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    Sydney based cop, Harry Belltree is carrying out his own personal investigation into the suspicious death of his parents in a car accident the same accident in which his wife Jenny lost her sight Meanwhile, the police are investigating the stabbing of Harry s brother in law Greg, an investigation that Harry has been ordered to steer well clear of He decides to feed information gained, to journalist Kelly, in the hope that he can discover the reasons behind these deaths, and most importantly who the perpetrators were.A great plot with many twists and turns, together with the addition of some well developed characters, this is a definite must read Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for my free copy

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    4.5 Set in south western Sydney, Australia, Homicide Detective Harry Belltree doesn t play by the rules Shocked and saddened by the sudden death of his parents by unknown assailants, Harry is determined to find those responsible and deal with them on a very personal level Investigating current crimes, Belltree reluctantly agrees to provide the occasional tip to Kelly Pool, a nosey dynamic news reporter, hoping the few details he provides aids in discovering any cover ups in Crucifixion Creek Shortlisted for the Ned Kelly Awards, Best Crime Novel, 2015, this was a gripping and riveting story Don t miss out on reading the many novels by this very talented author Highly recommended Thank you to NetGalley and Text Publishing for my free copy.

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    Homicide detective Harry Belltree was still grieving the deaths of his parents three years previously the dreadful car accident which had also left his wife Jenny blind He was sure their deaths weren t an accident and he wanted to know who had killed them His paranoia and fixation was beginning to annoy his superiors.When Phoebe finally arrived to meet her two old friends for their usual coffee get together, she was shocked and devastated to find them sitting outside the caf , holding hands both dead The double suicide was so out of character when Harry and his partner Deb learned of it, Harry was suspicious Then the late night phone call which directed Harry to a stabbing at Crucifixion Creek which turned out to be the body of his brother in law Greg what was happening Were the deaths somehow connected With Harry warned to keep clear of the investigation, he decided to search for answers on his own time He also discovered journalist Kelly Pool was keeping a close eye on the deaths of the two elderly people she felt there was something odd about the whole situation As she began to discover connections to the recent spate of deaths, she approached Harry for an interview But the dark secrets Harry and Kelly were uncovering meant the heat was on there were people in high places who wanted those secrets to stay hidden, and they would do anything to keep it that way Would Harry find the answers he so desperately needed Or would the darkness of Sydney overwhelm him I absolutely loved Crucifixion Creek by Aussie author Barry Maitland the first in the Belltree Trilogy, I can t wait for the next one A fast paced, tension filled novel, Crucifixion Creek has a mix of intrigue and devious plot twists which kept the pages turning I have no hesitation in highly recommending this crime mystery novel to all With thanks to Text Publishing for my copy to read and review.

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    I did not like this book as much as most people who have reviewed it but it was okay I have to admit I did not like the fact it was written in the present tense That s just me but it sometimes has the effect of making me feel uncomfortable as it did in this case That apart it was certainly an action packed story Harry was an interesting character as was his wife I was not sure about a cop who goes out and kills people just because he wants to, but it certainly kept the story moving along I probably will not be rushing out to read the sequel.

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    Terrific start to a trilogy Detective Harry Belltree has never reconciled with the generally accepted fact that the cause of his parents death three years previously was an accident.When the car they were driving left the highway and plunged through the barrier into the bush, both of his parents were killed, and Harry s wife Jenny who was also a passenger in the back seat of the car at the time, suffered injuries which have left her blind.Harry is consumed with the idea that their accident was in fact not an accident He is convinced that someone pushed their car off the road deliberately and that the white paint scrapings on their car prove it.However he can t convince his superiors to investigate further and they have told him to leave it alonewhich he can t.So when sudden deaths and accidents start to occur among residents and acquaintances of a place called Crucifixion Creek, one young and zealous journalist for the Bankstown Chronicle, Kelly Pool, sees some connections forming.Crucifixion Creek is home to businesses such as ironically the building business and office of Harry s brother in law Greg There is a well known Bikie group living with their family s in a compound there, and then there are the long term, mostly elderly residents.Recently a local Councillor has had reason to cite it as a possible site for a memorial to its rather questionable indigenous historythe mere suggestion of which raises Kelly s eyebrows in suspicion.Kelly Pool starts digging around and decides that there is some connection with events at Crucifixion Creek and detective Harry Belltree, and she wants to find out what they are.Harry also believes there is a connection but wants nothing to do with Kellythat is until they are forced by circumstances to meet and compare notes.Wow, so much going on in this story with many different threads, are they all leading to the same place It s hard to conceive how they might, and yet things gradually start to come togethervery cleverly This first book in The Belltree Trilogy is fast paced and action packed, with a bit of everything that you would expect to find in asomewhat roguecop s life It has just enough cringeworthy shock value to keep you wanting to find out .I was fully absorbed in this book and am quite eager now to read the second book called Ash Island The Belltree Trilogy, Book Two, if it is anything like this one it will be another great addition to this trilogy Also pleased to read a book that is set in my own hometown and surrounds, this lent an air of credibility to the story as certain similar dramas have been known to play out from time to time.Great read and highly recommended for lovers of crime fiction, 5 sMany thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for my electronic copy to read and review.

