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Vi Agra Falls (Bed-and-Breakfast Mysteries #24) pdf Vi Agra Falls (Bed-and-Breakfast Mysteries #24), ebook Vi Agra Falls (Bed-and-Breakfast Mysteries #24), epub Vi Agra Falls (Bed-and-Breakfast Mysteries #24), doc Vi Agra Falls (Bed-and-Breakfast Mysteries #24), e-pub Vi Agra Falls (Bed-and-Breakfast Mysteries #24), Vi Agra Falls (Bed-and-Breakfast Mysteries #24) a79324d074c Innkeeper And Amateur Sleuth Judith McMonigle Flynn S Worst Nightmare Comes True When Vivian Flynn Husband Joe S First Wife Moves Back Into The Neighborhood Vivian, Who Has Become Mysteriously Wealthy, Plans To Build A Big, Bad Condo On Their Idyllic Cul De Sac Outraged, Judith And Her Neighbors Vow To Fight The Project To The Death Vivian Isn T The Only Newcomer To The Area Frankie Buss, Son Of Another Of Vivian S Ex Husbands, Has Arrived At Hillside Manor With His Wife Vivian Was Married To His Father For What Seemed Like Minutes Before She Inherited His Vast Wealth And Ran Off With His Other Son Now Frankie S Dying For His Share Of The Pot Of Gold Vivian S Got Than One Mortal Enemy But Which One Ended Up Dead In Her Back Yard If She Wants Her Home Sweet Home To Stay Happy, Judith Will Have To Find Out

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    If co dependent protagonists are your idea of a good read, then this is a novel you ll absolutely revel in The main character has no boundaries whatsoever with an overbearing hateful mother, a second husband who dismisses her thoughts and feelings regularly, and her husband s first wife who she allows into her life at the urging of her husband While the title is a wonderful play on words, and pedestrian as this sounds the cover is chuckle worthy, this can t even be filed under summer reading Perhaps it might serve well holding up a wobbly piece of furniture.

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    This one falls into the category of time I ll never get back I m really sad about this because I ve followed this series over the years and have enjoyed it The bones of the mystery are solid and the story is entertaining But, one has to look beyond just about every character s bad or angry attitude The main character Judith is cranky for most of the story Judith s husband seems to be mad an her in their interactions Her sidekick cousin has a crappy attitude and snaps at or practically attacks those she interacts with Judith s mother appears to hate her daughter, calling her dumb several times and Judith appears unfazed by it The police and dispatchers are rude in their dialog with her And, if that s not enough, there are a number of scenarios in the story that are so completely unbelievable that I found it very distracting I m so sad to see this direction of the series A cranky character or situation is poetic license but this was depressing and doesn t encourage me to move forward with the series My hope is that Mary Daheim will back off on the doom and gloom and return to entertaining us.

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    If you haven t read the first few books of this series stop Put this and any subsequent books down and go read the series from the start If you have read the majority of the series, you can skip the next paragraph or two they don t apply to you I m seeing so many people pick up a later book in this series and give it horrible reviews because they don t understand These are characters Judith, Joe, Vivian, Renie, Bill, Gertrude, Deb, Arlene, Carl, etc who have developed over 15 years in this series Yes, Judith is usually insecure and crabby when it comes to Vivian You would be too if the hussy who stole your baby daddy from you while he was in shock from his job by spiriting him off to a quicky wedding in Vegas and then held him hostage for 20 years in a nearly loveless marriage because your crotchety mom gave him the impression that you hated his guts and he was too much of a gentleman or wuss at the time to pester you THEN after he finally divorced her, rekindled your relationship, and FINALLY married youa few years later, the still hussy ex wife moves in next door and falls back into the same pattern of slick flirtations Seriously We have all known a woman or two who is so manipulative that even the strongest man can t hold out forever THAT is Vivian Flynn Buss in this story You can t expect to understand the dynamic from one book this late in the series, so don t even try If you want to read this series which has good books and bad books but mostly good, in my opinion , do it the right way Start with one of the first two or three books and read them pretty much in order I read 5 and 17 before I decided to start at the beginning I almost wrote this series and author off till I did Now I m glad I read them in order They make sense and are way enjoyable This installment of the Bed and Breakfast series was a return to the screwball antics I ve come to love in this series Murder, mayhem, mystery, convoluted family connections, and large doses of sarcasm and grumpiness on top of good hearted intentions Gotta love Renie to the rescue I laughed out loud in several places, especially at the end Good ole Oscar.

