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Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offences chapter 1 Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offences, meaning Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offences, genre Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offences, book cover Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offences, flies Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offences, Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offences a275a6c5a23b0 Feni Cooper Author Of The Deerslayer, The Last Of The Mohicans, Etc Has Often Been Praised, But Just As Often Been Criticized For His Writing Mark Twain Wrote A Funny, Vicious Little Essay On The Subject, In Which He States In One Place In Deerslayer, And In The Restricted Space Of Two Thirds Of A Page, Cooper Has Scored Offences Against Literary Art Out Of A Possible

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    I suppose most critics probably come across books that really irratate them Sometimes so much that there is nothing to do except write a scathing review about it As a reader of some of those scathing reviews I can say that review of this kind sometimes end up being nothing than boring rants If you want to write scathing review, I think this is the way to do it.Twain take on Feni Cooper s work is detailed, it points to many examples of what is wrong, and how it should have been done It is never boring, and even though I ve never actually read any of Cooper s novels, it hold the interest all the way through In fact it stand on its own as a literary work, and that doesn t happen often with reviews And the reason why it works so well is that it s done with humor So much so that I laughed out loud several times But Twain may just have ruined Fani Cooper for me, I don t think I could ever read his work without thinking of the flaws that Twain points out in this essay.

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    Otherwise known as the essay where a realistic writer criticizes a romantic writer for writing in the romantic style I had to read this in school and I remember it made me laugh I just finished reading Cooper s The Last of the Mohicans and decided to re read it There s nothing better than listening to someone rip into a book I didn t care for and it s even satisfying when they criticizes many of the scenes that made me roll my eyes I d remembered the most famous line There have been daring people in the world who claimed that Cooper could write English, but they are all dead now But there s several other great one liners Even the eternal laws of Nature have to vacate when Cooper wants to put up a delicate job of woodcraft on the reader Bless your heart, Cooper hadn t any invention than a horse and I don t mean a high class horse, either I mean a clothes horse.

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    Oh my gosh, this was fabulous and horrifying Basically, it is a twenty seven page review of Feni Cooper s writing.This had me laughing out loud at several points because I could absolutely see what Mark Twain was complaining about, but still I mean, it s Feni Cooper, right He s, um, kinda famous Just to give a couple of examples of my laugh out loud moments, Twain opens by quoting other people s positive comments about Cooper s writing and then follows with It seems to me that it was far from right for the Professor of English Literature in Yale, the Professor of English Literature in Columbia, and Wilkie Collins to deliver opinions on Cooper s literature without having read some of it It would have been much decorous to keep silent and let persons talk who have read Cooper In another, Twain is describing the various rules of writing and how Cooper violated them Here s one They require that the author shall make the reader feel a deep interest in the personages of his tale and in their fate and that he shall make the reader love the good people in the tale and hate the bad ones But the reader of the Deerslayer tale dislikes the good people in it, is indifferent to the others, and wishes they would all get drowned together Thankfully I suppose , Cooper was dead by the time this was published Wow Really fun read

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    I laughed so hard I thought I would keel over and die Just look at that introduction Twain had me in stitches through the whole thing The Pathfinder and The Deerslayer stand at the head of Cooper s novels as artistic creations There are others of his works which contain parts as perfect as are to be found in these, and scenes even thrilling Not one can be compared with either of them as a finished whole The defects in both of these tales are comparatively slight They were pure works of art Professor LounsburyThe five tales reveal an extraordinary fullness of invention One of the very greatest characters in fiction, Natty Bumppo The craft of the woodsman, the tricks of the trapper, all the delicate art of the forest were familiar to Cooper from his youth up Professor MatthewsCooper is the greatest artist in the domain of romantic fiction in America Wilkie CollinsIt seems to me that it was far from right for the Professor of English Literature at Yale, the Professor of English Literature in Columbia, and Wilkie Collins to deliver opinions on Cooper s literature without having read some of it It would have been much decorous to keep silent and let persons talk who have read Cooper.There have been daring people in the world who claimed that Cooper could write English, but they are all dead now

