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The Boy From Over The Hill chapter 1 The Boy From Over The Hill , meaning The Boy From Over The Hill , genre The Boy From Over The Hill , book cover The Boy From Over The Hill , flies The Boy From Over The Hill , The Boy From Over The Hill 3180b6dfcfbd6 Tyler Redmond Is A Thirty Three Year Old Successful Building Contractor Who Has Just Found The Piece Of Property He S Been Looking For He Wants A Hunting Cabin And A Place In The Country For Relaxation And Entertainment The Property Comes With A Church That Has Been De Commissioned While He S Looking Things Over, He Meets A Boy Who Lives Over The Hill Zac Is Eighteen And Lives With Hippy Parents Who Don T Really Care Too Much About His Needs Or His Dreams Tyler Is Attracted To The Kid But Even Though He S Gay, He Doesn T Try To Seduce Him Zac Takes Care Of That Sample Half An Hour Later There Was Another Shot It Was Closer, And Sounded Like It Came From The Bottom Of The Hill Just A Little Way Behind The Church I Walked Out And Looked Up Into The Valley I Couldn T See Anyone I Thought About Just Ignoring It But It Was My Land And Maybe Someone Didn T Know It Had A New Owner Then Another Shot Sounded And I Pinpointed The Place It Had Come From I Started Up The Valley I Took My Time And Kept Quiet I Didn T Have A Gun And If It Was Somebody Who Might Get Pissed That I Came Up On Them I Didn T Want To Be Too Angry Acting If They Were Carrying A Gun I Stopped In The General Vicinity Of Where I Heard The Shot When I Got Closer I Saw Two Feet In Sneakers And Jeans Sticking Out From The Tree On The Ground I Looked Closer And The Red Object Was A Pair Of Red Boxer Shorts Fuck Me Somebody Is Sitting Back There With His Pants Down, I Thought I Walked Up Slowly And Stepped Around The Tree There Sat A Kid With His Dick In His Hand, Jacking Off He Had His Eyes Closed And Was Huffing And Suddenly He Squirted A Big Squirt Of Cum Onto The Leaves He Jacked Himself Some And A Few Squirts Came Out Then He Opened His Eyes And Saw Me Holy Fuck He Yelled The Kid Jumped Up And Started Running Toward The Top Of The Hill His Pants Were Around His Ankles And He Went Through Some Brush And Tripped And Fell He Landed On Top Of A Log Lying On The Ground It Looked Like He Landed On His Head There Was A Thud And Was Still Holy Fuck, He Knocked Himself Out, I Said I Looked Down At Him Damn He Was A Cute Kid He Looked Like He Was Around And About Five Foot Ten Or So And A Hundred And Forty Pounds He Had Long Light Brown Hair And A Really Cute Face His Pants Were Still Around His Ankles His Cock Was Soft Now But It Still Had Cum On The Head He Had A Nice Cock On Him, And His Pubic Bush Was Thick And Full His Balls Were Loose And Good Sized

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    The best part of reading a Dick Parker book for me is the lack of angst and conflict between the 2 main characters not to mention the BLISSFUL absence of bdsm content The lovers treat each other lovingly They love to give and receive pleasure during sex and they love to have sex all the time This book was right up there, presenting with all the features I ve grown to love in a Dick Parker read.

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