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    This was really good You can see Darth Vader shortly after the incident in Mustafar and how he is trying to follow this new master, and at the same time really being the one in charge of himself He is as disobedient as always, something that lets us see the Anakin underneath And you can really feel the evil of the dark side.

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    This was a short story in Star Wars Insider 157 It features Lord Vader, Emperor and a very old Naval teacher from the Republic They are on board a training vessel heading to a destination Vader has been tasked to watch the cadets and to report to the Emperor It is here that Vader spots something this is not right.A very short story that tells a small part of the transition from the Republic to the Imperial It was enjoyable I believe it was a short story to promote Lords of the Sith, a book i have yet to read.

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    A brief introduction to someone pivotal to the new canon particularly the Aftermath Trilogy.

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    Although only a brief glimpse into the relationship between Vader and his emperor, this short story also manages to convey a sense of the mood within the remnants of the republic, which were swallowed into the New Galactic Empire.The story of an aging navy teacher is mostly told through Vaders perspective and the offered insight into his mind is not only believable but also truly griping At barely 11 pages I would strongly recommend to get it and read it, especially if you are into Sith themed tales.

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    This was one of my favorite short stories that I have read so far I love where in the timeline it takes place because it shows us some of the things I wondered about during the transition from Republic to Empire concerning loyalties of officers I am really eager now to pick up Lords of the Sith by Paul S Kemp now so I hope to work that in soon because I love exploring the relationship with Vader and the Emperor shortly after they are newly formed This was a great prequel read for that novel, which may make it my next Star Wars read.

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    Orientation is a short REALLY short story that was written by John Jackson Miller for Star Wars Insider issue 157 It ties directly into Lords of the Sith, and features Palpatine and Vader, with an appearance from one of my firm favourites from Aftermath It s a fast, fun read which builds on the complicated relationship between master and apprentice that s so well presented in Lords of the Sith And it s good to see a certain young cadet staying sharp and saving the day.At only five pages long, it takes minutes to read, but it s a must for Imperials

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    Short story about Lord Vader observing a school of officers and a lesson about always being ready to challenge authority Almost a leadership lesson if you look at it that way It was a fun, 5 minute read.

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    A short prequel to

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