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    A great read.especially if you enjoyed his Outiers.

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    Not as good as his other books

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    Great summary of David and Goliath.A great read.

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    This book was basically a collection of stories and facts about immense cultural challenges fragments, as opposed to just one main story, threaded together by the tale of David and Goliath I liked it for that I learned things about the American civil war, treatment for childhood leukemia, and the California justice system among many other things Having read both this and the Outliers, I d be quick to recommend Malcom Gladwell in general though a lot of the material is deeply unsettling how families have dealt with the murder of their child, for example , the main message is one of hope, strength and resilience.

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    In his characteristic style, Gladwell unravels a world of details and data to come to the conclusion that often than not, what s seen as your biggest strength can really be a disadvantage.

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    would read anything by this author.

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