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Pretend: A Blackcreek Novel chapter 1 Pretend: A Blackcreek Novel, meaning Pretend: A Blackcreek Novel, genre Pretend: A Blackcreek Novel, book cover Pretend: A Blackcreek Novel, flies Pretend: A Blackcreek Novel, Pretend: A Blackcreek Novel bc7ce24dd96e9 Mason Alexander Thought All He Wanted In Life Was Something To Call His Own Something Without The Family Name Attached He Got That When He Bought His Bar In Blackcreekbut Then A Hard Truth Opens His Eyes That He S Been Lied To His Whole Life, And He S Tangled Amid The Family That Loves Him, A Truth That Haunts Him, And Torn Between The Life He Wants For Himself And The Obligation He Feels For His Family Gavin Davis Knows A Thing Or Two About Living A Double Life Being A Gay Man With Strict Christian Parents Who Believe He S Going To Hell, Has Never Been Easy Instead Of Dealing, Gavin Lost Himself In His Career Teaching Music Gives Him Solace So When He Loses His Job At A Private School For Helping Out A Gay Kid, He Feels Like He Lost Than A Job He Lost His Identity Blackcreek Is A New Start For Both Of Them, Two Men, Loyal To A Fault, Who Both Feel Obligated To People In Their Lives What Mason And Gavin Don T Expect To Find In Each Other Is The Place Where They Can Be Real They Know They Want Each Other, It S The Rest Of It They Can T Figure Out Caught Between Loyalty, Obligation, Fear, Tragedy And Family, Mason And Gavin S Lives Threaten To Pull Them Away From Each Other If They Don T Get Real, And Stop Playing Pretend, For Good

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    2.75 cause I love me some ass action starsI m feeling lazy, so First, the GOOD lots of rimming god, the shit Gavin did with his tongue plenty of fucking Mason is the bossiest bottom ever created some bonding friendship moments with the guys from books 1 and 2 blue collar bar setting with a piano and everything BUT.I m quoting my bestie Catherine because I really can t say it any better There wasn t really any trajectory for their relationship They met They started boning They fell in love Big whoop Gavin cried and whined because his Christian parents pretended THEME he wasn t gay And Mason cried and whined because his super loving, wealthy, doting, non judgmental parents never told him that he was view spoiler adopted hide spoiler

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    4.5 Stars Really enjoyed this one Loved the banter between Mason and Gavin

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    The third book in the Blackcreek series focuses on bar owner Mason and ex music teacher Gavin Both men are battling their parents for control over their lives Mason s parents want him to take over the family restaurant and Gavin s parents want him to pretend he isn t gay when they are together.I really enjoyed this book in the series but Stay remains my 1 and the chance to visit with the characters from the first 2 books One thing that was refreshing about this book was that Mason and Gavin became friends before they fell into bed While that was a nice change, they did end up labeling their relationship as friends with benefits for several months before falling in love that lack of emotion usually leaves me cold, but somehow worked here.A bonus to this story was a break up I always love a good break up, because it makes getting back together that much sweeter view spoiler The problem I had with this break up was that both men agreed to it and felt being apart was best for their relationship That is awesome for mature, real people, but kinda sucks when you want a bit of angst and drama hide spoiler

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    3.5 STARS You re making me feel things, too, music man Go to bed with me Fuck me Play for me Show me your music Pretend is book three in the Blackcreek series This one was about Mason and Gavin, both of these men are trying to get away from something in their lives They decide to do it by moving to Blackcreek Mason opened up his own bar and has been in this town since, where he has become friends with the characters of the previous books in this series Gavin is new to town after he lost his job as a music teacher, he is a bit lost and looking for some direction for his life, so he moves to Blackcreek and rents his ex boyfriend Braden s old house Somehow he ends up at the bar Mason works and owns, and that is where he finds work as a bartender They both are very attracted to each other, and since they both are single, they decide to do something about it This is the real Gavin The person I m seeing right now I m a selfish bastard because I want to be the only one to see him, but I can t do that This is who you need to show the world I really enjoyed both Mason and Gavin I especially loved Mason and what a bossy bottom he was, I was fanning myself a lot because of it I really enjoyed the smoking sex scenes in this book I also really enjoyed the story Mason has been pushed into going the family business, something he doesn t have a real interest in Then Mason finds out that he has been lied to his whole life by his family While Gavin, after continually trying to make his family happy by pretending not to be himself, finds himself jobless and rejected for trying to help a boy in his music class deal with his sexuality They are both tired of pretending to be happy when they are not They understand each other and together they find a place where they can be happy just being themselves and finally live Now s gonna be when you want to kiss me, music man I liked how supportive these characters were of each other It took a while for them to fall in love Sure, some parts of the book dragged on a bit, but I actually enjoyed reading those scenes where Mason and Gavin would slowly get to know each other better The steam, as I ve mentioned before, was off the roof hot I liked the overall story line of this one, but it wasn t very angsty or very emotional, so there wasn t much that went on I did feel for both of the characters, especially Gavin I hated how much Gavin s parents didn t support him, it was just horrible I loved the sweet romantic ending that melted my heart It was a perfect conclusion for them both I really enjoyed this read and I can t wait to see what is next in this series.

