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Phantoms & Monsters chapter 1 Phantoms & Monsters , meaning Phantoms & Monsters , genre Phantoms & Monsters , book cover Phantoms & Monsters , flies Phantoms & Monsters , Phantoms & Monsters 1292f78132a49 A Collection Of Bizarre Encounter Reports Submitted To Me By Regular People Who Felt Compelled To Find Answers About Their Unexplained Experience I Keep An Open Mind When Reading, Assessing And Discussing Witness Accounts Since I Truly Understand How They Feel I Have Not Been A Stranger To Bizarre Situations Cases For Which I Offered My Abilities And Help Are Also Included In This Edition

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    Enjoyable and informative I subscribe to the Phantoms and Monsters newsletter I enjoy reading it each night The stories in this book are detailed and really makes you think I recommend this book to anyone interested in the paranormal A really great read.

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    Entertaining and hair raising I got this book free from a Reddit posting I read this a few times at night and it creeped me out The accounts are short enough that you can read a couple at a time There are a few typos there and there but not many.

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    Creepy Collection of Strange TalesThis is the third book of story collections that I have read by Lon Strickler It is definitely the best of the three There is a large number of encounter stories of various types, Cryptids, paranormal and UFO from the author s website There is a bit of something for everyone and these are all true tales sent in by people around the world Some are bizarre, some touching, some strange and weird While a few are slightly edited for clarity, all are told from the individual s point of view Great Collection for fans of the unusual, although I would ve like to have had Bigfoot tales Definitely worth reading If you enjoy this book, you can check out the author s website and subscribe to his newsletter.

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    A mixture of occurrences from many different people.Many different stories of ufo abductions, big foots, mothman and People have written in to Lon expressing their own experiences and I found them quite interesting A good book that can be read a few minutes at a time when waiting for an appointment.

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    Decent collection of short stories Could do with better editing Entertaining for downtime at work.

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