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Holding Their Own files Holding Their Own , read online Holding Their Own , free Holding Their Own , free Holding Their Own , Holding Their Own 9b0f55e5e Book IX Of Best Selling Author Joe Nobody S Series, Holding Their Own, Explores How Old Grudges And Long Simmering Social Divisions Could Threaten The Recovery Of Post Apocalyptic TexasBishop Hatches A Plan To Pull Terri Away From The Stressful Responsibility Of Managing The Alliance, But His Scheme Quickly Goes Awry The Couple Finds Themselves Isolated, Hunted, And In The Middle Of A Modern Day Range WarNick Is Leading Bishop S Team While The Texan Is Away Bonding With His Family Sent On A Mission To Integrate Another Community Into The Alliance S Fold, The Operator Becomes The Subject Of An Extensive Manhunt His Life Depends On Grim, Cory, And Kevin Igniting An Uprising And Exposing The Foul Deeds Of A Ruthless Dictator The Salt War Takes The Reader On A High Speed, Low Drag Gallop Through A World Still Struggling With Social And Economic Recovery Join Bishop, Terri, And Their Friends As The Struggle To Rebuild Continues

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    I love Terry and Bishop Their adventures give me hope as rhey navigate the post apocalypse world

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    When it comes to a book series, I feel that it is wrong to judge a book individually Each book is just a small piece of the pie With every story, there are going to be parts of the story that you like and parts that you don t like You have to judge the series as a whole The Holding Their Own series by Joe Nobody is an exceptional series The characters are believable and the author portrays them in a way that has you longing for the next book before you even start reading the current book Like all things, the series will have to come to an end one day The Salt War continues the harrowing story of Bishop and his family and friends For most of those reading this review, they have been with this series since the beginning This book continues the great story that started in book one For those who are reading this review to decide whether to get involved in this series, I would say don t wait any longer Every book is worth the price Some other books in this genre, spread out a series longer than necessary and make the books short and charge for each book This series does not do this There s nothing to say Get the book, get the series

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    Great seriesThis series is so believable It has made me think about the fragility of our country Every night when I lay my head down, I thank our US military for my peace This series has made me aware of the need to prepare and be responsible for holding my own.

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    Another great readThis one is as good as the others in the series and you will enjoy it Be sure to read the others before this one.

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    High high energy and JN notes help with the intended lessons.Real page turner.

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