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Pretty Good Joke Book chapter 1 Pretty Good Joke Book, meaning Pretty Good Joke Book, genre Pretty Good Joke Book, book cover Pretty Good Joke Book, flies Pretty Good Joke Book, Pretty Good Joke Book 06243244b3f0d A Treasury Of Hilarity From One Of America S Favorite Radio Shows A Guy Walks Into A Bar Eight Canada Geese Walk Into A Bar A Termite Jumps Up On The Bar And Asks, Where Is The Bar Tender Drum Roll The Fifth Edition Of The Perennially Popular Pretty Good Joke Book Is Everything The First Four Were And More Puns, One Liners, Light Bulb Jokes, Knock Knock Jokes, And Third Grader Jokes Have You Heard The One About Elvis Parsley More Religion Jokes, Political Jokes, Lawyer Jokes, Blonde Jokes, And Jokes In Questionable Taste Why Did The Urologist Lose His License He Got In Trouble With His Peers More Jokes About Chickens, Relationships, And Senior Moments The Nice Thing About Alzheimer S Is You Can Enjoy The Same Jokes Again And Again It All Started Back In , When A Prairie Home Companion Fans Laughed Themselves Silly During The First Joke Show The Broadcast Was Such A Hit That It Became An Almost Annual Gagfest Then Fans Wanted To Read The Jokes, Share Them, And Pass Them Around, And The First Pretty Good Joke Book Was Born With New Jokes Or Less , The Latest Edition Promises Countless Giggles, Chortles, And Guffaws Anyone Fans Of The Radio Show Or Not Will Enjoy

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    Garrison Keillor is one of the few bona fide American intellectuals today From 1974 through last year, his weekly radio program A Prairie Home Companion has entertained and educated Americans by preserving and promoting the national culture through music, humor, nostalgia, and its mythologies For the last 17 years or so of the program, there was an annual Pretty Good Jokes program filled with laughs This book is a collection of some of the jokes featured on these episodes They include old jokes, variations on them, jokes sent in by listeners, and many original ones.Here are some hilarious examples questionable jokesYo Mama jokesbad jokesreligion and sex jokeslawyer jokeslightbulb jokesjokes about pain, suffering, doctors and ageDrill Sargent JokesPunsknock knock jokeslightbulbs and jokes

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    I really enjoyed this book I m giving it five stars, but I really should add a disclaimer the five stars are not to be taken as an endorsement of every joke Some jokes are in poor taste, and some I just didn t get That said, so many of the jokes that I did get were so side splittingly funny that they were well worth the ones that fell flat I can t remember when I had such an enjoyable time reading a book I laughed out loud so often, reading by myself, that I was half afraid my family would hear me from the other room and have me committed.

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    I love Prairie Home Companion s Joke Night This compilation is a fun distraction from so much drama

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    Garrison Keillor s collection of jokes from his radio show and compiled into this audio book is all the title says it is pretty good The jokes range from kid friendly to mature adult, or maybe not quite so mature adult At any rate, you will be highly entertained by not only the comedic delivery of the jokes but also the musical interludes With a wide variety of jokes from a variety of comic story tellers, there is something here that will appeal to most everyone.

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    As advertized

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    I borrowed the book on CD version from the library and listened to it when I drove OK, I must lead a sad life since I ve been through all five disks at least three times and they are two weeks overdue I enjoyed the jokes, the cadence, and the audience laughter Many are puns, a low form of humor, but I love them If you memorize enough of them, you can easily liven up a conversation that usually ends with a groan Love it They touch all areas religion, sex, professions, Iowans, Swedes, New Jersey, and animals The puns are great What is the difference between Beer Nuts and Deer Nuts Beer Nuts are a dollar sixty nine, and Deer Nuts are under a buck.Only one limerick, but I enjoyed it On the chest of a barmaid at YaleAre tattooed the prices of aleAnd on her behindFor the sake of the blindIs the same information in BrailleOh, and I learned why New Yorkers always look so sad Because the light at the end of their tunnel is New Jersey.

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    Some that I can remember Yo mama is so old she owes Moses a quarter Did you hear about that guy who had sex with his canary Got a bad case of chirpees and what s worse, it s untweetable Did you hear about the blind skunk who fell in love with a fart Why are there so many Johnsons in the phone book They all have phones Last words said at the Last Supper Everyone who wants to get in the picture get on this side of the table A well organized source of funny jokes and a few groaners Humor is subjective, but this book should have something for everyone.

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    I bought this book in the hope for an engaging and enveloping read I was disappointed to find how the author must constantly link his jokes to a neo Marxist regime, e.g why did the chicken cross the road To get to the other side , with the Chicken representing Lenin, the road being the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 and the other side being the USSR The book also has a running undertone of anti Semitism through the constant fart jokes The plot lacked any narrative structure and the characters were at the best of times, clich d.

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    If you have any way of getting the sound recording of any of the Prairie Home Companion Joke Shows, do it They are great for a road trip I read some of these out loud to my husband as we drove along and we shared a good laugh I think some of the mirth came from the fact that we heard the original delivery in the sound recording some years ago It adds a lot Still, they are worth the read and the kids enjoy the simpler jokes Just a caution some of the jokes are NOT child appropriate.

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    I m fairly certain it s cheesy to count this as a book I ve read this year, but it did keep me company while taking care of other business over the last couple weeks I love A Prairie Home Companion, and I giggled plenty over many of these jokes Amazingly, they were all voiced by Garrison Keillor in my head as I read them Fun stuff.

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