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    Four Holy Hotness, Batman Stars Pretend, book three in the Blackcreek Series, gives us the angsty love story of Mason and Gavin Mason we met in Wes and Braden s book, is the new owner of Creekside bar Coming from a wealthy family of restauranteurs, he strives to have something for himselfnot some high end restaurant his father gives to him He also struggles with finding out he s adoptedfeeling like his life is one big lie Why couldn t his parents tell him he wasn t their own flesh and blood So, instead, he hides in Blackcreek, tending to his bar, avoiding familyAll work and no playuntil a sexy musician walks thru his door Gavin, ex boyfriend of Braden from book 2, settles in Blackcreek to also escape family Losing his music teacher position by counseling a gay student, he s unsure where his life is headed The son of devoutly religious parents, he s constantly pressured to be someone he s notstraight His parents seriously think he will go to Hell for his homosexual tendencies All they do is pray for himpray he ll come to his senses So, he too hides from family and pain Pretend gives us a fairly heavy dose of conflict and emotion compared to the past two books in the series Both men are avoiding family drama and pain, instead seemly solace with each other Mason needs help at the bar Gavin needs a job Doesn t hurt that the two men are fiercely attracted to one another either Fringe benefits of the job I enjoyed this installment Not my favorite in the series, but it kept my interest and was probably the HOTTEST of the three Mason is a bottom, yet doesn t fail to tell Gavin what he wantsand how he wants it Nothing I love than a masculine and rather dominant MM love story Not sure if the author has Blackcreek man lovin coming our way but I d love to learn about Isaac, Mason s ex lover who HATES to lose My interest is piqued Just because this pic is awesome, I thought I d share

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    2.5 Stars I fully acknowledge that my rating may be a smidgen harsh In fact, I would happily spring for an extra.25 stars if I believed in doing such a thing, but I don t, so awkward pause Anywhooo, I thought this book was just alright It wasn t particularly angsty, but nor was it particularly fluffy and sweet It just kind of was Quite frankly, this sort of middle of the road book tends to bore me a bit Overall, I found Gavin and Mason to be pretty stock romantic characters both instantly likable and relatable but entirely unexciting they were your everyman but not in a good way They met, they boned, they fell in love, and all of it was pretty yawn inducing I mean, for all their smexin and there is a delicious dose of it in this book , I still felt like I was missing true sizzle outside of the bedroom I will say that my favourite part was the repeated use of the Gavin, I think this is one of those times you kiss me shtick Melted me every single time Sidenote to any gay men currently reading this review If you re verse and your partner is an exclusive top or exclusive bottom, is this upsetting or frustrating to you Or do you just kinda roll with it because you love the other person I mean, I have to imagine that if someone I was shtupping with romantically didn t like half of what I enjoyed in the bedroom, it could become a bit of a problem So, inquiring minds want to know feel free to leave a comment below or PM me To be honest, I enjoyed reading about Mason and Gavin s relationships with their respective parents far than their relationship with each other I thought Mason s anger with and detachment from parents he so clearly loved and respected added a significant layer to his storyline and character, and Gavin s interactions with his ailing father actually brought something new ish to the whole my mom s a religious bigot who rejected me after coming out trope That last moment with Gavin s dad Warmed my coal shaped heart.Also, I m just going to throw this out there Anyone who publishes a book without having several fresh sets of eyes beta and proofread it first should be required to slap a warning on the book blurb so that customers know ahead of time what they are getting themselves into The number of typos and grammar errors in this book hurt my soul just a little not a lot, mind you, but definitely a little Final verdict Third time really is the charm I have finally learned that this series is too underwhelming to pre order and rush to read on release day However, let s be honest if Hart continues the series could Isaac s book be next , I would probably still read it shrugs

