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Penelope pdf Penelope, ebook Penelope, epub Penelope, doc Penelope, e-pub Penelope, Penelope 684cc5bf4ea An Alternative Cover Edition For This ASIN Can Be Found HerePenelope Fairweather From Rural Finnshire Arrives In London With A Hopeful Heart The Dowager Invites Her For A Season To Catch A Husband Unfortunately Penelope S Rustic Finesse Is As Delicate As A Fat Bear Ripping Apart A Honeycomb Infested With Buzzing Bees Fake Mustaches, Highwaymen, Pickpockets, And A Devilishly Handsome Duke Follow

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    SynopsisYoung country maiden, Penelope Fairweather arrives in London to stay with the Radclyffs, her goal to catch a husband However, Penelope is the most awkward of ducklings She is a disaster magnet, with no polish, a penchant for saying whatever comes to her mind, and a best friend Lady Bathsheba who is a goat So the dowager Duchess of Blackthorne and her daughter, Anne, Lady Radclyff, have their work cut out for them It doesn t help that Charles, the present duke, despises Penelope, and wants to send her back to Finnshire What they don t know is that Penelope has no home to go back to, since her stepmother hates her Penelope has one chance to have a home, and that s to succeed at finding a husband If only she could do something right and temper her incautious, enthusiastic ways, so she can have a chance at a home and a family of her own.The Radclyff women recruit Madame Bellafraunde, a dynamo at styling women of the ton, who just happens to be a man dressed as a woman, to turn Penelope into a stylish young lady who can catch a husband What ensues is moment after moment of zany scenes, as Penelope struggles to find her feet in a new world The Duke of Blackthorne slowly finds his feelings change for Penelope, her sweet spirit and generous, authentic nature finding the key to his frozen heart Now if he could only convince Penelope that he doesn t hate her There s also the matter of his mean spirited fiance , Lady Lydia Snowly.ReviewPenelope is a laugh riot This is a book for romance readers who really want to enjoy themselves with lots of slapstick style comedic scenes and absurdity Penelope is absolutely adorable Her sweetness and honest spirit makes her a heroine that readers will love At times, I wondered how she could constantly stumble from disaster to disaster, but it s all in fun Mixed with the hilarious moments is pathos for Penelope s situation She lost her true mother at birth, and was never loved by her stepmother She never felt accepted in her own home She hasn t had the same opportunities as many, but that doesn t stop her from being a young woman of courage and strength.Charles, Duke Blackthorne is not very likable for most of the book He says the most horrible things to Penelope, which makes him seem like a puppy kicker I loved that Penelope stood up to him, and demanded his respect She didn t try to fit into his narrow boxes and narrow world, and over time, he realizes that he loves her for who she is, despite her lack of a verbal filter and penchant for disaster While I didn t much care for Charles initially, he does come around and redeem himself, and he and Penelope have great chemistry I wanted him to fall in love with her, just because that would be the last possible thing a lofty duke like himself would ever consider doing.This novel is populated with quirky characters that kept me laughing and engaged in the story I love to laugh, and Anya Wylde definitely had me laughing with this book I couldn t wait to see what zany disaster would occur next I liked the crazy twist on My Fair Lady , with a little cross dressing thrown in.Penelope is a thoroughly enjoyable novel It s unashamedly goofy, but it s done so well, this book is infectiously readable as a result I would recommend this novel to readers who love funny romance stories Penelope is a heroine that you can t help but love Charles isn t quite as likable, which is why this isn t a five star read, but I did like how he comes to realize that he can t resist falling in love with Penelope And it s great to see her get the happy ending she deserves Definitely recommended Overall rating 4.5 5.0 stars.Reviewed for The Hope Chest Reviews

