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    Ugh, be careful what you wish for, eh I thought a Warren Ellis scripted Hellblazer would be a chicken dinner but it proved to be much too bitter for my taste.Ellis six part story Haunted sees John Constantine looking for an Aleister Crowley wannabe who murdered his ex in a bloody ritual John s vengeful journey takes him through the dark underbelly of London The story is meandering at best and gratuitously miserable and dark The pages are full of sad people living in filth, doing needle drugs, violently hurting each other pointlessly it s too much And the finale is just depressing as fuck I m usually fine with Ellis misanthropic writing worldview but I absolutely hated this one and could barely stand it.The rest of the book is made up of short stories, some by Ellis, some by other writers, and none are much better than Haunted A lunatic in a bedsit murders people until he turns the room evil an elderly dying Japanese doctor confesses to atrocities he committed in WW2 and desires a painful exit from this life in atonement Eastern European mystics bring the dead back to life what a horrible collection So utterly morbid.I enjoyed Ellis story Telling Tales where John puts the frighteners on a journalist by making up stories about the Royal Family being secretly reptiles and JFK being assassinated by aliens it was imaginative, amusing and entertaining Shoot, about a kid who shoots another kid in high school, was ok but I read it before in a collection of the same name And, though Paul Jenkins Tell Me wasn t that great, I liked Paul Pope s art tell the story of a music critic s love beyond the grave.I like Warren Ellis, I sometimes like John Constantine, but Hellblazer Haunted is a ghastly comic full of dark wretched unpleasantness for the sake of it The unrelenting woe gets very boring long before the end and I was glad when it over not recommended to anyone except edgelords

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    I was hoping Ellis could like breathe some new life into this series which I feel has been stagnating for quite awhile but NOPE Also he does this thing where he tries to like call out the series for fridging all of John s girlfriends in horrible ways AND YET there are literally no women in this except for said dead girlfriends and like maybe two other women who are there for one or two scenes each You can t just mention it and not make any attempt to change it, that s not how it works.An excellent point, now ADD FEMALE CHARACTERS jfcI guess I should have stipulated that they should be alive

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    Overall rating 3.5 Haunted 3 Locked 3.5 The Crib 2 Setting Sun 4.5 One Last Song 4 Telling Tales 3.5 Ashes and Honey 4 A lot of people are not going to like this volume I can t say why, it s just a gut feeling Not that it s bad, I mean, it s Warren Ellis writing, but it s just a bit of a deviation from what we ve come to expect of Constantine stories First off, there s not that usual JC flair, no manipulation, and general nihilism Warren s JC is very political, not in the sense that he s holding a placard and lamenting about the good ole Thatcher days, but most of the issues here, he has his feet firm in one belief or another It s not the usual ambivalent self, the JC that can swing both ways, or no ways, just for the help of it Haunted, the main story was a tad too long, and a bit anticlimactic The other one shots were exciting for the most part, but lacked a certain cohesiveness that moat JC one shots had.

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    I ve been working through an era of Hellblazer I hadn t explored before, starting with Mike Carey and then working backwards through Ennis Son of Man and this volume, which collectively form the narrative foundation of Carey s run More specifically, the main attraction here the 6 part Haunted provides much of the background cast that Carey pulls from, way down in Vol 16 But because these are the overstuffed reprint editions, this new collection contains not only Haunted, but a scattering of short stories from Ellis and other authors.Ellis stories are spiritually connected in that, while they do contain magic, they are mostly about very real terrible people whose magic is usually second fiddle to their loathesomeness as human beings In this, Ellis run is air suckingly bleak He uses Constantine as a mouthpiece for his own bitterness, and London is basically Spider Jerusalem s City with specific geography These stories might as well be cast off Transmetropolitan plots, as they are all about a misanthropic hero yelling at the audience and giving comeuppances to horrible people Ellis style is a little one note, but his ability to portray nihilism is not, and the one and done stories in particular are impressively bracing Less impressive is the fill in work from Darko Macan whose off balance two parter doesn t really make a lot of sense , as well as a trio of Xmas themed stories from past writers Since the reprint editions of Hellblazer are meant to be in chronological order I m not really sure why all these holiday stories are here, especially since they re so short that that probably could have fit pretty easily in the collections where they should have been sequenced I think it s interesting that Carey chose to mine so heavily from Ellis Haunted storyline, as there s a full two year arc from Brian Azzarello that separates Carey and Ellis But I do think Ellis is worth reading both for backstory, and because the stories collected here are so intensely grim even for Hellblazer.

