Protector and the Avenger and most of all Xavier is Carson s savior.He brings new meaning to the phrase Cruel to be kind And I LOVE HIM FOR IT I love him for being the unapologetic ass in this story.He makes Carson bleed in so many ways and through the hurt he brings him back to life Because Xavier is brave enough to push too hard.I even understood the part where Carson is forced to live with Aiden and D They way I see it, Carson was so closed off for how many years, he imagined dreaming of soft and sweet Tender loving and sharing All things Xavier is not Well, things he can be but Xavier will never be ONLY SWEET, he has a darker side and Carson had to experience the time with Aiden and Dario to get to know HIMSELF He had to see that he yearns for an illusion That what he dreams of and what he really wants needs is not what the kind of love these two men share but rather his own flavor of caring Something uniquely Xavier If Carson didn t get that opportunity he wouldn t know this about himself.I loved Carson I hated what his stupid parents did to him and I will gladly take that bloody marker they used on his shirt when he was nine years old and write ASSHOLE over their faces I hope it s a permanent marker that takes weeks to wash off Carson is so perfect for Xavier it makes me want to weep Yes, there were times I wanted to repeatedly hit Xavier with a frying pan But after everything, I love him just as much as I love Carter Both in their own ways.This was amazingly done.

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    This is my 4th 5th time reading this book It never loses its place among my all time favorites Every single time I read it, I am amazed.It is creepy, dark, dirty, kinky and so very stark.And yet, all I can think when I finish reading it again is, ok, back to that favorites shelf my love Original review below I read this book about six months agoTHREE TIMESsome of my reactions to itSweet mommy dearest, I thought I was becoming jaded from reading too much Losing interest in books Either not finishing or picking up and putting them down over and over Well, I was just riding the wave until this author crashed into my life I don t care if she writes about men, women, or pretty yellow daisies, I m reading all her freaking works.Once you read even the first few pages, you ll be hooked And BOY does it get better and better and better as it goes on This one is than an I really loved it one for me I found myself replaying scenes, rereading pages, then rereading the entire book over again several times There is so much depth to the characters There are so many heart stopping moments There is just so much in this one book.The main character You won t know if you even LIKE him at some points You begin to wonder if he is the good guy or the bad guy And does it resolve Hmmm, let me tell you I did nothing but read the entire weekend, and the book was at the end I had no fingernails left and no sleep for two days, and I was STILL wondering What a ride Every time you think this book has given you all, it gives All the way through I was at 95% and still freaking out over new things Whew What a book I was in such a fog after reading this book that I could hardly think of anything else So, what did I do I read it again ThenI immediately picked up another of Krylov s books about a couple who made a cameo appearance in this one And thenI read this one again.In case you were wonderingthis book rocked my world My number one read of 2014.

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    This Fucking Book scrubs face Hands down, the best MM I ve read this year spoilers in this review Let s get things out of the way by stating it wasn t perfect to me, at least A few parts I could ve lived without, a tad Good Will Hunting in parts.But fuck It was pretty fucking close.Xavier is fucked up And not in a cute way He is literally a psycho He is LITERALLY psychotic And I adore him He s hilarious And the things he does there is no line for him He doesn t even know what crossing the line means because in his world, there is no line.He says some fucked up shit His thoughts are along the lines of God He looks absolutely terrified Doesn t he know what the does to me Fuuuuuucked up.My pal CC has a great review for this book here that I d suggest you read.All of these stars are for Xavier He is one of the most fucked up characters I ve read about in MM romance who stays true to himself His characterization is perfect Excellent writing, and the author seems to really know and understand the characters I disapprove strongly of characters who have a sudden change of heart because of love and they change their stripes That doesn t happen at all in this book.Gah I m ranting because I just finished it, but it s so fucking good.The last line in this book SHIVERS SO GOOD The way it ended was perfection Precise Clever Not force feeding the author all this corny bullshit Justperfect.Don t read this book is bad things offend you.If you aren t into MCs who literally get off on revenge death rape, then maybe it s not for you Just saying but it s still so fucking good

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    4.5 starsI loved it, although I was expecting it to be dark Goes to my favorites shelf.

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    Buy this book and read it now Ms Krylov writes a masterful piece of line blurring non consent In Bad Things, Xavier possesses a hero complex His inability to make the males who raped his sister pay for their crimes fester in him He s a big guy who keeps his body in peak shape as well as his mind When his sister is once again threatened due to her job, Xavier can t stand by and watch Since he comes across as a dumb thug body builder, he easily slips into the shadier side of life to secretly help her out.This story is truly about bad things The bad things humans do for fun People who have too much money and without moral can cause the worst things to happen These are the people Xavier wants to help his sister take down but to do so, he too steps into the dark side The question is, does the ends justify the means From Xavier s perspective yes It is up to the reader to decide if they agree.Ms Krylov paints a depraved picture of a sinister human trafficking organization The way this corporation sells their human product is quite ingenious Whilst it s reprehensible, it s amazing clever The details Ms Krylov puts into this story make it multi layered and rich The bad things which happen hold a reader hostage by enticing them to flip page after page to see what will happen next The criminals in this story are not stupid They are also easily identifiable What is difficult to decide is who is the good guy Are there good guys The character building in this book is phenomenal Xavier is a complex character with an intense and dangerous side His dominance exudes from his pores and any submissive within his vicinity will become weak in the knees His style of interrogation is erotic and oh so wrong He imprisons a pawn and takes his sweet time sexually torturing and humiliating the boy This right here is how dark erotica should be written and it s so exquisitely stimulating Intellectually, the reader knows Xavier crosses several lines and he is bad However, his dialog and actions generate a lustful feeling and flame the reader s arousal In some ways Ms Krylov perverts BDSM into a bad manner yet it doesn t feel BDSM hostile The way she writes the kinky sex never crosses the line into BDSM attacking It ends up being a fabulous BDSM dark fantasy Many readers may wish to suffer under Xavier s cruel punishing yet pleasuring hands.The erotic aspect to this story blends perfectly with the plot The way the ending occurs is believable and works out just the way a reader would want That is, the relationship between Xavier and his little fucktoy The ending for the criminal is not satisfactory Perhaps this is to leave it open for another book in this world A reader can only hope This book is highly recommended to m m readers who want something dark and erotic provided by BDSM Book Reviews

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    Love those two as a couple.Carson was just what Xavier needed to bring out his softener side That entire rough and bad boy attitude needed a balance.Xavier was just what Carson needed A person to force him accepts who he was and let go all traumatic brain wash done by his family I felt in my heart all Carson s pain How cruel can some parents be not thinking that the way they deal with their children will leave marks FOR GOOD in their lives.They were perfect for each other This book was so much than I was expecting after reading the blurb It was intense and emotional.It was also a dark read with dubcon noncon, just a warning for those who are not into reading something as dark.

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