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Rowing to Eden txt Rowing to Eden , text ebook Rowing to Eden , adobe reader Rowing to Eden , chapter 2 Rowing to Eden , Rowing to Eden 3a388a Amy Bloom Has Long Been Regarded As A Master Of The Short Story Form Here, Her Brilliance Shines Across Two Decades And Than Twenty Five Stories From The Bereaved Widow Who Finds Unexpected Comfort In Sleepwalking , To The Matchmaking Shrink In Psychoanalysis Changed My Life From The Teenage Girl Furious At Her Dying Mother In Hold Tight To The Transgressive Lovers Of The Gates Are Closing From The Married Friends Irresistibly Drawn To One Another In William And Clare To The Brave And Heartless Girl In Permafrost These Are Stories Brimming With Life And Grief, Erotically Charged And Beautifully Crafted

About the Author: Amy Bloom

Amy Bloom is the author of Come to Me, a National Book Award finalist A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You, nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award Love Invents Us and Normal Her stories have appeared in Best American Short Stories, O Henry Prize Short Stories, The Scribner Anthology of Contemporary Short Fiction, and many other anthologies here and abroad She has wri

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    This was my first taste of Amy Bloom, after hearing wonderful things about her novel Lucky Us currently reading I enjoy short stories a lot, but have become used to a elusive, open ended and incidental, if I may slightly misuse the word, style of short story writing that seems to be common, at least among Australian writers of the literary short story Bloom s stories are narratively and structurally reasonably straightforward and conventional, but the stories and characters are anything but There s depth and guts to these stories of grief, death, sex, adultery, passion and love and not all those apparent dualities always go together of parents and children, thwarted dreams and ageing But they re not all high drama, either there s a lightness to Bloom s hand, and a wry humour lurking that at times belies in a good way the darkness at heart A number of the stories are grouped, or cycles, such as the four stories dedicated to the adulterous love affair of William and Clare.Perhaps my favourites of the collection most of these stories have been published elsewhere is the one with the least humour the penultimate story in the collection, a stand alone story of unbearable grief and loss called By and by and the final story, a bittersweet reflection on what might have been, called Where the God of Love Hangs Out But then, I did love William and Clare s stories or rather, I came to love them, and was surprised by how deeply affected I was by the final instalment of their love affair , and the clearly, to this reader, angrily feminist When the Year Grows Old Bloom s characters often startle just when you think you have a clear sense of a given character, something new and surprising, yet always true, is revealed, through speech or thought or deed These are stories I will want to go back and re read so I ll have to buy a copy this was a library book , not just for their craft her prose is lucid, her pacing and narrative tension pitch perfect, her story arcs masterful , but to spend time again with these richly drawn, intensely human characters.

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    Officially obsessed I will be seeking out everything What a spectacular collection of incredibly flawed, formidable characters with haunting personas and stories I cringed and cried and laughed and had to put the book down and pick it up after three deep breaths on a few occasions Do it Be reminded we are all in this crazy drama together.

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    I love Amy Bloom This collection had some stories I had already read in Where the God of Love Hangs Out but they were my favourite stories from that book, so I was happy about it.

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    I can only add to the weight of positive things I ve already said about Amy Bloom s writing I only wish I had found her sooner in my reading life and I could have introduced her to my reading friends earlier She is a treasure and a writer of stories which engage from the first sentence She has challenged my long held view of the short story Each of her fine stories is so perfectly wrought and so engrossing a much over used word I know how about absorbing, enmeshing, mesmerizing , that you carry them around with you like little treasures I am going to re read my favourite book of hers Lucky Us just for the pleasure of it.

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