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    4 Stars I have never had to pretend with you Even from the beginning, you knew who I was I showed that person to you before I did anyone else Thank you, Riley Hart for starting my year off on the right foot This was a wonderfully sweet and saucy finding yourself read.Gavin and Mason are both living with the burden of their families expectations Both men trying to find happiness on their own path and their own place in the world After discovering that his whole life has been a lie, Mason moves to Blackcreek to open up a bar A place all his own His time His money His business HIS dream But Mason s family has a plan for his future A plan that he isn t so sure he wants After meeting Gavin, Mason finds himself opening up to the man Easy conversations with no judgment, just understandingsomething he s never had before You make things feel better, music man It doesn t feel so fucked up with you around It s not about work and money and obligations with you It s about want Due to his gay lifestyle, Gavin lost his two loves.teaching and music Music is his passion An outlet where he can connect and just feel His parents are devout Christians who do not support his lifestyle They had plans and dreams for their only sonand it does not include his soul burning in hell for loving men So, in order to avoid conflict he hides who he is, putting his own needs on the back burner Mason understands Gavin s heavy heart due to family expectations He helps Gavin grab hold of life To stop letting it pass him by, and actually live it Mason had become like music to Gavin A constant Something that made him feel good, that made him feel alive Even though nothing really happens in this book, you still feel a forward momentum Watching two men discover themselves, their path, their place in the world, their need for the other Their unyielding support of each other is the foundation to their relationship, and although difficult decisions must be made they both only want what s best for the other But don t you fret, this isn t some heavy book filled with never ending life lessons Mason and Gavin both know the perfect way to relieve the day s stress And Mason shows himself to be quite the magnificent bossy bottom I want to be fucked That doesn t mean I won t take control I ll want you inside me when I tell you to be there I ll want you to kiss me and suck me and touch me when I tell you to, but it will be YOUR cock in MY ass Mason s take charge attitude freed Gavin Allowed him to both give and take what he wanted To feel pleasure in ways he s never experienced before But make no mistake, although Mason may have been topping from the bottom, he fully gave himself over to Gavin You re making me feel things, too, music man Go to bed with me Fuck me Play for me Show me your music Overall, Gavin and Mason s story was a great addition to this series A low on angst, sweet and steamy read Riley Hart continues to prove why she s an autobuy author for me.

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    3.5 Stars I have never had to pretend with you Even from the beginning, you knew who I was I showed that person to you before I did anyone else I started this book expecting to love, at least Mason, if not Gavin too And for the most part I did I liked both of them I just never really connected I wasn t overly anxious to see how things would go between them I was never really invested in their story It was such a shame too.Mason and Gavin connect over their reluctance to meet family their families expectations Mason doesn t want the to be responsible for his family s bussiness He doesn t want to run the Alexander s restaurants, no matter how succesful they might be And after learning the secret they have been keeping from him, he has never felt disconnected from his family than he does now.Now, that may make you believe that Mason s family are bastards That is soooo not the case I honestly thought that Mason was full of it Yes, learning something like he did when you are already 30 years old can be a shock to the system, I get it But his family loved him And I honestly think that if he had sat down and talked to them we would have been saved most of the drama.Gavin on the other hand had won the lottery on the Worst Kind of Parent pool His parents were the conservative christian type , exactly the kind of people who would make a gay guy go crazy They were certain that their son would go to hell for his choices and although they professed their love for him, they also wanted him to pretend to be straight so he wouldn t embarass them to their other good christian friends Because to God being gay is wrong, lying and pretending to be something you re not, isn t Idiots Anyway I just wasn t feeling it The sex was good though I loved how bossy Mason was, even if he was the bottom of the pair You make things feel better, music man It doesn t feel so fucked up with you around It s not about work and money and obligations with you It s about want

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    I really do love this series and the men in them I don t think I could even pick a favorite couple I adore them all Mason and Gavin were just so freaking perfect for each other I LOVED them together I loved that it wasn t instant love and that they were kind of friends with benefits just kind of feeling each other out and getting to know each other I enjoyed how the relationship developed and how they just gradually moved from hanging out to dating to being in a relationship Each transition of their relationship felt natural.Boy were their families all kinds of a hot mess Gavin s mom though I really wanted to smack the woman for all the guilt she kept laying on Gavin One of my favorite moments in the book is where Gavin is alone visiting his father and his dad is lucid for that visit and the conversation that followed totally had me tearing up and maybe even a few tears were let loose I couldn t help it That damn sappy shit got to me It was a beautiful moment for Gavin though I was thrilled for him.Mason had a lot of drama going on with his family To speak too much of it will just spoil it for others so I will just say that I felt for the guy The loyalty one feels to their family can get pretty twisted when ones dreams and wants are different from what their family had envisioned for them It s hard trying to stay true to them and yourself at the same time You have to choose in the end But I think when it was all said and done, Mason was able to keep his loyalty to his family as much as he could while still keeping his dream It was a great read One I would recommend to my fellow M M lovers.

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