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Moonlight Eyes (Hunted Hearts, #1) summary Moonlight Eyes (Hunted Hearts, #1) , series Moonlight Eyes (Hunted Hearts, #1) , book Moonlight Eyes (Hunted Hearts, #1) , pdf Moonlight Eyes (Hunted Hearts, #1) , Moonlight Eyes (Hunted Hearts, #1) c1c8da63ca Monsters Manifest In Many Forms The Small Child Appears Out Of The Darkness And Blizzard In The Middle The Road When Erika Swerves To Miss Him And Her Car Goes Over A Snow Bank, She Barely Escapes Being Plunged Into A Raging River In The Freezing Darkness, She Finds The Child, Alive But With A Bloody Gash On His Head And Crying For His Mother When He Suddenly Pulls From Her Arms And Runs Toward The River, She Is Terrified Of Him Getting Swept Away In The Flood Waters But As He Reaches The River S Edge, A Strange Scene Unfolds Before Her That Propels Her Into A Surreal Reality In Which The True Monsters Wear The Faces Of Men Note Not Suitable For Readers And Below Due To Mature Content This Is Part One Of A Two Part Serial

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    Exciting start, but Gets Bogged DownThe first few chapters were exciting if not a little confusing Erika, the heroine, was hurt in the car accident, then she seems to magically heal The secondary relationship seems to be insta love I finished it, but even though it s a cliffhanger, I won t be getting the next book.

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    Very interesting story.I have read all the Phoenix series stories and love that group of characters so much When I saw these two books by this author I had to get them also Am wondering how this story will end It is a two book deal but I am enjoying it.

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    Ends abruptly with no resolutionsI liked it, I really did But then I saw myself getting closer and closer to the end and I knew that there was so much left of this story to tell, as well as background story, and I knew the author would end it in a cliffhanger Did they, was there a cliffhanger Nope the author just u st ended the story with a To Be Continued In Part 2 And that was it Nothing No resolutions to anything None of the Reader s questions were answered We re left like a freshly washed sheet hanging on a clothesline, blowing in the breeze, and wondering about Tobias, Erika, Larry, and Ethan Also about Erika s deceased brother Isaac, and what the heck he has to do with Jeremiah And what about the time discrepancy In the beginning we see Laddy as a small child, we see Ethan s father a young man at the time witness his own father be killed Next we see Erika recovering from the car wreck and Laddy is now 18 or so years of age We see Ethan s father an adult with an 18 year old son Ethan of his own Only a few days have passed for Erika, but it appears that a dozen or so years have actually passed How the heck did that occur Will we be made privy I hope so O f course t h e on l y way to find out is to purchase book 2 Luckily it s only 99 cents right now On to the story.

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    Moonlight Eyes is the first of the two part series, Hunted Hearts I downloaded it expecting M M fiction Though it is listed as a gay romance, most of this first part would be better considered M F erotica The plot focuses on the relationship between humans and shifters Without revealing any unnecessary spoilers, I have to say that if you intend to read both part one and two Dark Side of the Moon There is a lot of violent or extreme sexual interactions some bordering on rape and in Part Two, the discussion suggestion of animal torture, which was almost too much for me.There is a gay storyline coming of age , developed further in Part Two.That said, this is an extremely well written and engaging book This is my first time, in recent years, reading an urban fantasy or paranormal romance and I became completely wrapped up in this world The characters are fascinating and the storytelling is well crafted Part One Moonlight Eyes definitely ends in a cliffhanger But unlike some series books, it doesn t leave you feeling cheated The story is fully developed, leaving you wanting I couldn t wait to download Part Two to continue the saga.C.J Bishop is an extremely talented writer I look forward to reading in the future.

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    InterestingI enjoyed book 1 and am really looking forward to book 2 I gave this book 4 stars because the writing is great However, I became a little irritated with our heroine as she just continues to make up flimsy excuses about the strange events happening all around her I get it that she s had an accident and lost her brother, but did she lose her backbone too She almost seems to be a weak female, but I am hoping she takes a stronger stance in book 2 Laddy and Ethan s heartbreak touched me profoundly so I am keeping my fingers crossed for these two young men.

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    MoonlightI really ended up liking this story so far and I find myself looking forward to reading the next installment I hope it is as good or better than this one Only thing I didn t care for was the beast having sex with a woman clearly on medication and trying to heal from a car crash That s just bad taste, no matter how many orgasms she received.

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    attention readers this is MF with a MM sub plot not what I expected it s a okay paranormal story with just a hint of world building I felt frustrating during most of the readand it s got a huge cliffhanger Sigh

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    I didn t hate it, but there was just something missing for me I felt emotions from Laddy and Ethan than from Tobias It appears to be a decent story and depending on the I might read the others.

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    ProblemsThe story was good but I have issues with the lack of consent Implied consent through mating bond isn t the same thing as getting consent verbally That is a big issue for me Also, the timeline is really confusing Was there time travel at some point

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    I can t believe that I waited so long to read this book I loved this book I was hooked from the first page This book is very well written and the characters are very well developed I loved that I felt connected to the characters This is my first book by CJ Bishop and it won t be my last.

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