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    ooooh burn Mark Twain s take down piece is both mean and makes somewhat sense Cooper is at an ideological disadvantage here as he is a romantic and Mark Twain is incredibly not That in itself is a ground that s uneven so one can expect the scathing that s going to follow.Twain nitpicks on things that can almost be categorized into tropes in the given style of writing Cooper s characters are larger than life, they speak plain, they rise above the others and almost always are better in the things that non Cooper people are considered to be experts in It is a forgivable offense given how the romantic literature works.Though Twain isn t entirely wrong with this gripes, a rationalist ripping on a romantic writer seems to be harsh and frankly, biased Twain goes as far as picking out words that Cooper uses and is metaphorically beats Cooper with a thesaurus which is quite unnecessary The essay is not without humor and Twain doesn t hold back his scathing criticism This essay is for everyone who gets told don t read the book if you don t like the genre or style.

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    Most scathing long review ever It s funny, although Natasha wasn t impressed that I kept reading bits aloud They weren t jokes.As a review it s kind of frustrating though Hard to attach Twain s writing to specific places in Cooper s, because he takes everything out of context I ve no doubt that the sailing is all wrong, and possibly every other word, but it s hard to figure out the problems based only on Twain s review.

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    A masterpiece of criticism and satireTwain s savage but hilarious criticism of James Feni Cooper s aesthetic and style remains among the seminal pieces literary satire Cooper s tendencies towards the fantastic and his wildly inconsistent descriptions are just a couple of literary habits that come under the withering pen of Twain.

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    I read Deerslayer for an essay I wrote in college, and found it to be insufferable This is an absolute religious experience for me every time I read it.

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    I read this while reading The Last of the Mohicans because I was becoming frustrated by his tiring writing style and I wondered if I was alone in my feeling You can imagine my surprise when I found that, much to my astonishment, one of my favorite authors, Mark Twain, had critiqued James Feni Cooper s work and concluded much the same as I had intuited I simply can t express the vindicating, exhilarating justice I felt upon reading this work by the well respected writer Of course, Twain was referring to Cooper s other work, The Deerslayer, but it is relatively easy to apply the same criticisms to Copper s other work Here are some of the offences that Mark Twain elucidates 12 Say what he is proposing to say, not merely come near it.13 Use the right word, not its second cousin.14 Eschew surplusage.15 Not omit necessary details.16 Avoid slovenliness of form.17 Use good grammar.18 Employ a simple and straightforward style.You simply cannot appreciate this work without first having the displeasure of reading some of Cooper s work If you ve ever read Cooper s work, then you may find this rather humorous essay as entertaining and expressing your own frustrations as I did I highly recommend reading this but don t suffer yourself to read Cooper s work just to appreciate this essay Unless you happen to find extinguishing cigarettes on your bare skin something of a joyful pastime, by all means, skip this reading and avoid Cooper at all costs No one gave me this warning or advise to heed before I went on to venturing the reading that excessively verbose even by Victorian standards author.

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    I had this on my list even before I started reading Cooper s The Deerslayer but when I read the essay, it left me quite disappointed The tone is even snide and arrogant than I expected from Mark Twain and its objections to the book focus on such weighty issues as how far characters can reasonably jump or fall and whether Cooper s writing style is good or bad I think much of it is simply prejudice by a prominent member of the literary movement then in vogue against a deceased member of an older, out of favor school a Realist Twain bashing a Romantic Cooper largely on what I like is better than what you like grounds.

    Twain also accuses Cooper s supporters in the literary academy of never having read Cooper s work in the first place, but provides no evidence at all that they didn t, quoting statements of praise they made that are irrelevant to proving they hadn t read Cooper The argument simply assumes he s right that Cooper s work is bad, bad, bad and that therefore these writers and critics who complimented Cooper must have made the compliments without actually reading any of his work at least not closely , because again, as Twain implicitly assumes only idiots would praise Cooper.You will have of a context for why Twain would instinctively despise Cooper and his work if you study both authors and figure out their personal philosophies, their preassumptions and views on life and on their country I won t try to describe those beliefs in detail, but they were obviously diametrically opposed Not the men Cooper died in 1851 and Twain was a teenager then but only their beliefs

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