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    4.5 stars All the good stuff is not for ladies, Penelope grumbled. Penelope is a sweet historical romantic comedy, filled with amusing and original ideas.Anya Wylde is a great storyteller She smoothly carries the story forward, vividly portrays the characters, and is able to make enjoyable even the descriptive parts You become attached to the characters soon, you can see and hear them, and feel sympathy for them.Penelope, a country girl, with her refreshing uniqueness, arrives to spend the season in London, at the invitation of her mother s old friend, the dowager of Blackthorne.With her tendency to babble, and to cause embarrassing accidents, Penelope is very much out of place But she is also kind, open, and cheerful, so she immediately wins the support and friendship of the dowager and her daughter, Lady Anne No one in her surroundings can remain untouched by her irresistible persona, maybe except Charles, the Duke of Blackthorne, who is highly irritated by the presence of Penelope, for many reasons.Even though he mercilessly insults her, whenever he gets the chance, it is obvious from the very beginning that Penelope and the Duke are meant for each other But they go through many hilarious situations before they have their happily ever after.What is not perfectWhile the reader is whirled through the events of the story, some gentleness is forming between Penelope and Charles, slowly, bit by bit It s nicely developed but about at three quarters of the book there is a scene that breaks this development view spoiler It is the scene when Penelope sings a tavern song hide spoiler

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    Two things First, MANY times I had to ignore impossible plot points, events, and the characters reasons for what they said and did There s really no place for rational thinking in this story None You just have to sit back and enjoy.Second, I thoroughly enjoyed this book Let me first start with what I didn t like..so I can end on a good note and say what I loved about this book What I didn t like was that the silliness and incidents or accidents were one on top of another And I think it was one or two or three or too many for me There were probably about 10 incidents before things started to normalize for Penelope Then there was the Duke s reason for his hatred of Penelope Again, it was too farfetched that what happened to him happened as many times as it did and a little off putting that he jumped from one woman to the next in a relationship capacity, instead of the generally accepted mistress route It s not that I don t like these silly happenings, it s just that when there are too many, it becomes too out of character and I want my H h to have at least some good sense Or worse yet, when there are too many, I start to believe that the stupidity, na vet , and nonsensical carelessness is part of their character and that is not attractive I was close to this point, but thankfully the H h didn t quite cross the point of no return.What I loved the romance The love hate tension The starchy Duke unraveling I m such a sucker for when these serious and stuffy men start to crack a smile, laugh, and show some emotion and vulnerability Even though the Duke was terribly rude and mean to Penelope, he was there to her rescue when it counted We always knew he had a heart since he already had a soft spot for his mother and sister, but when that soft spot opened up for Penelope, sigh There s nothing better sigh Penelope is an endearing heroine She s honest, caring, and quirky She attracts mishaps like moth to a flame through no fault of her own, but there is also a little bit of ridiculousness to her that is all her own Like having a pet goat or her word vomit tendencies when she s nervous, but what I like most is that there is a sense of selflessness about her Reminding us of how her mother took the Dowager under her wing many years ago That s why she s good for the Duke because even though he was rude to her, she would still want nothing but good things for him She would never trap him or hurt him the way he had been in the past.The supporting characters were fantastic The Dowager, Anne, Mary, Lord Rivers, Lady Bathsheba, and my most favorite one Madame Bellafraunde So engaging I think Madame is the angel Penelope s mom sent down from heaven to help her.This book is not to be taken seriously I don t say that as a criticism but to the point that this book was written to entertain, to enjoy There s so much humor some slapstick humor , heart, wit, and romance all rolled into this madcap tale Thank you Anya Wylde Note I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review I did see this book on BN Nook for 0.99 and I would have gladly purchased it

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    4 1 2 stars rounded down to 4 stars because the Duke s grovelling apology should have been a bit longer yes, I m that vindictive, LOL

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    Penelope tells the story of this extremely likable heroine to whom is given the opportunity to travel to London and join the Season all this sponsored by a wealthy dowager who used to be a friend of her deceased mother, being that Penelope s family could never afford it The thing is, Penny is pretty much the human version of a small tornado, and people usually stay away from her so they won t end up involved in her mishaps She s also not allowed to go back home without a husband , or her vile stepmother will make her marry a gross old man.I truly loved Penny since the beginning, especially because she never feels sorry for herself or plays the victim yes, she breaks down and cries a few times making me cry as well , after all her life is a tad complicated at the moment, but still she manages to keep going, to smile, to have fun, to plot against the Duke, to enjoy life in general So much respect for this girl, honestly Enemies to lovers is probably my favorite type of relationship, which means I was bound to enjoy every minute of the situation Penny and the Duke together in the same room, boy, oh boy this guy can be a total arse, a jerk, a bully, and a couple of scenes broke my heart just a little bit, but Penny never let me down with her comebacks and, like I said before, I enjoyed it all.The less positive there are a couple of important scenes that the reader only knows happened because Penny tells someone about them much later, and I found this a little confusing, but overall I was pleasantly surprised with the writing, the events, and the pacing of the story there s always something happening or about to no boredom is allowed, no sir.So yes, I can definitely recommend this book for fans of historical romance, and romance in general You guys are in for a treat And please keep in mind that Penelope has a pet goat A pet goat Really, think about it Thank you so much, Anya PT Cuidado com o D lmata