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    I found this book on the recommended reading shelf in my local library, and after reading it I am as puzzled by that as by the ratings other readers have given this book I read a lot of mysteries, and this falls below any I have read in recent years.Maybe I just don t like cute, but that is what this is, and sort of coy The characters are all stock, and there are too many of them Judith Flynn, the owner manager of a BB is a poor man s Jessica Fletcher, though aside from finding herself in the middle of a murder which I gather happens in all the books in this series has no discernible personality She lives with an ex cop husband, employs a religiously fanatic maid, and deals with a nasty and stupid mother who lives in a hut in the backyard.The story is full of irritating ethnic stereotypes, which are meant to be cute but put me off It s full of little jokes, almost all of which left me cold The only character I enjoyed is the rabbit, Clarence.This book is too long and the plot too convoluted I never managed to sort it out fully in the concluding chapters when all is made clear If you like your mysteries on the literary side, give this a pass, and if you are looking for light hearted fun, maybe it will work better for you than it did for me It clearly has worked for many readers I m afraid I was not one of them.

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    I picked this one up on a whim at a USO at the airport on my way out of the country It looked like a fun cozy mystery pure brain candy for some long flights The story was okay, but the characters were not very likable they are always sniping at one another I think the author could have easily cut than 100 pages and still kept the story intact There are too many random comments, unnecessary dialogue and characters, and a plot that is all over the place I think that in order to truly appreciate this book, you would have to be a diehard fan and have read the other 23 previous books I ve read a couple of the stories in the Bed and Breakfast Mysteries series by Mary Daheim and I liked them, so perhaps I will just have to take this series in small doses Now that I ve finished the book, I understand better the double meaning of the title Pretty funny.

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    Synopsis Judith Flynn operates a bed and breakfast in the Seattle area and has just recently remarried her ex husband, Joe, who is a retired detective Things get complicated when Joe s annoying ex wife moves in next door with her newest trophy husband probably about her seventh She announces that she is going to build a big condominium building on the street and that same night, a man is found hanging from a tree in her backyard.My Review Apparently this is the 24th installment of this particular bed and breakfast mystery series I m a bit surprised it has made it that long to tell the truth I found the characters annoying and the book especially the conclusion to the mystery at the end a bit disjointed After this book and the previous book I listened to Mine are Spectacular I m beginning to rethink my strategy of or less randomly choosing books to listen to.

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    Mindless who done it Simple I m tired of the loosely based name changes for business and places Story was good but I m tired of all the drivvle between the cousins Without their stupid dialogue it would have been a much better book.

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    I read it all the way through but I really don t know why It just really didn t interest me.

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    I haven t read one of these in a while, and although I miss them this one seemed a bit convoluted and didn t really add up to anything until the end.

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    I found the book when my mom was appling for the YMCA in San Pedro and I thought a bird on the cover, probably fake so I started reading and got the the fact of finishing it and it was a book with a lot of animals as the charaters, second, it seamed boreing because it was of a stero type book The characters are all stock, and there are too many of them Judith Flynn, the owner manager of a BB is a poor man s Jessica Fletcher, though aside from finding herself in the middle of a murder which I gather happens in all the books in this series has no discernible personality She lives with an ex cop husband, employs a religiously fanatic maid, and deals with a nasty and stupid mother who lives in a hut in the backyard.

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