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    The series was incredible I want I want lots What happens next How did they get the stuff in the first place You have to read the series to find out what I m talking about.Even minor bad editing and I m a stickler for editing can t make me lower my rating by even a half star.

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    Excellent Hope for Loved this series Great hard science and excellent characters Many questions left but not at all unsatisfactory Looking forward to .

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    Great book, but I just can t give it 5 stars I hate it when important characters that I ve grown to love, die, and the fact that it seemed to happen so suddenly, when everything was almost supposed to be over, made it worse I really loved the series but it put a huge dampener on the story and one that the story could really have gone without I except that life can t always be happy and every story needs to somewhat realistic, but, for me, a story is supposed to be fun and exciting and sometimes tragic, but with a real limit on the latter Its human nature that the negative often seems overshadow the positive in our minds, and that one negative put a big shadow on the story.

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