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    This was a great read It gave us background for one of the best side quests in the game and in doing so made our actions matter even in DX HR It fleshed out Malik as a character which gave even weight to her fate in the game Its just a great companion the the amazing experience that is to play Human Revolution And to top it all, its an entertaining tale, well written and very exciting It even works as an introduction to Hengsha and its seedy underworld What a treat for a fan like me Well done NOW BRING BACK DEUS EX, SQUARE ENIX

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    The book is free, and it gives a nice little background story to your pilot Faridah Malik from Human Revolution You can download the pdf from the official Wiki if you want to give it a try.

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    I played the original Deus Ex back in the day, but never got into the sequel Invisible War Years later a prequel Human Revolution came out, and I read a companion book Icarus Effect before ever playing it This short story was written by the same author.In all fairness, I should note that I adored the Human Revolution game, and I liked Icarus Effect I rated it 3.2 out of 5.SUMMARYThe story takes place a year or a few before the events of Human Revolution and focuses on Faridah Malik She is living in Hengsha, China where she works as a pilot for a company called ArcAir along with her friend, Evelyn Carmichael.Though they both have suspicions that their employer also works for the Red Arrow crime syndicate, they never worry about it until they are tasked with carrying a threatening mercenary to an uncertain location to pick up secret cargo Faridah s curiosity gets the better of her, and she learns a secret that her employer is willing to kill over.OVERALL 3.2 out of 5This story asks some questions about the conspiracy that lies at the heart of the revived Deus Ex series, but it doesn t have the time to answer them In this sense, the story is really a teaser for materials that are already out I think it s humorous that it was the last bit of media released when it should have been the first.Still, it s an enjoyable little adventure, particularly for people who are fans of the series I will probably work much harder to make sure Faridah survives my next play through of Human Revolution , especially since I ve heard she may have a cameo in the next game, Mankind Divided.RATINGS BY CATEGORYCHARACTERS 4 out of 5Without a lot of time for character development, I thought the author did a good job depicting Faridah Malik There is nothing here that contradicts her appearance or character in the video game, but I thought she was interesting and proactive without being annoying or stupid When things do turn sour, she has the right balance of fear and courage she isn t an action star, but I wasn t stressed out about the odds being stacked too much against her.The other characters exist without particularly shining, but they aren t cardboard cutouts either A mercenary named Khan plays an important role he was in the video game, but I didn t remember him , and so does Evelyn Carmichael She and Faridah have a good, realistic friendship in which they re friends, but still have disagreements and gripes about the other.PACE 3 out of 5Though this story is very short, it wasn t very fast either Time is never wasted, but I found myself asking where is this going while reading it The ending has some fast paced action that is appropriate for what s going on.STORY 3 out of 5I was a little curious what a short story released three years after its related video game and novel had to say Among other things, the character of Faridah Malik was actually killed during my play through, so what was she going to do in this prequel story that could interest me It s really a short vignette of a tale, but it s an entertaining bit that illustrates the type of person Malik is, and some of the things she has been through prior to meeting Adam Jensen and working for Sarif Industries It also ties into the overall conspiracy of the video game.DIALOGUE 3 out of 5The dialogue is strong though there s nothing particularly special about it The characters feel real and their language is never fake or rehearsed there are no speeches though Faridah s employer does sound a little silly near the end The dialogue does a good job of doing the job without taking the spotlight.STYLE TECHNICAL 3 out of 5The writing is clear, and events and conversations are propelled forward in an easy to read and sensible way so that nothing is ever confusing, though it s possible that people who aren t familiar with the game might be a little lost in the descriptions of Hengsha, particularly when there is a chase sequence near the end.

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    A very slight short story, offering some characterisation to fan favourite Faridah Malik from Deus Ex Human Revolution no vital development, and the game offers plenty , as well as some background to a memorable side quest set in Hengsha It s a teaser than a significant story in its own right Not unenjoyable, but unmemorable, and honestly, pretty unnecessary Transmedia offerings like this this one specifically a pre order bonus are often about hyping up players and buyers, rather than offering substantial and enjoyable stories in their own rights, but I m not so cynical as to not recognise plenty of them are enjoyable, and certainly satisfy their target audience I didn t have a bad time with the story, but it s so slight that I don t think there s many other contexts than that pre game hype euphoria where you dig into your pre order goodies, where the story could be significantly enjoyed Particular fans of Malik of which there are many might find the story very enjoyable, as it does provide some enjoyable character moments with her.There are less odd writing quirks in a negative sense here than in Icarus Effect, so compliments to Swallow on that front, for competency I found the writing in the game itself generally of a high calibre, so I imagine Swallow works better in that context than literature.I give it two VTOLs, and a conspiracy.

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    A nice concise prequel story about Faridah Malik, a side character in the Deus Ex Human Revolutions game The short novella features several other side characters from the game, although some of them were such small characters that I had to look up their names to even remember who they were.The story also hints at some major themes and events from the Human Revolutions game as well Enjoyable but not a needed addition to appreciate the Dues Ex cyberpunk world.

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    This was funshort, filled with actionThe main protagonist was interesting, and it s nice to see how she came to work for Sarif I liked it , than the Icarus Effect, despite it being so short Worth reading

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    A good story james Swallow delivers as usual but sadly this story is rather short, and the ending seems like Deus Ex Machina

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Deus Ex: Fallen Angel download Deus Ex: Fallen Angel, read online Deus Ex: Fallen Angel, kindle ebook Deus Ex: Fallen Angel, Deus Ex: Fallen Angel 87cedd0157a4 Written By James Swallow, Fallen Angel Ties In With The Events That Unfold In The Shanghai Justice Side Quest In Human Revolution It Provides Details On Malik S Past, Her Connections In Hengsha, And How She Ended Up Working For Sarif IndustriesDeus Ex Fallen Angel Was Originally Available As A Pre Order Bonus For Deus Ex Human Revolution Director S Cut Enjoy The Read