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The Greek Billionaire Romance Serials Boxed Set summary The Greek Billionaire Romance Serials Boxed Set , series The Greek Billionaire Romance Serials Boxed Set , book The Greek Billionaire Romance Serials Boxed Set , pdf The Greek Billionaire Romance Serials Boxed Set , The Greek Billionaire Romance Serials Boxed Set da10ee5d03 This Five In One Boxed Set Features The Epic Love Story Of Mairi And Damen, A Romance That S Steamy, Heartbreakingly Poignant, And With A Happy Ever After That Will Have You Crying In The End Year Old Mairi Tanner Is An American Schoolteacher In Greece Hoping To Find Her One True Love A Cheerful Optimist And A Hopeless Romantic, Mairi S Always Believed She S Destined To Marry A Greek Billionaire And Live Happily Ever After With Him However, Her Dream Makes Most People Mistake Her As A Gold Digger Damen Leventis Is A Cold And Handsome Greek, A Powerful Billionaire Who Sweeps Mairi Off His Feet The Moment They Meet He Is Her Every Dream Come True Until She Finds Out That Damen Already Belongs To Someone Else And Only Thinks Of Her As A Temporary Fixture In His Life

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    Mairi Tanner is amazing and so sweet, she gets mistaken for a gold digger by people who do not take the time to look below the outer shell Getting to know her though you can t help but root for her and hope she can find her Greek Billionaire The lucky Billionaire Damen Leventis does not realize what he has until it is too late or is it Through all the ups and downs they manage miscommunication and plain hard headed I am the only one who knows what I am doing you still can t help but want to fix things for them and make it all ok again Look forward to the next Greek Billionaire falling.

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    All in all,the story was hot and I liked it.It was also long and exhausting I must say that I wouldnot want to be the heroine This relationship took so much effort and patience that I d surely burn out long before the end.There were some childish moments, too When the heroine , insecure and scared, invented ways to make the hero jealous, although she knew she was pushing him to his limits.And, please Ms Tee, stop repeating greek billionaire every 5 lines.It was too much and really annoying It was than obvious that the hero was a greek and a billionaire.Impossible to ignore or misundestand.

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    Oh my yes I love it, non stop Greek billionaire.Marian, you have done it again Awesome books, I loved them all She has you feeling like your in the books, you get lost in them You feel all the emotions, the ups and downs of all the characters Once again you will love the characters They are fun, silly, arrogant, romantic, brave, sexy, tough, airheadiness, lovable, protective, liers, manipulating and overall hot If you like love her books, then this box series is for you Plus book 6 is out so you don t have to wait long to find out what happens Great books

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    AnonymousI loved these books but just wish it would have given the transition of the Greek words used so I wouldn t have to stop reading to just look up every single Greek word used in these books.

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    3.5 stars

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