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At the Beach pdf At the Beach , ebook At the Beach , epub At the Beach , doc At the Beach , e-pub At the Beach , At the Beach 87416efede2 Life Is Good At The Beach Kelly Discovers Just How Good It Is When He Is Hired As A Lifeguard Through A Friend Of His Friend, Max, After Spending Months Looking For A Real Job The Job Is Than OK, For He Enjoys A Rent Free Place, Free Food, Great Roommates And Co Workers Who Are Free To Mess Around He Enjoys All These And Gets Paid TooBut The Biggest Bonus Of All Max, Who, Like Him, Is Gay What Surprises Kelly The Most Is What Goes On In The Place His Co Workers Are A Combination Of Bi, Gay, And Lesbian Who Wouldn T Mind Being Seen Naked Or Seeing Others Naked And Doing It What S , Kelly Is Slowly Falling In Love With Max And His Job He Is Actually Waiting For A Real Job To Come Along Until An Accident Happens, Which Makes Kelly Realize That Lifeguarding Is A Real Job SAMPLE It Had Been A While Since I Had Been Making Love And I Wanted It Than Ever Before But I Wanted To Suck His Cock First Let Me Suck You First, I Said We Switched Places And I Had Him In My Mouth When Cody And Danny Walked In I Pulled Max S Dick From My Mouth Quickly Don T Stop On Our Account That S What We Re Going To Be Doing In Two Minutes, Cody Said I Grinned At Them And Put Max S Cock Back In My Mouth I Loved The Way It Felt And Tasted I Rubbed His Balls And Ran My Finger Up His Crack Oh Man, I Heard Cody Say From Across The Room I Looked Over And He Was Sitting On The Bottom Bunk And He Had The Biggest Thing I D Ever Seen In His Hand Stroking It Holy Shit I Said The Torpedo, Cody Said Grinning

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    As a college graduate, Kelly, was unable to find a real job and he had to live with his parents while he searched During a party his best friend introduces him to a gay friend, Max Max is a hot guy that Kelly is definitely attracted to and evidently the feeling is mutual Max tells Kelly of a job as a beach lifeguard which consists of guys and girls that are either straight, gay, bi, or lesbian and Max could get him on Excited about that, the two proceed to walk down the beach from the party and sparks fly The Hot Sex begins When he moves into the free housing, free food, abounding sex, and getting paid at the same time, Kelly definitely loves it The two of them share a room with 2 other guys who also love to play around Max and Kelly get closer and closer to each other Kelly struggles with the thought if this was really a real job until he pulls a teenager out of the ocean The kids not breathing, no heartbeat, and Kelly performs CPR bringing him back to life His whole outlook on his job changes at that point This was definitely a real job and he loves it After being there for months he admits to Max that he is falling in love with him and Max shares the same thing The one thing he hasn t done is tell his parents that he was gay.And it was time The story is Hot, Sexy, and Life was good If you love MM Sex which there is a lot of and Romance you will love this Good Read.

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