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    Penelope by Anya WyldePenelope is an adorable historical farce The humor is way over the topthere is a highway robber, a goat, a cross dressing spy, a hilarious uncle with a mustache obsession, and a sweet, lonely heroine who is longing for love, companionship, and friendship Penelope is adorable, goofy, and good hearted Folks looking for what I like to call reality based fiction will probably not like this one You need to check your willing suspension of disbelief at the door, and then laugh yourself silly while you read I was charmed There was one formatting error with the indents that hopefully will be fixed soon, and the hero was a little bit too conflicted for a good portion of the book But other than that, there are many sweet and funny scenes that are a testament to Anya Wylde s imagination and sense of humor I love a good farce, and this one fits the bill.Grade B A

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    This one started out so strong. I usually love a mad cap comedy, but this just got too goofy for even my tastes It bordered on the absurd so much that I felt the romance got lost.

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    rating clarification 3.5 stars It is monstrously unfair that whenever a girl needs her wits about her, she goes and does something completely idiotic For sure Penelope is that sort of girlwhich only brings some hilarious situations.Now our heroine, is a country girl, and with the aid of the duchess, an old friend of her deceased mother, she comes to London to find a husband.Of course when the duchess son,meets her he instantly dislikes her well she does pinch his ear and is determined to sent her away So between a goat as a pet, fake mustaches, sensible highwaymen, a woman that isn t a woman all putting together with the endeavor of turning Penelope to a lady Of course, we all know that the art of the fan is a woman most powerful weapon I just found this story so amusing and well, just a fun and light read It felt like a watching a play, lots of dialogue and action In my opinion, the depth of the characters are not the center of it but the actions and interactions between them It s not suppose to take it has a serious and intense historical romance but like a rom com on the georgian era Yep, a enemies to lovers kind of story I need to say that many times i just didn t liked Charles,i understood how Penny got in his nerves, but he just kept calling her imbecile and so onso no, no He does redeem himself but i still didn t forget view spoiler I can t say how much i laughed when he told her his misundventures in love and why he didn t trusted women,ahaha I mean c mon, the amount of times he was cheated D hide spoiler

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    4.75 Hilarious all the way And very sweet indeed.I love it when a simple girl, without meaning to, managed to captured the heart of a cold man, in this case, the arrogant Duke of Blackthorne.Penelope was a simple country girl from Finnshire Got to have a season in London when the dowager Duchess of Blackthorne offered to sponsor her, as she was her late mother s best friend during their school days It is monstrously unfair that whenever a girl needs her wits about her, she goes and does something completely idiotic Penelope was that sort of girl.Chaos followed Penelope everywhere She befriended the highwayman, and managed to make a scene at almost every party that she went, with hilarious result, as she cannot control herself when she was nervous.But, despite all that, she still managed to capture the hearts of the Dowager Duchess, her daughter Lady Anne, even her very particular father Sir Henry and all the servants at Blackthorne Manor adored her And the very cold Duke of Blackthorne was no exception.Makes me laughed sometimes just out loud with every other pages And managed to lift up even during my gloomy mood Reminded me of Georgette Heyer s The Grand Sophy, but in a lighter and funnier way Love this one

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    When the Duchess of Blackthorne invites Penelope to stay with her in London and to pay for her introduction to society it is a rare opportunity Leaving behind her rural home and her wicked step mother she travels to the stately manor with her goat and immediately finds herself clashing with the dowager s son the duke.With no home to return to, she must make the most of the season and find herself a husbandpretty much anyone will do With a little help from a cross dressing modiste she learns the ways of polite society and starts attending balls But her entry into the ton is anything but plain sailing and a series of comic catastrophes ensue Penelope is a bit of a romp It s a laugh out loud funny Regency Romance which, for the most part worked although there was a section in the middle which dragged a bit and the jokes were occasionally a little too much The book settled down at about the 70% mark and I was ready for that A lot of fun Dowager n the widow of a duke or a lord Modiste n a lady s dressmaker Ton n fashionable society the aristocracy

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