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    This is a pretty solid Hellblazer collection The first story, Haunted by Warren Ellis, is pretty classic John finds out that an ex has been grotesquely murdered, and her ghost is hanging around, so he figures she needs him to get to the bottom of it Or is that just what he needs I love this for the introduction of Map, a magus who in some strange way embodies London There are a number of really good one offs and short stories in this volume, as well Frank Teran s art for Locked is fantastic, and Darko Macau s story Ashes and Honey showcases Constantine in a rare helpful mood This collection also includes Ellis s controversial Shoot one off, which explores school shootings.

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    It really is a shame Warren Ellis didn t stick around longer as the writer of Hellblazer He only did one multi part story and a handful of one offs, but I think you ll find most fans agree they are some of the very best Hellblazer stories anyone ever did, and his agenda as a writer was unique and worthwhile But circumstances I ll get into later led to him leaving the gig much earlier than planned This volume, Haunted , contains the entirely of Ellis work with John Constantine.Spoilers follow, as per usual.It starts with the title story, Haunted , in which Constantine learns of the brutal murder of a former girlfriend, Isabelle, and is driven to investigate what happened to her With the help of a bent cop called Watford, Constantine learns that Isabelle had become the scarlet woman of an up and coming mage named Joshua Wright Wright had abused and defiled Isabelle horrendously in the name of sex magick, a la Aleister Crowley, and when she was no longer of any use to him, slaughtered her.Learning that Constantine is on him, Wright sends out a couple thugs to work Constantine over brutally, but even laid up our man John has means to get things done and mess with Wright s head Upon recovering sometime later, Constantine sets in motion his plan for revenge he and Watford snatch Wright up, pump him full of blotter acid, and leave him in the morgue drawer with Isabelle s bloated corpse Nasty.Last we see Wright, he s stumbling through the streets of London, naked and covered in shit, babbling out of his head And Isabelle s ghost, whom Constantine keeps seeing in a playground the last place she was happy, before she met Wright OR Constantine is led off by the hand into a peaceful death.The art in this one is by John Higgins, who continues from the Garth Ennis story in the previous volume, and the serious nature of Haunted fits his style considerably better.This really is a great story, outlining the very dark world Constantine inhabits, and it shows us how truly vengeful and nasty he can be when pushed Also, Ellis throughout gives us very insightful meditations on the nature of London, its history, its ghosts both real and metaphorical, and makes us really feel like London is an actual character in the story He also introduced a handful of very memorable characters in the above mentioned bent cop Watford, the aging magician out of another era Clarice, and the mystical Map, who surveys his magik kingdom from the vast tunnels of the Underground Many years later, Mike Carey would bring these characters back in his excellent run Haunted is a hard act to follow, but Ellis doesn t miss a step after that with the set of one offs Locked , with creepy, grimy art by Frank Teran, finds Constantine confronting a madman who has been murdering people in his room for twenty years, leaving the room psychically scarred, so that anyone who enters is driven to murderous impulses Constantine figures out the madman s death wish and drags him out to face justice The Crib , with pseudo realistic art by Tim Bradstreet normally Bradstreet does only covers, and this is the first interior work I can remember him doing since, geez I m not sure I feel like he did some interior work before I could be wrong Anyway, the story is simple this crazed writer has what he believes is a box containing the fetus of the anti Christ in it, embedded in his chest, where the malignant little fetus pisses into his veins and grants him evil power The writer has been on a murder spree Constantine shows up and corrects him it s an empty box of corn flakes with a rat inside it, taped to his chest, and the homicidal writer seemingly drops dead when Constantine rips it from his chest Setting Sun , with very manga inspired art by Javier Pulido, has Constantine confronting the ghost of a Japanese man who committed atrocities during WWII, and needs the same evil things done to him before he can move on.It just occurred to me that those three stories form a kind of trilogy, with Constantine engaging in a one on one for the entire issue before getting it sorted There s a very brief meditation on Constantine s former relationships then, drawn by James Romberger, and then Telling Tales , pencilled by the very dynamic Marcelo Frusin, who would later, during Brian Azzarello s run, become the regular artist for a very decent stretch This one is basically just Constantine telling bullshit stories about London s secret occult history to a paranoid journo, and it s a lot of fun And then we come to Shoot, the story that prematurely ended Ellis run Not because it was a bad story, on the contrary, it s goddamn great, but because of unfortunate circumstances In the States, a federal investigator is trying to get to the bottom of a rash of school shootings, and she notices Constantine seems to be present at all of them He shows up in her office, urging her to look at the tapes deeper, and reveals to her a deeper, darker, sadder story than anyone could have imagined Excellent art by comics legend Phil Jimenez lends it a lot of weight too It s a very powerful tale, made even stronger by the coincidental shootings at Columbine that happened shortly before the issue went to press The powers that be at DC Vertigo opted out of publishing the issue, feeling it would be insensitive Right or wrong and I can kinda see both sides , Warren Ellis quit over it.Left in a lurch, Vertigo nabbed a guy named Darko Macan to write the next two issues, a tale called Ashes and Honey , with art by Gary Erskine, and I m sorry to say it s not very good Then there s a very short tale from Winter s Edge, written by good ole Paul Jenkins, with art by Paul Pope, whom I really like, that takes place sorta between the scenes of when Constantine was visiting Dani s family in New York Up the Down Staircase , I think that story was called From the next volume of Winter s Edge, comes a Garth Ennis story, with art by Glyn Dillon, in which Constantine sits in a bar and contemplates some people he knew who are now dead, which is something Ennis likes to have Constantine do Don t get sentimental, Constantine, our hero says to himself It really doesn t suit you No, it doesn t, but Garth Ennis still does sentimental every single time And finally, the volume wraps up with a Christmas themed prose piece by Dave Gibbons, who is a better artist than a writer.But anyway Despite the things tacked on at the end, this volume belongs to Warren Ellis Over all, his Hellblazer feels like the beginning of I dunno the modern era of the character He started and ended on the cusp of the 21st century, and there s something about these stories that feel like a new, dark beginning for Constantine You definitely don t need to have read any previous Hellblazer stories to appreciate this stuff, as it makes no references I can recall to anything that happened before it I would really love to have seen what Ellis had in store for Constantine, but alas, I reckon we ll never know.

