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    This book was a collection of 3 short stories Overall, the author s writing style is very rough I m reminded of Stephen King a la Carrie With some editing and effort, I think this author could improve as Stephen King has over the years However, this author pretty clearly has issues with women and seemed really focused on race and wallpaper Also, the plots seemed very derivative.The Janara was the only story of the bunch that held it s own earning an extra star for my rating Black Tea seemed jumbled and aimless Crocodiles had a slightly interesting character if unlikable, similar to Tropic of Cancer , but the plot reeked of Deathnote fandom and the dialogue as well as the plot became repetitive note to self a character who says heavens to murgatroyd should be murdered shortly after his her introduction.

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Black Tea and Other Tales download Black Tea and Other Tales, read online Black Tea and Other Tales, kindle ebook Black Tea and Other Tales, Black Tea and Other Tales 4acbc1610ca6 Includes The Short Story Black Tea , An Honorable Mention In Ellen Datlow S Best Horror Of The Year In An Apparently Abandoned House, Time And Space Work In A Peculiar Way Those Inside Can T Remember Why They Are There And Memories Of The Time Before Are Beginning To Fade That Strange Old Lady, Can She Help Them Or Is She A Threat A Small Sheet Of Paper In Their Pocket Reminding Them Who They Are And Where The Danger Comes From May Be Their Only Hope, But Can They Use It To Escape The House Or Will They Die In The Attempt A Special Wine Allows Dreams To Come True But What Happens When A Loser Like William Fiorucci Divorced, Broke, And Little Than A Drunken Hack Gets A Sip Of It Giuseppe Is Only Eleven But He S A Smart Kid He Knows That He Can Avoid The Janara If He Just Remains Still And Makes No Noise If He Can Manage That, She Won T Find Him Hiding In His Bed There Are Rules She Must Follow After All But Can He Use Those Rules Against Her Can He Free Himself From The Witch S Curse By Killing The Witch Herself Three Short Stories, Three Dark Visions Of Milan And Italy From Samuel Marolla, The Master Of Italian Horror