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Conjure summary Conjure , series Conjure , book Conjure , pdf Conjure , Conjure c57f182ba9 It Was August, When The Crickets Sang Slowly And The Past Lingered In Bright Pools Of Glorious Light, Even Though It Would Soon Be Gone, The Way Summer Was All But Over, Yet The Heat Was Still On The Rise The Weather Had Been Extreme That Month Days Of Drenching Rain, Sudden Showers Of Hail, Temperatures Passing Record Highs Local Children Whispered That An Angel Had Fallen To Earth In A Thunderstorm There Were Roving Groups Who Swore They Had Found Signs Footprints In The Grass, Black Feathers, A Campfire In The Woods Behind The High School Where There Were Sparks Of Shimmering Ash One Neighborhood Boy Vowed That He Had Seen A Man In A Black Cloak Rise Above The Earth And Walk On Air, And Although No One Believed His Account, Mothers Began To Keep Their Children Home They Locked The Doors, Called In The Dogs, Kept The Lights On After Dusk Alice Hoffman Is The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Practical Magic, The Dovekeepers, And The Marriage Of Opposites Hoffman S Work Has Been Published In Than Twenty Translations And Than One Hundred Foreign Editions Her Novels Have Received Mention As Notable Books Of The Year By The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, The Los Angeles Times, Library Journal, And People Magazine She Has Also Worked As A Screenwriter And Is The Author Of The Original Screenplay Independence Day, A Film Starring Kathleen Quinlan And Diane Wiest Her Teen Novel Aquamarine Was Made Into A Film Starring Emma Roberts Her Short Fiction And Non Fiction Have Appeared In The New York Times, The Boston Globe Magazine, Kenyon Review, The Los Angeles Times, Architectural Digest, Harvard Review, Ploughshares And Other MagazinesFlyleaf Journal Issue December Illustrated By Timothy TangHand Lettering By Heidi Unkefer

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    I could find a stack of muddy, half torn pages lying in a ditch somewhere, devoid of a cover or any type of byline, and I would still have no difficulty recognizing Alice Hoffman s work She breathes magic into every single word and makes the ordinary into something mystically, whimsically extraordinary Conjure is actually a short story Alice wrote for a magazine in celebration of Ray Bradbury s work, specifically Something Wicked This Way Comes As I ve reluctantly admitted previously, I m really not a fan of Bradbury and didn t care much for that particular book nor The October Country I did, however, adore this story that was inspired by those works and I did pick up a similar vibe in Conjure, as far as the whole theme of something potentially dark and dangerous arriving in a small town Luckily, this story was infused with Hoffman s lyrical language and compelling storytelling and while it was far too short to fully satisfy me, what we were given was very well crafted.

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    Short, short stories probably written for teens, but featuring all the urban magic of joy and sorrow Alice Hoffman is known for If your goal is to read everything she has written, that this is nice addition.

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    I m a big fan of Alice Hoffman, and I liked this story a lot I just wish i would have realized it was a short story because I wasn t ready for it to end.

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    CreepyVery dark but intriguing Alice Hoffman makes the magical real A nice short story but disturbing at the same time.

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    The first and last book I ve read this year were written by Alice Hoffman Excellent.Beautiful written and very frightening.Happy New Year Goodreaders

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    EerieOne time a man befriended my ex husband by telling him that he was my cousin He had been adopted by a woman who had gone to church with my step brother When I would tell others he wasn t really my cousin he made them believe it was because I didn t count him as a cousin since he was adopted He was attempting to keep me isolated from others as he was attempting to get his needs met through those around me at my church and even from the man I was married to at the time There are some people that are like an autumn breeze, there one minute, gone the next They can send a chill up your spine and bring goose bumps out on your skin or leave you wondering if they were actually an angel as they become like a memory of a good dream This book is about a girl and her friend who decide to cross a field where an angel is said to live They encounter someone that seems so good, and the girl makes a decision that seems so bad Hoffman create a realistic scenario that challenges a friendship I liked this short story This seemed to describe my own teen years by the river accurately This, to me, is the magic.

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    Reminds me of summers before cellphones This story reminded me of my high school summers in the late 80 s, when my friends and I would walk everywhere with our backpacks full of library books We spent a lot of time hiking around Linear Park during the day and the golf course at night, reading our books yes, I was that nerdy Of course, the golf course was the scene of a grizzly abduction and murder of a teenage girl in the 60 s, but maybe that s why we gothic nerds would hang out there It also reminded me of Where are you going, where have you been by Joyce Carol Oates.

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    A book to whisper in the bath A pocket Bradbury and all the better for it.

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    Not terribly interesting I m not sure what to say The story seemed pointless to me It didn t hold me active for a moment

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    I wasn t ready for it to end.

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