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    Oh Another River s Bend novella I m lovin this world Tracy Garrett has built around the little town of River s Bend Missouri With each story I find, it s like getting to revisit a charming little town and enjoying every moment This time, we get to meet Mary, who s struggling through her grief of losing a huge part of her family who she was depending on to reconnect with and settle down by But now she faces having to raise his three orphaned daughters and then keep pushing through as her world continues to crumble around her Needless to say, her struggles and attitude makes your heart hurt for her.Jericho is dealing with some demons from his past, and then not so recent past So when he crosses paths with Mary, there s quite a few snaps, crackles, and pops to maneuver through But Jericho isn t one to shy from a challenge or do what s right, even if it s hard especially when he s trying to put at least one of those demons to rest He s human like everyone else, but has a heart of gold.I was swept away in their story and loved watching them travel the path of forgiveness and determination to make it to their happily ever after These two definitely needed each other, and the family they created with the three girls My heart was happy sighin by the end.

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    Tracey Garrett s Coming Home is a sweet short story With a lot of angst and heartbreak, I fell in love with all the characters and rooted for them to find a happy ever after right from the get go If you re not reading Ms Garrett, you should be

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Coming Home download Coming Home , read online Coming Home , kindle ebook Coming Home , Coming Home 8e4f560a98c5 When A Man Who Believes He Ll Never Have A Home And Family Former US Marshal Jericho Hawken Should Have Been Shepherding A Wagon Train To New Territory, But He Unwillingly Left Them Vulnerable To A Vicious Raider The Murder Of The Settlers He Was Supposed To Be Guarding Is The Hardest Thing He S Ever Had To Face Until He Meets The Sister Of One Of The Settlers Finds A Woman Who Has Lost Everything Instead Of A Joyous Reunion With Her Brother, Maryland Henry Has Come To River S Bend To Take Responsibility For Her Three Orphaned Nieces Fired From Her Teaching Position And With No Other Family On Whom To Rely, Mary Believes Jericho Hawken Is Responsible For All Her Woes Or Is He What She S Been Searching For All Along It Takes A Lot Of Forgiveness And A Few Fireworks To Realize That Together Their Dreams Can Come True