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    Warning, not for the faint of heart.Of course that applies to probably 80% of Hellblazer stories, but this volume especially so With Warren Ellis at the head, there are some truly gruesome stories here, most grounded in the horribleness of humans as opposed to the usual demons and monsters John usually fights The 6 part Haunted story is essentially one long revenge fantasy as John deals with an upstart magician who killed an old girlfriend of his It s grim, to say the least But that s barely scratching the surface There s also a few one shot stories like The Crib, which is a gross and b very clever, and Telling Tales is probably the lightest the stories in this volume get, and even then it s still pretty dark It all culminates with the controversial Shoot story that was only published a few years back, but collected here since it was meant to originally be issue 141 of the series This one isn t even that gross in terms of visuals, but the subject matter is extremely volatile, and the ending is a huge gut punch It was this story that ultimately caused Warren Ellis to leave Hellblazer, since his editors wouldn t let him run the story.The back half of the book is a 2 issue fill in by Darko Macan about some immigrants and resurrection, which is almost as dark in tone as the Ellis stories, and then three never before reprinted Christmas stories from Vertigo Winter s Edge which are told by previous writers Paul Jenkins and Garth Ennis, and the esteemed Dave Gibbons whose prose story is a fun, lighthearted way to end probably the darkest volume of Hellblazer yet.

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    Warren Ellis takes over to write the best volume since volume 7 134 139 Haunted 5 5Constantine recognize a name in a tiny article about a murder It brings back memories of better times and bitter mistakes Okay, this gets graphic, but in description only A lot of people have claimed this is disgusting for its own sake, and then I find they loved the last Ennis arc I do not understand There is nothing here that is any worse than anything Ennis wrote and had others depict Look at the cover for 133 Anyway, the difference is that the horrible descriptions and the brutality are balanced against the innocent purity Ellis goes to extemes for contrast, and to show how much it takes to rouse Constantine out of his own bullshit As or the graphic visuals of Clarice the reader sees her Clarice s battered face, a closeup of a tattoo with some blood dripping by it, a dream of her drugged out, a shot of the shoulders and face of her corpse, and a faraway shot of her having sex with a robed figure The rest of the time we see only a happy, young ghost view spoiler The descriptions are awful and what the rival magician has done to her is reprehensible, but the whole point is that John started her down that path Her happy place is before him, like so many other characters Ellis does all this without demons or much magic this is very human horror hide spoiler

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    Most of the stories here are classic Hellblazerthe ones where you go to read a tale of that smug prat Constantine fighting the forces of evil from hell itself, but the sneaky bastard has you feeling all sentimental by the end Good stuff.

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    By far my favorite Constantine collection Haunted will be a favorite for years to come.

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