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    Crucifixion Creek, a suburb in Sydney seems to be an aptly named place, full of the worst sorts of evil Homicide detective first gets called out there when his brother in law found murdered outside his building business Harry s family is still recovering from the deaths of his parents three years ago in a traffic accident, one his wife survived but lost her sight as a result Looking into his brother in law s estate he discovers that his business is almost bankrupt and he owes a large sum of money to a shonky businessman Harry also notices other strange goings on at Crucifixion Creek, old people are being forced from their homes and a local bike group seem to be up to no good.This is an action packed thriller with some twists and turns that will eventually join up the loose ends of the plot For me there were almost too many different evil people and plots but apart from that it was a fast paced and satisfying read.

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    Crucifixion Creek is the first book in The Belltree Trilogy and the fourteenth novel by Scots born Australian author, architect and urban design expert, Barry Maitland A former member of the Crows bikie gang shoots his girlfriend during a siege at Crucifixion Creek, in Sydney s south west an elderly couple take their own lives at a beachside caf a builder is stabbed to death in an apparent mugging Bankstown Chronicle journalist, Kelly Pool believes the incidents are connected, and she wants to trade facts with Detective Sergeant Harry Belltree But Harry has problems of his own the stabbing victim was his brother in law and nothing about this murder makes any sense And Harry is determined to get to the truth behind his parents death, three years earlier a car accident that left his wife, Jennifer with a post traumatic brain injury causing blindness While she has done much to adapt, and is an IT genius, Harry cannot let go of the idea that it was deliberate He wants justice Maitland gives the reader a story that feels like it could, or possibly, has happened A raid on a bikie compound, corrupt politicians, overseas junkets with sinister purposes, dodgy property financiers it all sounds very familiar and quite topical Maitland s characters are complex and multi faceted while some are exactly what they first seem to be, this is certainly not the case for all of the players Harry is appealing a tenacious maverick who cares for those close to him but is certainly no saint There are twists and red herrings, plenty of tension and action delivered at a fast pace shootings, stabbings, beatings and arson all form part of the mix, and occasionally, the reader will be left gasping at the turn of events Of course, not all issues are resolved as this is a trilogy, but readers will be very pleased to join Harry and Jenny in book two, Ash Island An excellent Aussie crime page turner.

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    The Good It s fast paced, exciting and very brutal The Sydney portrayed here felt authentic, as did most of the characters Insights into policing and journalism were interesting, though I wouldn t know if they were accurate It was a very enjoyable book The protagonist was badass or is it badarse The Bad There were than a few moments where my suspension of disbelief was sorely tested In fact there were plenty such moments A couple of the characters felt cartoony Friends character the protagonist is most like Harry is an ex special forces Afghanistan veteran who rose from the dead and works as a homicide detective He is the wealthy son of a murdered Indigenous judge and is also married to a blind woman with elite computer hacking skills For some reason this all makes him like Monica I just can t explain why.

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    Id seen some decent reviews on this and saw it also had some awards nominations attached so gave it a go The story was solid but slow in some places, the characters just felt lazy and to me uninteresting The ending was good and I do believe theres a part 2 and 3 Not sure why it didnt gel with me Normally I love this style if crime fiction I might have to give book 2 a check when I have the time.

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    A superb and well written thriller It covers contemporary Australian issues and culture Harry, a cop, is convinced that the death of his parents and the blinding of his wife in an accident was, in fact, no accident A double suicide leaves him suspicious and a fatal stabbing turns out to be his brother in law.Kelly, a journalist, is concerned about the number of deaths and gets together with Harry to interview him The two of them discover powerful people who want to keep dark secrets well hidden.With a multitude of twists, the story is well written and deftly plotted with plenty of intrigue It has a suspense driven narrative and interesting, well developed, characters A gripping and compelling read, I cannot wait to get my hands on the next one Many thanks to the publishers for an ebook copy via netgalley.

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Crucifixion Creek download Crucifixion Creek, read online Crucifixion Creek, kindle ebook Crucifixion Creek, Crucifixion Creek 28752f5ab5e5 A Meth Addicted Biker Shoots A Woman During A Police Siege An Elderly Couple Commit Suicide On The Terrace Of Their Favorite Caf An Unidentified White Male Is Stabbed To Death In The StreetFor Sydney Homicide Detective Harry Belltree, Not Long Out Of The Military And A Grueling Tour Of Afghanistan, These Three Deaths Appear To Be Just Another Day At The Office Until, That Is, He Identifies The Stabbing Victim As His Own Brother In Law Greg, And Journalist Kelly Pool Suggests There S A Link Between The Three Incidents It Seems Greg And The Old Couple Had Ties To The Same Man, A Corrupt Money Man With A Murky Past And Friends In Both High Places And LowHarry Belltree Can T Get Officially Involved In Greg S Murder, But He S Not Going To Leave It In The Hands Of Others That S When He Goes Off Grid To Investigate The Links Between These Deaths That S When Things Start To Get Dangerous