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Mystery by Moonlight (Nancy Drew, #167) chapter 1 Mystery by Moonlight (Nancy Drew, #167), meaning Mystery by Moonlight (Nancy Drew, #167), genre Mystery by Moonlight (Nancy Drew, #167), book cover Mystery by Moonlight (Nancy Drew, #167), flies Mystery by Moonlight (Nancy Drew, #167), Mystery by Moonlight (Nancy Drew, #167) be59a83a67dcf A MOUNTAIN LAKE HARBORS A HIDDEN PAST A Charming Lakeside Cottage Should Be The Perfect Vacation Spot For Nancy And Her Friends Until Bess Becomes Convinced That They Re Sharing The Place With Ghosts Strange Thumps In The Attic Put Them All On Edge Except There Is No Attic Even Worse, Their Living Neighbors Are Giving Them Grief A Pair Of Bird Watching Photographers Sets Dangerous Traps In The Woods, A Summer Camp Director Chases Nancy And Ned Off His Property, And The Assistant Curator Of A Nearby Native American Museum Warns Them To Stay Away From An Ancient Burial Ground Then A Surprising Discovery Reveals A Long Lost Mystery And A Family Secret As Black As Night

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    To think that after 167 books, Nancy would learn to stop going off in the woods by herself.

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    Yet another great Nancy Drew mystery 5 5 stars I bought this book a while back and finally got around to reading it This book is unique because it inspired the Nancy Drew PC game Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Of course there are differences between the two, but there are some similarities.I enjoyed the modern take on Nancy Drew She now drives a Mustang, and wears tank tops and sweatshirts The scenery seems beautiful in the Pocono Mountains The cottage is quaint and creepy The characters are great Ned saves the day Bess and George are always loyal to Nancy These are just some of the things I loved about the book The only thing I thought was strange was some characters introduced were absent for most of the book, only appearing in the first and last chapter I wish we could have seen of Steve or the Lawrence Jones

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    My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again.

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    This book is perfect for a literary drinking game Every time Nancy gets whacked on the head, take a drink.

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    Ok type hardly any mystery

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    Picked up this book..during a bus journey a apt book to finish in 4 hrs.Had read many Nancy Drew books in my school days Somehow wanted to again know whats happening in her life Story is about a place Pocono which is near to mountains and lake ,Bess relatives used to live there, when Nancy and Ned reaches there , they find very strange and scary noises coming from the forest,Bess insists that ghosts are there and someone trying to steal something from the place they are living.As Nancy investigation continues and her night adventures , she finds that this place was once lived by a gangster Malone and also some letters are missing from the boxes in her house attic.Meanwhile Nancy and her friends be friends with Emily who is living opposite to their guest house and planning to build a boathouse with few helpers.During one of her Forest adventures Nancy finds that the sounds are coming from the owl which was mistaken for a women screaming and also that the Malone has left some treasure hidden in this land.As story continues , you will get to know , who is after the treasure and all.Its not a best mystery and page turning book..just one of Nancy adventures.

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    I like it was unlike most of the mystery books I read but still good.Its about when nancy and her friend s visit her other friend in I din t know where when they get they notice completes about break in on cabin s and they started to notice a black object like a person scavenging through cabin s they notice the didn t steal anything but there looking for something nancy and her are looking for what,who and what there looking for.

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    What an adorable little story about some animals waiting for the snow to come I love snow, so I know the feeling of waiting for that first snow flake I normally like pencil art but it seems overly sketched If you read it, you ll see what I mean But despite that, I loved the story So sweet and Juicy.

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    Don t remember much but I liked Nancy and the mysteries.

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    nice book

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